The Best Ways to Improve Curb Appeal of Your Home


Whether or not you plan to sell your residential property, improving its curb appeal will be the best way to make it look good. However, ideas for curb appeal are worth implementing if you stay put so that you, guests, and passers-by may appreciate its design and style.

Although adding curb appeal may sound like it will involve big spending, this doesn’t need to be the case. Plus, you may DIY your way to a welcoming and smart front yard without spending a lot. With the help of the following ideas, you can easily improve the curb appeal of your home:

Add Fresh Greenery and Flowers


Among the most impactful and great ways to improve your home’s curb appeal is adding fresh flowers as well as greenery. If you lack the money or time to spend so you can put in a good garden, you may achieve the same impact by adding some window boxes and planters.

Use some plants to frame and accentuate key visual points, including windows as well as entryways. And if you lack space to put some standing planters, consider hooking up hanging ones. Even simple plant arrangements may greatly boost the curb appeal of your home.

Consider Decks and Pergolas

Investing in decks and pergolas Sydney makes financial sense. These two don’t just look great. They are also terrific ways to help improve your home’s value.

According to some reports, a new deck may improve the value of your home by $10,000. A deck’s ROI (return on investment) ranges from 75% to 87%.

Pergolas also come with many advantages for homeowners. They not only define a home’s space but integrate well with other structures and are simple to install.

Add Outdoor Lights


Well-placed, functioning, and clean exterior lights look good and can be a vital security/safety feature. At the bare minimum, refurbish and inspect what kind of lighting you already have. Ensure the lighting is clear of dust and cobwebs and every bulb is working well. This will ascertain that your home is lit properly if potential buyers drive by at night or visit around sunset.

If you choose to add new lighting to improve the curb appeal, it will be a great idea to take an ambient approach by including both downlighting and uplighting. Like most, you can go with softer colors, such as 24000 Kelvin, with a lower wattage as it is less disruptive to insects and animals sharing the neighborhood.

But don’t go overboard. You just need softer and smaller lighting to highlight features and define space, plus make it safer to traverse. String lights are a cost-effective and simple way of doing that.

Refresh the Color of Your Door

The front door is among the major features of a home that most people see first. So you might want to give it a great first impression.

If your home currently has a wooden door, weatherproof paint can help to make it more welcoming. And if you would want to add color, opt for traditional red or green to make it look great without making it appear too tacky. For uPVC or plastic doors, special products are available that can brighten and clean your door.

Upgrade Your Garage Door


Currently, many garage door designs offer different options to complement your home’s style. A change in the styling of your garage door makes a great difference to the design of your home since it takes a big portion of the surface area of a home.

Choosing which style will work best takes expertise and time. Do thorough research and consider scheduling a consultation with a professional. If your garage doesn’t require a new door but can use some sprucing up, a paint job from an expert may have an effect.

Clear the Clutter

In most cases, a home’s exterior is not maintained properly, and usually, there is a clutter of unnecessary things put outside the property. Ultimately, this may downgrade the general appearance of your home. This clutter may include toys, sports equipment, electronic equipment, and tools. Clearing all that mess will help to improve your home’s curb appeal, thus, giving your house a tidy and neat look.

Lay a Foundation for Your Driveway


A driveway isn’t just a place to park your cars. It is also something that can improve the value of your home and boost the overall curb appeal. Off-road parking and attractive exterior add to the appeal, desirability, and value of a home.

If you plan to build a new driveway instead of replacing an existing concrete or asphalt one, think of how much space you may spare. When going for materials, think of the front yard walls or the property’s exterior to achieve a good appearance.

Gravel is another popular option, mostly linked to country houses. This material is great for drainage since rainwater can seep into the ground below.

Install a Brand New Mailbox

A good mailbox kit can make it easier for you to install an attractive and new mailbox over the top of an existing four-by-four post. If you have a wall-mount mailbox by your front door, consider replacing it with a locking model so as to keep all your mail safe.

Your residential property gets an opportunity to make a great first impression. So you might want to make the most out of it. Whether you plan to sell your home or are looking to show pride in the house, making the front yard and porch beautiful will boost the value of your property and increase its curb appeal.

Refresh Your Outdoor Furniture


Stepping into a yard littered with outdoor pieces or furniture, which are weathered, might be a turn-off. Firstly, they are clutter. And secondly, it shows potential buyers the property itself is not well-taken care of.

Giving your outdoor furniture a thorough refresh will help to improve the curb appeal and show the lifestyle of your home.

The Takeaway

The curb appeal of a home is all about making a great first impression, making it important that you are keen when making some renovations. So research well, think of ways to appeal to your potential buyers, and be very thoughtful/mindful of the exterior of your home when improving it.