Holiday Home Rental Advice For A Family Of Five


Going on holiday is always exciting. But when you are a family of 5 it can be difficult to find accommodation. Hotel rooms are normally set up for 4-person maximum occupancy. Apartments are often similar. If you look at and other accommodation sites you’ll often find you go from 4 people to 5 and you end up paying double. It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

So how do you find a holiday rental for your family of 5 without having to put people in hotel rooms on other sides of the building, or without having to rent an expensive villa?
Here are some great tips that will help a family of five save money on holiday accommodations.

Adjoining Rooms in Hotels


When you contact a hotel in advance you can often get adjoining rooms with a door between them. This makes your living space really usable and means you aren’t crammed into one room.

2-Bedroom Apartments

If you are looking for a holiday rental that is large enough for a family of 5 then you might be best going for a 2-bedroom apartment.

These are usually some of the largest apartments available. They are perfect if you are a family of three children and two adults. With two bedrooms you can spread out and have your own space, which is perfect for a family of your size.

The main bedroom can have a double bed and the second bedroom can have 2 single beds. There is normally also a sofa bed, meaning plenty of space.

3- Or 4-Bedroom Apartments


If you need more than a 2-bedroom apartment, then you will need to look at the 3- and 4-bedroom apartments.

These are normally just slightly larger than a 2-bedroom apartment. However, with a larger apartment, you have more room to spread out. You can have a large lounge, which is perfect for a family of 5.

Apartment Hire in a Resort

A resort is perfect for a family of 5. There are normally fantastic communal areas to spend time in, so you aren’t all cooped up in the apartment.

Resort accommodation is often very well equipped. You will get a kitchen, lounge, bathroom, and bedrooms. You might have a pool too. You are not limited to your apartment only. You can go out and do activities. This takes the pressure off the living space; however, it can be a tad more expensive than the options suggested above.

Renting a Motorhome


If your family is anything like mine, you can’t just throw a tent and sleeping bags in the back of the car and head off on a camping holiday. That’s why motor homing is a better option when traveling with a family.

Renting a motorhome can be one of the easiest holidays you’re ever going to have. You can travel to your destination without the stresses that go with airports and airports car parks, traffic jams, and alternatively hard-to-find accommodation.

Note though that as a family of five that want to rent a campervan, motorhome, or RV – you’ll need to consider the size of the vehicle. These vehicles come in all shapes and sizes to accommodate different-sized families. It’s important to get a campervan which will maximize space for everyone and leave you with plenty of spare room. Thankfully, you can explore lots of options at

How Do You Choose A Holiday Rental?

If you are a family of 5 and looking for a holiday rental then you need to make sure you look at the holiday rental options available to you in different places.

If you are looking for luxury accommodation for your family of 5 then you will need to look for a luxury resort or villa. Availability of accommodation is obviously a major factor. There are more apartments and other accommodation set up for families of 4, so you may need to book early to have options for your family of 5.

Holiday Rentals for a Family of 5 – Things to consider:

Does an under 2 count?


Quite often accommodation will allow under 2’s to stay for free and just provide a small bed. It’s well worth asking the question. If the little one is going to be staying in the bed with you then 4 person accommodation might do fine.

Are there extra charges?

If you need a cot for a baby, will you be charged extra? What about if you need an extra single bed? Is there anything else you need?

In some accommodations, if you do need extra beds then you might have to pay for them, or even the cot. You have to find out these details ahead of time before making any commitment.

How big is the apartment/home?


When you contact a hotel or resort, do they give you the room or apartment size?
If you are looking for a holiday home or a luxury apartment in a resort you might need to make sure that the apartment has enough space for your family of 5. This is because you can’t always have 2 single beds in the same room.

Are extra beds comfortable?

It’s well worth reading some reviews from people that used the accommodation to its full occupancy. You may pick up that the sofa bed is not really suitable as a bed, or that there isn’t room for an extra single to be added. Reviews are a great way to find out the reality and work out whether you can be comfortable in the beds provided.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a holiday rental for a family of 5 then you need to make sure you research all your options.

The holiday rental you choose needs to be the right one for your family of 5. You need to think about what you and your family will need. You can’t assume that you will be able to add a single bed or that the lounge will have a sofa bed. Get the facts so your family can be comfortable throughout their holiday.
Have a great holiday!