5 Healthy Lifestyle Habits That Will Help Increase Your Longevity

People often link longevity with genetics. Well, genetics do play a role in determining how long a person will live. However, it’s believed that environmental factors and habits play a more significant role.

According to this article, one in 10,000 people will live beyond the age of 100, although some areas in the world are more likely to have centenarians than others.

Nowadays, after the mere age of 50, people are prone to diseases. A majority of the people in this age group suffer from diseases like blood pressure, heart attack, diabetes, etc., besides severe diseases like cancer. As a result of which, they die soon.

Your age is dependent on the anabolic and catabolic actions of your body. If your anabolic activity increases compared to catabolism in your body, it means you are moving towards old age. By balancing the body’s metabolic activities, you can quickly increase your longevity. Visit ca.royalvegascasino.com for more information.

With an increase in chronic ailments, the average human lifespan has decreased. The individuals of our generation are at a higher risk of suffering from diseases at a much younger age. This very thing indicates that it is about time to change our lifestyle and opt for a routine which will enhance our lifespan and make us fit and healthy. If your aim in life is to score a healthy 100 or more, then we bring you the top 5 healthy lifestyle habits that will help increase your longevity.

1. Avoid Overeating:

Source: HealthyWomen

Limit your calorie intake. Never consume more than what you are burning daily. Otherwise, your metabolism will slow down, and as a result, you will become too prone to numerous diseases. Well, it is not possible to stop the excess calorie intake all at once. Cut down your portions slowly, or else it might backfire. You will have to deal with increased hunger and low body temperatures as a negative impact of your low-calorie intake, but with time, you will finally ace it.

2. Control your water intake:

Source: Forbes

Water, air, and food make the body grow and deteriorate. Water is life. Taking water in different ways provides benefits in all types of diseases. Ancient Indian scriptures say that water should be drunk only in brass or glass. In many diseases, doctors advise not to drink water kept in a colored bottle. So do not drink water kept in colored bottles. It spoils your health and might even cause constipation. Neither should you drink less nor excess water.

Also, the water you are drinking should be completely pure. Impure water causes liver and kidney disease. If there is a slight infection in both of the above, then it also affects the heart. About 70 percent of diseases are caused by water impurity. If you take care while drinking water, you can quickly increase your longevity.

3. Breath control:

Source: Dr. Axe

Turtles can hold their breath for quite a long time. This is also behind the extensive lifespan of whales. It is also applicable to the Peepal tree. The purification of air is essential for the longevity of life.

If there is more air pollution in your city, then you should take measures to avoid it. If you are not consuming pure air, there is no guarantee that you do not have any disease even after eating good food and exercising. Plant more trees around your house and do exercises regularly to boost your stamina. Practice holding your breath for small durations and slowly increase it as time passes.

4. Proper diet:

Source: pixabay.com

Nowadays, the trend towards fast food, junk food, and cold drink has increased. Instead of eating right, healthy, and tasty food, people are eating unhygienic food. Due to this, people are becoming victims of obesity, diabetes, constipation, body heaviness, etc. If you want a long, then start to pay attention to your diet. Healthy food not only calms hunger but also affects the body, mind, and brain.

Include these food items in your diet to boost your longevity:

  • Cardamom: As per Chinese mythology, the daily consumption of cardamom is the secret to longevity. It helps to flush out the toxins and keep the organs clean. Being rich in various essential oils, cardamom helps to flush out the toxins and regulate the sugar levels, thereby promoting longevity.
  • Cloves: They act as a fantastic anti-fungal, antibacterial, and analgesic agent. And it has incredible healing properties. Being full of manganese, cloves help manage the body’s metabolism and stabilize the nervous system.
  • Black pepper: It is one of the most common spices and has amazing hidden medicinal qualities. Being rich in minerals enhances the nutritive value of the body. Black pepper is rich in a phenolic compound called piperine known for its potent health benefits. It also helps to strengthen the strength of the digestive system of the body.
  • Honey: It is a fantastic beauty element that delays the signs of aging. It is rich in many natural minerals and various living enzymes, strengthening the immune system of the body. According to research conducted by Professor Nicolai Vasilievich, a man from Russia made it to 100 years by consuming honey freshly harvested from the honeycombs.
  • Whole Grains: Cutting out on carbohydrates is no way of staying fit. The consumption of the correct type of carbohydrate is necessarily essential. Whole grains are the healthiest form of carbohydrates and are also filled with essential nutrients.

5. Quit Smoking:

Source: Upper Hutt Health Centre

Smoking has proven links to early deaths and the development of numerous life-threatening diseases like cancer. Also, it is scientifically proven that smoking reduces lifespan by ten percent. It is said that people who quit smoking by the age of 35 live for 8.5 years more.

Whereas, people who quit smoking in their 60s live for 3.5 years more than what they were intended to while they had their smoking addiction. Hence, you need to let go of this addiction quite early if you want to live for more years. Also, it is not possible to quit smoking all at once. However, you can reduce your intake and slowly cut it from your diet.

Final Words:

Our lifespan is something which is beyond our control. However, we can try and inhibit healthy habits to improve our longevity. These habits upon being integrated together will surely make you healthy and boost your lifespan.