How Can You Tell if a Wig Is Human Hair?

Today, there are fewer problems that do not have an answer. Are you having hair problems? Wigs are your best and durable solution! As a person who will compulsorily have to wear a wig, what would be your biggest concern while buying one? How to know if your wig is made of absolute human hair? Are there some synthetic fibers mixed?

Generally, you can see these types of human wigs in the market:

  • Chinese: The Chinese hair tends to be thick and exceptionally straight, as it has a thicker denier (fineness unit). It can resist curling tools and also can be a tad difficult for styling processes.
  • Indonesian: You can find these wigs in a substantial number. Thus, their cost is also less. Ethnic style wigs that you see are primely Indonesian.
  • Indian: The Indian hair has a thin fineness than the European hair. People predominantly seek it due to its added texture.
  • European: You will find these exclusive wigs less, as they are demanded more due to their beautiful and thick denier.

It is essential to know that the origin of the hair is not the only price deciding factor. It is directly or indirectly proportional to:

  • Strength and quality
  • Chemical requirements
  • The wholeness of the hair
Source: InStyle

The essential elements of a human hair wig:

1. The Pricing

There is an increasing number of developments in the ‘wig’ sector throughout the last years. According to the people’s choices, the world of wigs has become exclusive. The effects are seen in the price tags as well.

In comparison, human hair wigs are always going to be more expensive. Their extensions are at the top of the hair chain as they are the most preferred. There can be differences in the cost due to the preference of hair length as well. If you intend to save the dollars in your pocket, synthetic hair wigs are a favorable option.

2. The Appearance

We all know the consequences of a cheap synthetic hair wig. It will not sit well on our heads due to its smoothness. Inexpensive synthetic wigs will scream ‘synthetic’ in a way you never wish to disclose. Many good quality synthetic wigs can play the human ‘copy-cat’ when you pay the right price.

But nothing works like human hair wigs. They provide a luscious movement and smoothness that feels like your own. Your concern regarding ‘feeling natural’ will fly out the window when you have chosen a premium quality human hair wig.

Source: Justdial

3. Styling

Synthetic wigs are strictly non-changeable. Once you buy them, you cannot change them as the synthetic wigs can melt due to heat. If you go over the top with your credit/debit cards, then you can buy a luxury wig that you can style!

The budget-friendly option is always a human hair wig that can be styled as per your wishes. It does not get any nutrition except the treatments, so you should always protect the cuticles.

4. Affecting Versatility

The big problem you might face with synthetic hair wigs is they cannot be trimmed or colored as per your wishes. They always provide a ready look that you can not easily alter.

According to 13×4 lace front hair wigs give you the liberty to trim and style your hair however you want. It is essential to find people and places who are experts in trimming wigs. Once you are sure of what you want, you can gain a gorgeous look!

Source: Coveteur

5. Durability

You know the answer to this one because synthetic hair wigs would always win the durability contest. A human hair wig is still a ‘natural’ wig. As per its procedure, nature will work on its course, and the hair will degrade as per its expiry date.

On the other hand, synthetic wigs will stay as they are in the longer run.

Some Tips to identify the authenticity of your human hair wig:

  • When you burn a human hair wig, it can easily hold out against 230°Celsius. No chemical smell will emanate from it when you test it against a flat iron.
  • Human Hair, when burnt, will turn to ashes. On the other side, synthetic will turn hard and emanate a chemical smell. Human hair and synthetic hair burn differently, and this is a valid testing point!

What are the benefits of Human Hair Wigs?

  1. You can style them in any multi-faceted way. You can perm, straight, curl or manage them in any way you prefer! Your hairstylists are the best person to guide you through the process.
  2. Assured natural feel and look. Get rid of the unnatural sense by buying a wholesome human hair wig that fits your personality.
  3. Are you in confusion with textures? No worries, human hair wigs have a diversity of textures: straight, curly, natural, and many more to give you precisely what you need!
  4. Human hair wigs are the best durable options as well when they are properly cared for!
Source: Chinalacewig

One important thing to note here is, similar to human hair; these products need maintenance too! You have to buy the appropriate products and maintain your hair for its long-term use. Also, standard hair-care products won’t work, and you will need specific formula products made for human hair wigs.

There are chances that the colors can fade, and the hair texture can diminish when they react to the weather. They are fragile like authentic human hair, so frequent styling can damage them.

In the End

What you plump for always matters. Both synthetic hair wigs and human hair wigs offer a wide range of colors and styles for every kind of personality out there. Is it essential to choose the wig based on its usage, daily or occasionally? Each wig would have its pros and cons, but they are the key to giving you the anticipated volume and look! A blackshaw hair can help you get the perfect look that suits you the best. Find out more here, to nail your look with the best quality hair wigs and elegant styles.