Factors That Influence Your CPS Rate

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It is fair to say that an average gamer has heard of CPS and understands its meaning and importance in gaming. For those who haven’t, CPS means Click-Per-Second. Video gamers use this to calculate how fast they can complete a task and also as a yardstick to rank the best gamer.

Before now, CPS had no importance in the gaming space. This was because most games were designed solely to be completed with mental skills rather than physical skills. However, as technology began to evolve and the processing power of computers became lightning-fast, the need for gaming developers to incorporate speed for more excitement became imperative.

Today, games like Minecraft, COD, and Fortnite require players to have an average of 7 CPS rate to stand a chance of enjoying themselves playing. As most game competition requests, click rate: what is your score?

Many factors can influence the CPS rate of a player, whether a beginner or a pro. These factors can range from the player, game, or gaming gadgets. Here in this article, we will highlight these factors and how some of them can be corrected. We will also explain the different techniques of the CPS.

Factors That Can Affect Your CPS Test

All levels of gamers can be influenced by one thing or another other but understanding how to manage them is sometimes the most challenging part.

Gaming Mouse

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It’s important to note that not all mouse can be used in gaming, especially when playing high-intensity games. There is a specially designed mouse created to give players the ability to click and move faster in games. This unique mouse is usually called a gaming mouse. They are different from regular mouse and pretty expensive. Playing with such a mouse makes you feel superior and confident in every gaming competition. Regular computer mouse have a very low CPS rate and should be avoided if you want to take your gaming career seriously.

The Games

Each game has an average CPS rate required to complete a given task or mission; understanding this is imperative to your gaming performance. For gamers with CPS rank of cooter and rodent, playing games that require a low clicking ratio is very important to your gaming development. If a beginner begins to play games meant for buffalo-ranked CPS players, it might negatively impact how they approach games and their gaming experience. Also, the amount of experience you have playing a particular game can heavily influence your CPS rate. The more you play a particular game, the better your CPS rate on that game.

Your Mindset

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The status of your mindset can play a major role in determining your CPS rate. No matter your rank, if you’re not in the right frame of mind, it’s certain that you will fail any CPS test you take. This is because your heart, brain, and other body parts are all connected to your mind. So to create an environment in which your body and mind can operate in harmony, you must be able and willing to do these things before any CPS test.

  • Sleep properly
  • Eat good food
  • Feed your mind with good thoughts
  • Avoid anything or anyone that stresses you
  • Practice with friends.

Clicking Styles For Improving CPS Rate

Below are some great clicking styles to improve your speed.

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Jitter Style

Jitter is a common clicking tactic mostly used among beginners. This style involves the use of only the index finger in clicking. Here, all the pressure and attention in the other fingers are directed to the index finger giving it enough power to click fast. The clicking rate from this style is pretty low; however, it’s most effective when you need a single fast click.

Flagging Clicking Style

This method, mostly practiced by pro and experienced gamers, involves using any two fingers of your choice to click on the mouse simultaneously. With this technique, gamers can achieve their highest CPS score within a short time. However, the two fingers-clicking technique is difficult to learn and requires much practice. Gamers must be able to train to move their fingers within a certain interval for high CPS rates.

Cohi Clicking Style

The Choi clicking style was primarily designed to allow video gamers to improve their gaming performance and experience. This technique which is most effective in task games focuses on the clicking rate rather than the effectiveness of the clicking. Minecraft players are judged on how fast they can click, which makes Cohi the best style for players to measure and improve their click speed.

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Digit Friction Style

The digit friction trick enables players to use friction to operate their mouse. Experienced players only use this trick as it requires a lot of practice to perfect it. The secret behind this technique is that the friction created by your hands on the mouse produces multiple taps in a single moment without having to lift your fingers or hands.

Bottom Line

All gamers need to know the factors that affect their click speed to know how they can fix it. However, one trick that works best for CPS improvement is practicing. Click test: what is your score? You can find out by taking an online test.