How to Self-Care Sustainably

Sustainability is a hot topic in the world right now – it’s not just a trend or a bandwagon for people to jump on, but a way of life, a new way of seeing your habits. You can adopt a sustainable approach through simple things throughout your daily routine and your habits. Things you may not necessarily have thought of can make a huge impact.

We love to pamper ourselves, but some of the self-care tips we see aren’t necessarily very eco-friendly, or there are more eco-responsible alternatives. Everyone needs a bit of TLC, but so does the planet, that constantly gets overlooked. World Environment Day may have been and gone, but there’s no special day to reflect on our problematic habits.

Pamper Your Hair

Source: Professional Beauty India

Nothing beats a long soak in the bath (with bubbles of course!) and coating your hair with your favorite hair mask. Light a few candles, a few scent diffusers, and enjoy!

Now, don’t lay back and relax just yet… look around you and look at the numerous bottles of product that, let’s be honest, you haven’t touched in months. This is as good a time as any to start reflecting on your purchases – buying copious amounts of hair product in plastic packaging is an absolute no-no! Instead, lower on your plastic purchases!

Another way of ensuring that your hair care is sustainable is by studying a brand’s ethos. According to All Things Hair, more and more brands are offering recyclable packaging by sending back the bottles or packaging that has already been recycled. That way, you know that your bottle of shampoo won’t stay for decades at the bottom of the ocean!

Make Your Own Face Masks

Source: Forbes

Whilst you’re relaxing in the bath, make the most of the time out to apply a face mask. Instead of buying more plastic packaging, use natural ingredients and hydrate your skin. You don’t need to be an expert to whip up a luxurious-feeling face mask. In fact, you probably have the ingredients in your cupboards already!

Cleanse your skin with yogurt – apply to the skin and leave for 20 minutes! For a more revitalizing twist, mix a teaspoon of plain yogurt with the juice of ¼ slice of orange. Leave for 5 minutes before rinsing – your skin will thank you for it!

Give Yourself A Makeover

Source: Panda Gossips

Giving yourself a makeover will help you feel refreshed and confident. Trying out a new makeup style is another way of looking after yourself, you deserve a treat from time to time! How can you do this sustainably? There are more and more sustainable and eco-friendly makeup brands, leaving you but no choice to look out for the planet!

More and more brands are going the extra mile and offering recycled packaging and more natural ingredients. Vegan makeup is one of the types that ticks all the right boxes, Milk Makeup is a more natural alternative to your Sephora favorites. Kat Von D also offers sustainable products and packaging. What’s not to love?

Take A Breath Of Fresh Air

Source: 10000 Victories Kung Fu

Getting out and about does wonders for the soul, but when you can walk, don’t be tempted to hop on public transport or drive. A walk outside, taking in the landscape, the scenery, is a sustainable and easy way of looking after yourself. It will allow you to disconnect from the real world and lose yourself in your thoughts.

On top of all this, a walk outside helps reduce your stress levels, especially if you’re connecting with nature. When you can, push yourself to face the great outdoors and get those trainers on!

Spring Clean All Year Round

Source: MarriedtotheMop

You will feel a lot lighter after a good clean. Think spring cleaning but all year round – perhaps your wardrobe needs a revamp or you need to go through the things you have neglected in the attic. If you’re planning on decluttering your wardrobe, then avoid waste by selling it online or giving your unloved items to charity. More and more people are going to charity shops and vintage stores for amazing bargains, so your old items could find a very loving home! Embrace the zero-waste lifestyle and find someone who will fall in love with your old things!

Keep Active

Source: Running Addicted

Going to the gym or heading outside for a run may sound exhausting, but it’s actually the perfect activity to incorporate into your self-care routine. It will help you feel like you have accomplished a goal and create a sense of satisfaction.

It’s a sustainable, feel-good activity that will help you unwind. It will take your mind elsewhere and you will feel like brand new when you’ve finished, despite all the aches and pains! Exercise gives you endorphins, making you happier and less stressed, making it the perfect after-work activity! If hitting the gym isn’t your cup of tea, go for a run outside or discover YouTube workout videos that will help you keep motivated!


Source: mindvalley

Meditation is a sustainable and relaxing way of taking care of yourself. It reduces anxiety and stress, improves your sleep and enhances empathy. It also helps you to reach your goals and boost your self-esteem – it can bring so much positivity to your life!

Studies show that being more empathetic allows people to become more aware about the environment – so it’s even more sustainable than we thought! Follow meditation experts on social media or watch meditation videos on YouTube and switch off – you deserve it!

Eat Right

Source: cbhs

Last but not least, look after yourself by eating natural ingredients. Top up on your vitamins and proteins to feel physically and mentally well – you’ll sure have a spring in your step! Say goodbye to processed food in dangerous plastic packaging, and instead improve your physical and mental well-being with more nutritious and wholesome foods. That isn’t to say that you can’t break off a square of chocolate when you feel down, but the key is balance – don’t be hard on yourself if you go off-course on your self-care adventure. Study your ingredients and see if they are made or produced locally and ethically. Eating foods that are good for you will help you with your moods, your sleep and your energy!