How to Style Stacked Leggings – 2024

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Stacked leggings are becoming one of the must-have items for this fall since they are both versatile and stylish. They are mostly made of a stretchy material, mostly cotton, so they are both comfortable and cozy. Also, they will accentuate your curves and have you looking sexy and chic, while being a great choice to wear all year round because they are pleasant even for the hot summer months.

They are comfortable, durable and you can style them with just about anything. Here are our ideas for styling stacked leggings, just like these ones found on jurllyshe.

Choose neutral colors

Sure, having neon or camo stacked leggings would be very cool, but you should have in mind that neutrals are always much easier to style. You can mix and match them with just about any other existing color and it will give you more options for everyday wear, so that you can make the most out of it. Cream, beige, tan, black, navy, olive, gray – choose the one that you like the most and style it with tops in different colors every time you wear it. Just be careful when taking care of dark-colored leggings since they can fade if not washed properly, or too often.

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Stick to a single color

There are many pretty patterned ones – flowers, polka-dots, animal-print, and even tie-dye, and they can be very cute, but the ones in a single color will be more classy and convenient because you can style them with almost anything on a daily basis.

Mix them with denim

Wear a light colored cropped denim jacket with your leggings. This is a particularly good combo for the spring. Try keeping the color palette on the light side, especially with pastels. If you do decide to go with darker denim, then stick to the darker shades of the neutral color palette for a more polished look.

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Pair it with oversized sweatshirts

Fall is the season for oversized… Well everything. Not only oversized sweatshirts, but also cardigans, but coats, jumpers, and even bomber jackets. Make your oversized sweatshirt the same color and material as the leggings. It is recommended that it has zipper that can be opened as much as you’d like, with a tan top or a bra peaking from underneath.

Don’t forget the purses

A crisp, leather tote would be quite a statement piece, but then again, so can be a tiny handbag in the exact same color as the leggings. Also, a fanny pack is a fashion detail that you should definitely not skip this season.

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Crop top

This combination will accentuate your curves and make your waist look tiny. Try getting one that is the same color and material as the leggings, so that the outfit will be elevated and will seem more expensive. The good thing about the crop top is that it can be with sleeves, with straps, or even strapless – so there is one for any time of the year. Just make sure that your bra is supportive to avoid any fashion mishaps. You can throw on some stylish overcoat and you are good to go.

Wear “ugly sneakers”

Ugly sneakers’ popularity has been increasing in the past few years. They are bulky, maximalist, and very trendy, so we don’t see them going away any time soon. These shoes are a very eye-catching accessory, so keep it simple with a plain t-shirt, or a tank top. Throw on a matching jacket and grab a mini leather backpack and you will be both sexy and fashionable.

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What to do with camo leggings

Camo stacked leggings are a risky choice, but we are not going to judge. A pair of leggings with this pattern will be great with a black bomber jacket and black sneakers. A white t-shirt will provide some additional contrast, but you won’t go wrong with a black one either.

Buy a set

As a general rule, by keeping it monochrome, your outfit will be more classy. We would recommend going with a set from the neutral palette, so that you can add pops of colors with your accessories, and even split up the set and combine it with other items. Throw on some chunky jewelry, an oversized coat and ugly sneakers to pull the whole look together.

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Go all black

Black is a very elegant color, so wearing your black stacked leggings with everything else in that color as well, you will look slimmer, taller and more refined. Of course, avoid this in the summer months as this color will absorb the sunlight and make you feel very hot – and we mean that quite literally. It would be better to save it for a date night in the evening paired with some shiny jewelry.

Surprise with a sports bra

For the ladies that want to go with a more daring combo, we’d recommend a sports bra with a jacket, or an oversized sweatshirt with a front zipper which would give a peek at the bra.

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Put on a ball cap

A ball cap is the best accessory for the sunny spring or summer days, and we are sure you already have at least one in your closet. A ball cap would be a perfect addition to a monochrome look.

Wear them with slides

Slides with fur, feathers or a brand’s logo have lately been very popular. And it is very clear that they would complement these leggings too, especially the ones that have a slit in the front. This is an awesome combination for the hot summer days. Just don’t go too crazy with the choice of colors and keep it simple, as these shoes are a statement by themselves. However, because these shoes are very flat, we would advise that you find the appropriate length, so that they won’t drag at the back of the feet and get dirty, or stepped on. This is a rule for all of the stacked leggings, but in this case it is of even bigger importance.