Guide on How To Start Your ASMR Channel With a Lavalier Mic

Your ASMR Channel with a Lavalier Mic

Over the past few years, ASMR has exploded the popularity on YouTube and now it has become one of the most watched content types.

The reason for its popularity lies behind the fact that the low-frequency sound in such content is very relaxing, or according to some people, it creates a sedative effect.

Starting an ASMR channel requires the right equipment and space to record perfect audio such as a wireless lavalier microphone, a tripod stand, and other tools present in a filmmaker kit.

Let’s untangle what ASMR is and which is the best way to ride on the bandwagon and start your own ASMR channel.

What Is ASMR?

What Is ASMR

ASMR refers to the autonomous sensory meridian response. It is also called “brain tingles”.

It is a collection of low-frequency sounds that initiate pleasurable tingling in the neck, scalp, spinal cord, or even lower limbs.

ASMR involves everyday sound without talking and if with talking, it’s in the form of not more than a whisper

For instance, the eating ASMRtists generate content of eating ASMR sounds. Apart from relaxation, these sounds also tend to reduce anxiety and depression and help to get better sleep.

To fulfill the ever-growing demand for ASMR, many people started their channels and now have become top creators. Its popularity is soaring with each passing year and does not seem to be disappearing anytime soon.

Rising Trend of ASMR on YouTube

Rising Trend of ASMR on YouTube

This whole notion started back in 2010 when a Facebook group was created about the unusual sound that creates a bit of a strange but overall relaxing feeling.

The page rapidly gained popularity and now has become the most popular content category on social and video content platforms such as Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram.

People who create such content are known as ASMRtists. They produce different types of ASMR content that generate tons of views from fans all across the globe.

How Does the ASMR YouTuber Work?

There are varying types of performance styles when it comes to recording ASMR videos.

Let’s check these out to get some idea.

• Soft Talk

Talking slowly or in the form of a whisper triggers a feeling of relaxation for the viewers.

Artists use different aspects to create an amazing sound that encompasses emotion, volume, tone, and speed.

• Eating Sound

Eating sound is one of the most popular forms of ASMR. The sound of lips licking, smacking, and tongue snapping while eating cake or some spicy food produces a tingling feeling.

Eating Sound

• Tapping, Scratching, and Gliding

Using everyday items, the artists tap or scratch the object to make the desired sound. The sound of marbles in a glass jar, paper crumpling, or gentle tapping on the glass are usual sounds created.

• Makeup

Rubbing the makeup brush on the lavalier mic initiates a relaxing feeling in the viewer.

Moreover, applying nail polish and swabbing cotton balls are popular sounds.

Creating an ASMR video does not require tons of equipment. But getting quality gear is crucial to generate content for achieving better results.

You can use the mobile phone to create the desired content type. Here you will get the best advice for the most appropriate equipment such as a camera or mobile microphone.

1. Camera or Smartphone

ASMR is all about sound. That is why best-quality audio is preferred over video. Whether you are using a mobile phone or camera for recording, keep in mind that even the most expensive camera cannot do anything if there is no proper lightning. It is the key to creating a good quality video.

Purchasing a good camera or mobile might be a burden on the pocket but in the end, the results are incredible.

2. Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Wireless Lavalier Microphone

Microphones are used to generate clear sounds that play a crucial role for ASMRtists. Lavalier mic with or without wires is used to record high-quality sound. But most artists choose wireless microphones as their microphones are easy to place.

Lavalier mics for iPhone and Android are the best option if you are choosing a smartphone for recording. It has a noise cancelation feature that results in the recording of clear and high-quality sound.

3. Audio Recording Software

There are many options when it comes to audio recording software. Garageband, Cakewalk, and Audacity are popular options but it is also important to choose according to your budget.

4. Video Editing Software

Adobe Premier, Final Cut, iMovie, and DaVinci Resolve are a few popular video editing software available. Make sure that your audio syncs with the video.

Choosing a Perfect Mobile Microphone for Your ASMR

Picking the best equipment is imperative for ASMRtists, especially audio recording devices.

Many compact devices are available that are small in size but have amazing sounds.

It provides an active noise cancellation feature that reduces or cancels unwanted noise effectively. The MFi certification by Apple makes it a reliable one, or you can say that perfect audio equipment for ASMRtists.

Choosing a Perfect Mobile Microphone for Your ASMR

Capturing crisp audio without compromising the quality of the sound can be attained with Lark C1. Its simultaneous charging and recording option is great and doesn’t let your battery drain even if you record all day long.

It records the sound from all directions providing a rich experience to the listener. The Hi-Fi sound quality attains from recording clear sound across wide frequencies that is 20Hz to 20kHz.

The delivery of crystal clear audio works best for ASMRtists. It helps them in achieving the goals of creating quality ASMR videos for their channel that has higher chances of getting more viewership.

Bottom Line

Staring at an ASMR channel doesn’t seem like a scary thing to do. But attention to tiny details and focus on providing the best and unique is what makes you stand out from the crowd. Lark C1 which is a lavalier mic for Android, as well as iPhone users, can assist you to do so!

With incredible audio recording features, now you have more time and energy to focus on thinking about new ideas that can take your channel to new heights of success.