Top Ways to Improve the Living Standards of Disabled People


According to the Australian Federation of Disability Organizations, 3.96 million people are dealing with intellectual and physical disabilities of different severity. Out of which, 2 million Australian adults are living below average living standards. Disabled people require assistance in every aspect of their lives, from bathing to cleaning the house to social participation. For that reason, the professionals are providing the best disability services to improve the lives of disabled people. Experts highly recommend the NDIS-approved for the best disability services.

Leading Ways to Improve the Living Standards of Handicapped

Disabled people are differently abled. They need assistance and training for better handling of daily life activities. But people with severe disabilities are not able to move, they need complete assistance from their surroundings. For that reason, professionals provide their best services to make life easier for disabled people. Some Leading ways to improve the living standards of handicapped people are given below.


Vocational Training for Disabled People

Disabled people do not have enough skills and training due to limited resources and facilities. People who are intellectually and physically disabled do not have any hobbies. For that reason, professionals provide their best services to find out the interests of disabled people. They arrange talent hunt programs for disabled people that help them to find their interests. After that, professionals provide training to disabled people to enhance their hidden talent. It helps to improve the self-esteem of disabled people.

Employment for Handicapped

According to the AIHW, 48% of disabled people are employed. The rest are unemployed, and their ages are between 18 to 64. These statistics are quite alarming. Because offices or corporations do not have enough resources for the disabled individuals. For that reason, the professionals work to improve the job opportunities for the disabled people. That helps to make disabled people independent and self-oriented.


Household Help for Disabled People

According to the National Health Institute for the Health and Welfare of Disabled People, the rate of household accidents among disabled people is 14.5, which is quite alarming. People with intellectual and physical disabilities do not have enough physical strength to organize furniture and other items in their houses. For that reason, professionals and experts provide furniture organization services that help to clean the doorways to prevent slipping, tripping, and any other mishap.

Social Inclusion of Disabled People

Disabled people mostly stay at home. They do not have enough chances to stay in touch with their surroundings. They are surrounded by limited people, like caregivers and family members. They are not capable of initiating communication with strangers. For that reason, professionals provide them insight into communication skills. It promotes socialization and community participation among disabled people.


Personal Hygiene of Disabled People

People who are intellectually and physically disabled are not capable of maintaining hygiene. They are dependent on their surroundings for bathing, washing, and even dressing up. According to the Dental and Health Association of Australia, 33% of moderately intellectually and physically challenged people are capable of maintaining personal hygiene. For that reason, professionals are assisting to make life simpler for disabled individuals.

Promote Education Among Disabled

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the literacy rate among disabled people is 11% and among females, it is 5.5%. Disabled people are not allowed to take admission along with normal people in educational institutes. For that reason, professionals are providing their best service to educate disabled people through homeschooling. It helps them improve self-confidence and awareness among the disabled people.


Traveling Assistance to Handicapped

Disabled people are mostly isolated because of the lack of transportation facilities. For that reason, they depend on the surroundings for visiting other places. For disabled people, it is impossible to drive a personal vehicle. It requires modifications to the vehicle, which are quite expensive. According to the National Health Institute of Australia, 1 million disabled people do not have training in using public transport. For that reason, the professionals are providing secure and comfortable travel services for disabled people.

Representation in a Political Setting

Disabled people are not aware of their political rights and obligations due to a lack of awareness. For that reason, The National Council on Disability (NCD), which is an independent federal agency, completed the survey for people with all types of disabilities, including physical, intellectual, and sensory, for the 2012 General Election Cycle. It reveals that 3.69 million disabled people face various hindrances to visiting the polling stations. For that reason, professionals raise awareness among disabled people through discussion sessions.

Insight into Grocery Shopping

Dealing with disabilities is not an easy task. People with disabilities are dealing with numerous challenges in daily life activities. For grocery shopping, disabled people are dependent on their surroundings. They don’t get different important facilities of life easily. For that reason, professionals provide basic mathematical skills to disabled people. After several weeks of training, disabled people are capable of making grocery lists and budget plans. It gives a sense of independence and boosts the self-esteem of disabled people.


Participation in Sports

Disabled people are normally kept aside from sports and other activities due to the lack of physical strength. They are not allowed to participate, and they are always restricted to be the audience instead of participants. For that reason, professionals arrange different sports events for disabled people, which include wheelchair races and disabled people’s swimming competitions. It promotes physical strength and makes the disabled people mentally alert.


Living with disabilities is a challenging task. Individuals with disabilities face various difficulties in their daily lives, such as a lack of social connections and friends. People with moderate disabilities can manage after several training sessions, but those with severe disabilities are entirely dependent on their surroundings. It can cause body image concerns and negatively impact their psychological well-being, reducing their self-esteem. To improve the lives of disabled and intellectually disabled individuals, NDIS-approved professionals provide the best disability services. You can hire any professional service provider for exceptional support programs.