“5” Ways On How To Be Dominant In Bed

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People have different desires and passions when it comes to intimate relations. It can play a vital role in the quality of the relationship and also represent a core of having a more honest bond with each other. However, it is common that people simply aren’t too open about this, which often can lead to less joy for at least one side.

When it comes to intimate games, it is common that one side desires to be more dominant over another. However, you must learn more about the meaning of being more dominant to avoid mistakes and awkward situations. Therefore, you should explore more about some kinky stuff, BDSM bondage, sex toys, and many other things that could bring more heat into the relationship. Here are some interesting ways to become more dominant in bed and surprise your partner.

1. Try Some Simple Things

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Assenting dominance can be simple in some cases. However, people are often making mistakes by not realizing how the way you look at your partner, what you say, and how you react can impacting this. For example, you cannot simply ask your partner about this. You simply act like you are dominant. You can do that by being straightforward, keep direct eye contact, and take into action without talking too much or asking some questions.

However, it is crucial to know how to recognize the feelings of your partner and be sure about the consent, along with the desires and what you should do to impress your partner. Therefore, it is easier when you are seeing someone for a longer time and you know how to be relaxed while trying to impress.

2. Lead the Action

In some cases, being dominant can be quite easy. It can require you only to take the first step, and try to have more fun. For example, choosing an interesting destination, introducing role-play, or something more intense, such as BDSM.

For example, it can be a fun way of suggest having intimate relations when the other side is not expecting it. Like in the middle of the day while getting from work, or at some interesting place. Suggesting new things is always a good way to show dominance, and the other side will love it.

3. Explore New Things

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Things could get passive and cold, and if you don’t work on that, it could lead to other issues between you and your partner. Taking the first step is a good option in the first place since that will show that you want to add new things, and make it more interesting, and more passionate.

Having an open communication is the best way to do that. It will help you find the right thing that will bring more pleasure to both sides. Your partner might be desiring from you to become more dominant, but she didn’t know the right way to ask.

Also, she might be interested in something more intense, like BDSM, or some version of it. In that matter, you might be able to show your dominance through a play where you will wear something interesting, like a suit or a mask, tie your partner to the bed, saying some specific words, or even by being more violent.

Still, keep in mind that open communication is crucial here. That is especially the case with BDSM. There must be a safe word, and you have to stay focus and avoid losing control since that could lead to mistakes or even injuries.

4. Improve your Attitude

How you react and perform can be connected. Even though you care about your partner’s feelings, things can be different in bedroom where you can show outstanding dominance by saying some dirty words and being more aggressive.

Taking into action will require you to stop being gentle and compassionate. Instead of that, just do what you want to do, and your partner will enjoy that as well. On the other side, this might require going through some phases, especially if you are not sure about the limits.

The best way for the start is to choose a dominant position and include some dirty words. Also, you can stay focused on the reactions of your partner, which is the best way to know how far you can go.

5. Be More Aggressive

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One of the best ways to show dominance is by begin more aggressive. You can do that with words and actions. As we already mentioned, it is important to never rush with your desires. Before that, explore the desires of your partner.

You can try with some light forms of aggression like pulling the hair to check the reaction. However, be sure to be more gentle. If you see that it works, you can try a little harder. There is a lot of room for mistakes here. Therefore, knowing your partner is crucial.

The goal for both sides is to be more relaxed and open and to enjoy more in the bedroom. There are some even more aggressive options that will require consent. That is the case with BDSM. For instance, tying to bed, chocking, using additional toys and other equipment, and more.

If your partner wants to become submissive, the range of exploration is even wider. In some cases, talking dirty will be enough, while there are those who want to include physical violence. While both sides might try to impress each other, we have to repeat that having some limits is very important.

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to become more dominant in bed. In some cases, simply taking the first step and suggesting new and more interesting things will be enough. On the other side, there are some more unique ways that will help you assert your dominance, but it is crucial to be more open about that with your partner. In the end, it is all about building a more honest relationship, and that include exploring each other along with all desires and passions.