How to Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room?

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One of the most difficult tasks when moving to a new space is how to arrange the furniture. In most homes, the living room has a shape that is not ideal, which makes it difficult to equip. So if you think planning and furnishing it is a big challenge, you are not alone.

Keep in mind that Keyrenter Broward Management says it is perhaps the most important room in the house. It is a place where you rest and spend most of your time, so it is important that it is a relaxing environment. You can do this in a practical way so you can feel comfortable in your daily routine. Whatever your personal style, there are some tips you can follow to decorate in a comfortable and functional way.

Don’t forget that equipping can be fun too: the feeling of success when you find the perfect coffee table, when you choose the perfect color scheme, and finally, the moment you sit on your couch and look at your newly renovated lounge – all of which indicates that you succeeded.

But it also takes a lot of work, especially if you have a room with very specific requirements. Each one has some elements that are difficult to change, such as the position of doors and windows. Some are even more challenging, so they will limit you in your choices. However, do not despair – every one can be maximized.

Read our interior design tips and make the most of your space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Understand the layout of it

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As much as it seems inconvenient to arrange, you need to consider its features. Before buying new furniture or trying to put it in, you should know how it is arranged. The location of the windows and the size of the walls affect the location of it. When planning an organization, the following should be considered:

Measure the furniture. Before choosing furniture, be sure it fits the dimensions of it. It would be good if you already have a floor plan and compare its dimensions with the rest of the furniture. This way, you will be assured that your plans will be realized.

Pay attention to the exits. As you plan on organizing it, consider the area around your door. You need to make sure that the area leaves no obstacles. Do not place furniture in areas that block the entrance. Make sure there is enough space for the door to fully open. Also, don’t forget about safety. If you are on the lower floors of a building or do not have a fence around your yard and the window is low, think about your security. Hire professionals like TitusAlarm&CCTV, install one of security systems, and feel safe.

Make a list of how you will use it. Will you be watching TV, reading, or maybe sleeping in the living room? These things will tell you what furniture you need.

Be true to your personal style. Some prefer modern, minimalist designs, while others prefer volume and comfortable design. Some like blank walls, while others prefer lots of photos and pictures. Remember that the living room is your space. You have to give it a functional design, but it reflects your personality, taste and comfort.

Arrange furniture by zone

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For example, a narrow, rectangular one will not fit every piece of furniture, as well as its square shape. Therefore, it is a good idea to first plan and introduce smaller groups, ie special purpose areas and place them in space. This will avoid the impression of congested space. Consider where your vacation and reading area will be, to play, and to watch TV, certainly with the inevitable big couch. Each area will have its own function in it and it is easy to adapt it to a specific purpose.

Careful placement of furniture makes the most of space

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The most common mistake when arranging a narrow room is to place the furniture so as to create the impression of spaciousness, and due to the wrong layout, the opposite effect is obtained. Don’t let this happen to you.

You need to place your couch diagonally or vertically against the wall to get more “air” around the furniture. Your stay will thus give the impression of breathability. The sofa you choose when shopping should not be too long or too wide; make sure it takes up a reasonable amount of space. Keep in mind that you can walk normally and move around it.

Make the most of the corners

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Another way to properly arrange it is to make the corners practical. Choose stand-alone shelves from which you can take things from all sides. As well as ideally complementing a tricky room, you’ll also get plenty of storage space. However, if you have things that are not pleasing to the eye, place them in baskets or boxes on a shelf, and again they will be at your fingertips whenever you need them.

A small coffee table is the ideal solution for, for example, a narrow, rectangular living room. This way you can get the most out of the corners of the room where it is difficult to place any other piece of furniture while maintaining its functionality. Another, common option is to put one armchair next to the table. Very easy: two pieces of furniture and you already have your own small, cozy reading corner!

Stick to light colors and let light in

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Remember to give space to light that will then make its own. A room with a lot of natural light looks more spacious and attractive. A huge, beautiful carpet of bright colors will make it look bigger. The carpet should be large enough to be located under the sofas and tables, which means that you have defined the space. This is an ideal solution if you have a problem with the length of the space.

Space to move around

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Whatever the shape of it, it is paramount that the room is first and foremost functional. The basis is to allow space for movement, and you can do this with a few tricks in different ways.

If your room is larger, place a club table as a center point, with a sofa and the rest around it. On the other hand, a smaller room requires more space in the middle. So it would be wise to have the furniture next to the wall and thus provide yourself with more space.


Keep in mind, the best way to make your living room look comfortable is to come up with a living room plan that will fit the shape of your space. Of course, buy those items that you can easily change from season to season. Treat yourself to cushion covers with modern prints or paint one wall in a modern color. As much as trends change, this is something you can change easily and without major investment.