5 Tips to Improve Your Photography for Real Estate Marketing

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Presentation of your product plays a huge role in its marketing. Similarly, the type of photography you carry out for real estate is a way to attract your customers.

Hence, when it comes to marketing real estate, you should invest in a professional photographer and take their services for all kinds of real estate photography. Later you can put this media on the website or even on paper ads. Precisely, the more captivating the videography and photography, the more attracted a customer will be.

From drone shots to interior photography, and even close-ups of the property, good real estate photography will help you sell your property in no time.

So, what are some of the must-do things for real estate photography? Let’s find out!

5 Expert Tips To Follow For Real Estate Photography

You might think that you can click all kinds of photos with your phone, edit them, and these are good to go. However, the art of photography involves a lot of crucial steps. From choosing the right equipment to adjusting the camera lens, and finding the right lighting, all this is very crucial to getting the best results.

So, what else goes into ideal real estate photography? Continue reading to find out more!

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1. Adjust The Camera Settings

Choosing the right camera settings for each type of click is very important. Therefore, when you click the pictures, you should change the camera settings as per lighting, color scheme, and customer base. Make sure that the pictures look natural despite editing. Do not add any such images or effects that give it an artificial look.

The camera settings that you need to change can include white balance, ISO settings, focus mode, aperture settings, metering, camera mode, shutter speed, and image quality. It is always good to keep the image quality raw so you can edit it later. Moreover, consider the angle too. This is because lighting highly affects the final results.

2. Make Use Of Natural Light

You can buy all kinds of lighting kits, and edit with all the latest software, but it cannot beat the natural light. Hence, if possible, make sure you make use of natural lighting for real estate photography. It is not necessary that you photograph during bright daylight, but you should definitely take shots at golden hour.

The golden hour is at the time of sunrise and sunset. At this time, the light is such that the shadows are small and there is a natural hue. Hence, photographs taken during this time deliver a very artistic look.

Moreover, you can make use of night light. When photographing during this time, you should turn on all the lights of the house and any nearby street lights too. This will give your place a very magnificent look.

Use ambient light to provide balance and texture. Ambient light comes from all around you – windowsills, doorways, and other elements in the environment – and can be used to create a sense of warmth and peace in an image. Try setting up some umbrellas (or even just soft boxes) near your subject to diffuse this light and add interest.

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3. Edit, Edit, Edit

Editing is your weapon to bring life to even the drabbest photos. Nowadays, a number of softwares are available that can help you edit your photos to all extents. From lighting to adding a factor of blur, you can make your photos more visually appealing. Moreover, it is good to make your photos and videos colorful wherever you can.

However, during editing, make sure you do not overdo it. When you are brightening them, keep them to a natural level. Even for the color pop, keep it bright yet not very high that it makes the pictures difficult to see.

Moreover, you should adjust the pixels in such a way that the viewers can zoom in on the pictures on the website without getting them blurred.

4. Declutter And Accessorize

You can use all the best equipment for photography but if the house is messy and untidy, the pictures will not look visually appealing. Hence, before the shoot, it is good to clean the house and set it up. For instance, if the floor is stained, you should clean it properly. As for some holes in the wall or peeling paint, they can be covered by an art piece.

It is also recommended to keep the settings to a minimum and remove the extra stuff and furniture. For decoration, you can put up paintings, flowers, or candles. All these small things bring a huge impact on the final result.

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5. Make Use Of A Wide Angle Lens

A wide-angle lens is a must for clicking visually appealing pictures. When you are clicking real estate photos, customers also like to know the neighborhood and the scenic beauty of the area. The best way to capture this all is by the use of a wide-angle lens.

Another benefit of a wide-angle lens is that you can apply the HDR technique. Here, you take three photos of the same point at three different lighting and shutter speeds. After that, you can combine these three to get a photograph with exceptional lighting.

Creating Eye-catching Photos with Backgrounds and Props

Adding a background or prop to your shots can help make them more eye-catching and interesting for real estate marketing. Here are some tips for choosing the right background and props:

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  1. Think about what will make your photos stand out. Some ideas include using bright colors, textures, or patterns that contrast with the subject matter of the photo.
  2. Choose a background or prop that complements the subject matter of your photo. For example, if you’re taking a picture of a house, choose a background that features houses in the same color palette as the house you’re photographing.
  3. Match the background or prop to the occasion. For example, if you’re shooting an interior shot with a white background and some colorful objects on it, use a similar white backdrop for outdoor shots involving foliage or flowers.
  4. Use props sparingly – too many props can look tacky and cheesy instead of romantic and inviting. Choose simple items that will add interest to your photo without overwhelming it.
  5. Try different backgrounds and props in different settings to find the ones that work best for you and your images.

To Wrap Up

Good real estate photography can help you sell your property in no time. From capturing the essence of the area, it also helps you present your property in a very appealing way. As a result, you can attract all kinds of customers. Moreover, this also eliminates the need for property staging and you can target national and international buyers alike.