How to Start a Junk Removal Business

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Are you facing trouble in discarding off some unwanted items, and chattels? People and businesses need help in dumping away their broken furniture, and clearing out an attic full of trash or emptying an entire office.

The junk removal industry is competitive and it can be a profitable business to own. You might be thinking that it seems like an uncomplicated self-employment idea but you would want to know How to Start a Junk Removal Business.

You wont only be clearing out rubbish from people’s houses but also take part in local donations and recycling strategies.

Steps To Start Junk Removal Business

Once you’ve decided to start the junk removal business you may wonder where do I begin? Here we present some step by step points that you might need to take into consideration before starting your business so that you can get successful by useful tips of Scott from RidofitVancouver who is running his junk removal business in Vancouver and surrounding areas from last 25 years.

Let’s get started!

The guidelines for junk removal service business start-up are as follows.

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Step 1: Plan Your Business

A clear, distinctive and complete plan is required for a successful junk removal business. It will help you to discover all the important things for its start up. For you, we have compiled all the necessary information which are as follows

  • What are the initial investment and ongoing cost?
  • Set your target market
  • How much you charge customers?
  • How to make a business profitable?
  • Name of your Business

Initial Investment And Ongoing Cost

You can start the junk removal service business by investing in the following things

  • A truck or big van
  • Basic tools for cleaning and supplies
  • Sorting place

For this purpose you can use your own truck, it can be new or used. Another option you can sign a contract with any good vehicle company to convey your professionalism to your customers.

Target Market

People and businesses both need junk removal services frequently especially construction and real estate industries. Except the industries, the residential areas can also be your target customers.

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How Much You Charge Your Customers?

Pricing for your service depends upon the cubic feet garbage removed from your customer’s site. Sometimes it also includes fees if you remove any heavy items, any dangerous material or any emergency appointment.

The charges of junk removal service companies range from 139$ to 373$ for a single visit.  For setting your charges you must need to consider the following thing.

  • Wages
  • Landfill and other disposal costs
  • Insurance
  • Fuel and auto payments
  • Office and marketing expenses.
  • Your competitor’s price

You can also get benefits from this business by selling scrap metal or get tax deductions in return for donations.

How To Make Business Profitable?

You can make your business more profitable by following these few strategies.

  • The best way to increase your profits is to finish your jobs efficiently and effectively in less time.
  • Organize your driver’s routes to save up your fuel costs.
  • Train your employees to finish the job in a few time.
  • Use trucks or vehicles with your brand logo that will create awareness among the customers about your brand.

Name Your Business

Selecting a unique name for your junk removal company is very important. Pick that name which attracts the customers. If you don’t have any suggestions about the names then visit business name generator sites that help you to create unique and attractive names for your business and also create your brand awareness among people.

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Step 2: Form Legal Entity

It is important to establish a legal business entity like LLC because it protects you from being personally accountable in case your business is sued. Consider using a registered agent service to protect your privacy.

Step 3: Register for Taxes

Register for various taxes before opening your junk removal business. To register for taxes, you have to apply for an EIN first, which is easy to get.

Step 4: Open Your Business Bank Account & Credit Card

A business bank account and a credit card are necessary because if your personal and business transactions are mixed on the same account it will create confusion as well as they may put your assets in danger in case your business is sued.

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Step 5: Setting Up Your Business Accounting

Keep a proper record of your expenses and income to understand the financial performance of your business. Keeping accurate accounts makes your annual tax filing easy.

Step 6: Obtaining Licenses and Permits for Your Business

If you don’t have a proper license for your business you could be charged with heavy fines or your junk removal business may shutdown.

  • State and local licenses
  • Service Agreements

State and Local Licenses

To run a junk removal company you need different kinds of state and local permits and licenses. To get assistance about licensing requirements, you must visit your city, town or country’s clerk office or get assistance from the local associations of your country’s Small Business Association.

Service Agreement

For junk removal business you must contemplate requiring the customer to sign a service agreement. This agreement clarifies everything like mode and terms of payment, duration and service level expectations. This service agreement is used to minimize the risk of legal disputes.

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Step 7: Get Insurance for Your Business

Just like license and permits your business needs insurance to operate lawfully and safely. Business insurance protects your company in case of loss. There are many insurances for different businesses with different risks. Study them thoroughly or choose General liability insurance if you are not sure about the risks.

Step 8: Define Your Business Brand

Your brand defines your company and how your business will be perceived. Your brand should be strong enough to stand out from competitors. For your junk removal business marketing keep these two points in mind:

  • Quality branding
  • Referrals

Quality brand and referrals are very important for your company.

Step 9: Establish Online Presence

Your business website will allow your customers to learn more about your junk removal company and the services you offer. The use of social media is a good technique to attract new clients or customers.

Running a junk removal business successfully is a challenging task. Considering these business set-up guidelines are not enough, you also need other traits to be successful.  You need to have good management abilities, communication skills and also must have a good customer care service.  By acquiring all these traits and guidelines surely you’ll be able to run your junk removal business efficiently and effectively.