14 Hobbies Every Creative Soul Should Try

Every creative soul knows how rewarding it is when you find yet another creative outlet to enjoy.

There’s something magical about using your creative powers to make things, knit things, write things, or draw things. Imagination is a powerful thing when you know how to use it.

However, modern life can be super busy. So busy, in fact, that sometimes creative souls don’t know where to look to next for another creative hobby.

So here’s 14 hobbies that we think every creative person should try out. Just remember to be open-minded and patient when learning new skills!

Why Are Creative Hobbies So Important?

In a nutshell, creative hobbies are good for your mind, body, and soul. You may find that your physical, emotional, and mental health will improve when you put your energy into something that is creatively rewarding.

Ultimately, having a hobby will help with stress management. Shifting your body’s tension and your mind’s worries towards something that’s more positive and productive can alleviate the worst symptoms of stress. So take the time to do something creative that’s genuinely beneficial.

1. Painting

Source: mymodernmet.com

If you haven’t already tried your hand at painting, honestly what have you been doing all this time? Every creative soul should buy themselves a blank canvas, a bunch of oil paints, and just start painting. Let the paintbrush do the work. If you really don’t know where or how to start, get yourself a beginner’s paint by numbers set. If you are searching for some kind of sets for painting, you can find them on this website.

2. Writing

There’s endless possibilities to practicing writing. Whether it’s novel-writing, journaling, or poetry, it can be highly therapeutic to pick up a pen to let your thoughts and imagination run onto the paper. Who knows? You might have the next bestseller lurking inside your mind somewhere.

3. Photography

Source: unsplash.com

Most of us have pretty decent cameras sitting in our pockets nowadays, but it takes skill to know how to use a camera properly. It’s all about having an eye for visuals and knowing how to tell a story through one single image. So read up on different photography styles and find your own unique point of view.

4. Baking

There’s truly a science behind baking. It takes a lot of practice and knowledge to master specific baking techniques and methods. So don’t give up after one bad cake. Keep your apron on and just keep trying. Your friends and family will appreciate your round-the-clock sweet treats too.

5. Coloring

Source: businessinsider.com

Adult coloring book sales have boomed in recent years, and for good reason too! They’re a highly effective way of reducing stress and anxiety. So next time you’re feeling ill at ease, pick up a coloring pen. Make coloring part of your mindfulness self-care routine!

6. Knitting

Knitting is a wonderful skill for any creative soul to try out. But beware, it takes some persistence to create a piece you can finally wear, like a jumper, scarf, or even a woolly hat. So get yourself the right needle equipment and high-quality wool if you’re keen to learn more.

7. Gardening

Source: gardeningknowhow.com

Creative types shouldn’t ever cast gardening aside when deciding what hobby they want to try next. It actually takes a lot of creative skill and experience to design and nurture a pristine, well-landscaped garden. Plus, being outside in the fresh air promotes wellbeing and it’s a chance to grow your own fruits and vegetables too.

8. Woodworking

Believe it or not, but woodworking isn’t just for professional carpenters. There’s actually plenty of artistic opportunity waiting for anyone who’s up for learning the new skill. You’ll eventually learn what it takes to have excellent craftsmanship, just remember that it will take you some time to master your woodworking skills. However, the payoff will certainly be worth it.

9. Puzzle-building

Source: walkalong.ca

How many times have you completed a jigsaw puzzle in your lifetime? The satisfaction you get once you slot in the very last puzzle piece is undeniable, and that’s why so many creative souls turn to puzzle-building in their spare time. The hobby will train your brain to stay focussed and it will help you gain a great sense of achievement too.

10. Drawing

Just like painting, drawing is a super popular artistic hobby that every creative soul should try out. If you have a great eye for perception and detail, chances are you have the ability to create some wonderful drawings if you put your mind to it. Sign up to a drawing class or simply purchase yourself some pencils and sketch pads.

11. Drama and Theatre Arts

Source: uarts.edu

For a lot of us, drama class was always the most dreaded hour of our week at school. But if you were someone that loved performing, we’re sure that drama and theatre acting will be a hobby you can grow to love even more now. Book a slot in a beginner’s drama class and see where it takes you. It takes a lot of confidence to stand on stage in front of an audience!

12. Learn a New Language

Some of you might assume that learning a new language isn’t much of a creative hobby, but language learning actually uses the left side of your brain (the creative side). Plus, the creative writing possibilities are endless once you’ve mastered the new language!

13. Vlogging

Source: canon.ge

If you feel comfortable in front of the camera and have a passion for something specific that you’d love to teach others about, then vlogging might be a creative hobby for you! Not only is it a bit of fun that you can do in your spare time, but if you rack up enough followers, you can earn money from your subscriptions and views too.

14. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is much more than just practicing your handwriting to make it look beautiful. It’s a personal craft that helps better your artistic skills across the board. So if you’re up for the challenge and want to improve your penmanship, invest in a variety of calligraphy pens, from dip pens to cartridge pens.