How to Improve Participation in Online Courses? 6 Essential Tips


As the pandemic pushed the need for digital education, parents and students were worried about the learning efficiency through online classes. Although the shift has been pretty rapid and everybody readily adapted to the new normal, the fear is still prevalent among all the stakeholders involved. Of course, all these fears and doubts are not without reason.

Participation in online classes is pretty restricted as compared to physical interaction. In physical classes, the teacher can focus on individuals equally. But the same is not the case in online classes. Although teachers are doing their best to make students participate, the onus lies on students too to self-analyze their participation and perform better.

All this is easier said than done. Even though students do want to perform well, confusion and new method of learning has given rise to confusion and learning gaps. This article gives you tips on how to improve your performance in online courses.

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Tips to improve participation in online classes

1. Don’t binge-watch courses

This is one of the common mistakes most students commit. Most of the courses have validity for an extended period of time. So, you don’t have to rush the process. What matters is how much you learn from the course. Simply watching the videos doesn’t ensure you gain knowledge. Hence, you should be able to comprehend, make notes, revise, and apply your knowledge in real-life settings.

Hence, create a schedule and roadmap to finish each course. Be attentive in each class. Ask questions and doubts. Make notes and revise them. Also, make sure you are serious about your course and tests.

2. One course at a time

Most of the students tend to do multiple courses at a single time, which is not recommended at all. It messes up your learning process and you end up finishing none. Invest your energy entirely in one course at a time. So that you can focus on one course and learn it thoroughly.

Do not split your time and energy between multiple courses. Be attentive and committed to one course at a time for efficient and positive results.


3. Take feedback

There is a general misconception that online courses restrict students’ learning patterns. While some students enjoy the self-learning process, a few others learn better with their peers. There is the same number of opportunities for you to choose your method of learning in online courses too.

If you are a self-learner then it’s fine. If you love to learn with someone else, you can choose to take feedback from your course mentors. You can also make friends with your course peers and associate with them for your learning endeavors. It all depends on you.

4. Quality over quantity

Prioritizing one course over many is one thing and not rushing through the process just for the sake of finishing the course is another thing. Always choose quality over quantity. Even though you are doing one course at a time, if you are binge-watching all the course videos at a single time then that’s not productive at all or efficient.

You don’t have to be as slow as a snail. But, learning at your own pace is important. As mentioned above, create a schedule and roadmap and go according to that to avoid learning gaps.


5. Attend live

Another common mistake students commit is not attending live classes. Either you are not attending live sessions or not being attentive enough. Both are counter-productive. Attending live sessions provides you with the opportunity to interact with your peers, form discussions, debate, and ask your mentor. By batch-watching videos or watching recorded videos, you miss all these amazing chances.

You also get exposed to a lot of new perspectives and learning methods, if you participate in live classes. If it’s something important or urgent, it is understandable. Else, it is better to attend your live class and perform actively there. 

6. Be active

Be an active listener and performer in your class. Always be active and listen to what the course instructor has to say. It is quite evident that online classes have given students an opportunity to escape the learning processes. But, as mentioned the onus lies on you to either learn or not.

So, be attentive in the class. Be an active participant. Do not hesitate to answer the questions that the course mentor asks the whole class. Always make notes of what the teacher has to say. Revisit the notes every day before the next class. Get your doubts clarified on the spot to make your learning process smooth and seamless.

Online learning can be a roller coaster ride if you are not interested. All that matters is your commitment, dedication, and motivation. So, keep your spirits up and follow these tips for an efficient learning process and you will emerge out successful in whatever course you opt for. The key is to maintain consistency.



With restricted access to educational institutions, numerous online courses have risen. Various websites, platforms, and even educational institutions have started online courses. But, most of them are very expensive for a common man. On top of that, it also provides college credits and course degrees for students within affordable price ranges.

These are just a few tips to improve your participation in online classes. However, what matters, in the end, is your motivation and dedication towards completing the course. If you are committed to completing the course, then implement these tips and witness the change for yourself.