Most Important Football Derbies in the Premier League


You don’t have to go far to see an English professional soccer team playing for its chance to win trophies. In England, fans love their clubs – especially when they are competing against each other and fighting for the top spot at the top level. Football is one of the most important sports for people in England, but it is also one of the most important sports for people in the world. It is the most watched sport of all time in terms of continental and world competitions, all the way to national leagues such as the English Premier League. As in every league, in this one some derbies are played and that everyone is looking forward to happening, and what are they? We are certainly here to bring it to you.

The English football league, better known as the Premier League (or the First English League), is one of the most popular competitions in the field of football in England, but also in Europe and around the world. This competition every year brings new excitement and new hopes for all the fans who are eagerly waiting for the competition to start, first of all, to follow it, but also to bet on one of the matches through one of the betting services that often offer the possibility of Free Bets and similar offers for sports fans. The Premier League excitement starts during the summer when the groups in which each of the placed teams will play are drawn. That’s the biggest excitement because that’s when football fanatics find out if any of the derbies will be played. But who are they and what does the word derby even mean?

Derby is a word that means the meeting of two rivals. These can be individuals, but they can also be clubs, as in the case of the Premier League. Each of the leagues has its derbies, including the Premier League. These derbies change from year to year, but some will forever remain unchanged and that players will look forward to. Having already mentioned the impatience of the spectators, we are sure that you are also eagerly waiting to see what are the most important derbies in the Premier League, so we invite you to stay until the end of today’s article to see together who are some of the biggest rivals that that play their derbies in the Premier League. In that case, we can begin!

Chelsea V.S. Fulham


A battle between two London teams that had met just nine times before in the top flight of English soccer was billed as ‘the last ever big match between them. But on Sunday afternoon, the final whistle blew at Stamford Bridge and Chelsea fans were left wondering what might have happened if they hadn’t chosen to play their home matches at Wembley Stadium rather than their former stadium. Of course, this was no ordinary fixture – the clubs had already beaten each other three times in previous seasons and both sides would have fancied their chances in any league match. In reality, however, the contest was little more than a preamble to the Champions League quarterfinal draw. But it remains to be seen when these two clubs will meet again and measure their strengths and abilities to be better than their opponent.

Arsenal V.S. Chelsea

A rivalry that dates back when the two clubs met in the FA Cup final – and goes right back to the early days when these teams were the big boys of English football. In those early days, they would meet in cup finals but this was only really made to happen after the FA Cup was rebranded as the League trophy. Since then they’ve met in cup finals regularly, although these days they’re pretty much evenly matched and rarely go out without scoring at least one goal. The last major meeting was in 2018 when Chelsea ran out 3-1 winners. But before that, we did see a memorable match at Wembley in 1996 where Chelsea won 2-0 thanks to goals from Ray Wilkins and Gianfranco Zola. That must rank as one of the best matches ever played!

Leicester City V.S. Nottingham Forest


The seventh Premier League match between these rivals comes on Monday, but five of the preceding six have seen players sent off, creating the league’s most sending-off-fuelled local derby on a per game basis – so far. The guilty parties include bruising defender Nicky Mohamad, Neil Lewis, and striker and strike enthusiast Peter Van Hooijdonk. All names from the misted time but dredging up old grudges is part of the tapestry of local football rivalry. The matches between them in 2024-23 will be supercharged by the fact that they are the last two most recent “new” champions of England. Forest backed up their 1978 domestic title by winning two European cups, something Leicester couldn’t do in the 2010s but the Foxes did win the title in the back pass rule era, so it evens out.

Manchester City V.S. Manchester United

In the ’90s, City was often relegated and rarely able to score big goals. They lost 7 games in a row before finally breaking through. Then came the modern era where City took off as a force to be reckoned with and became Champions twice, including last years. However, recently it’s been very hard to come back into the lead after a defeat. So far, they’ve beaten Liverpool 2-1 and drawn 0-0 vs Arsenal. On the other hand, we have Manchester United, who have a great history behind them and have a large number of successes, so now they are finally on the same level to be rivals and play a derby in which they will measure their strength and more about this derby we will find out when it will be played and we will see the final result.

The English Premier League is very interesting. From it, you can learn a lot about the history of the clubs, but also about their readiness. So let’s see in the future how things will go in this league and who will be the next rivals and derby in order to understand the strengths and possibilities in the new compositions of the clubs in the coming season.