7 Reasons Why It Is Worth Having A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

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Weddings are considered one of the most memorable days for a couple. Having memories to cherish is something all couples love. You will remember almost all the moments of the day you get married. There are high costs involved in a wedding for a couple.

Usually, there is a lot of planning that goes into the wedding and various costs are involved as well. So, having a photo booth or not is something most people contemplate. In this article, we will look at the reasons for you to have a photo booth. This article would help you know if the photo booth would make a real difference at your wedding or not.

The Top Reasons For Having A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

We list the top reasons for having a photo booth at your wedding. This list can help you decide if the investment would be worth it. You can also figure out what ideas you can put into action by checking photo booth hire Melbourne.

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Source: hitched.co.uk

1. Entertainment

Weddings must include much more than just ceremonies and dinners. Having a photo booth would actually bring in a lot of entertainment. You would agree that every guest at your wedding would be dressed in the best possible manner.

Apart from attending the ceremony and the dinner that follows, you can include a photo booth for the entertainment value it brings. When you hire a professional company to set up a photo booth, there will be lots of add-ons that come along with it.

Placards, partial masks, funny hairdos, and different accessories can be accompanied in the photo booth. Your guests would certainly be entertained by taking pictures in the photo booth with various accessories.

2. Wedding Favours

Giving wedding favors to your guests is a tradition going on for years. A lot of money is usually spent on these things. However, not everyone gets to keep their wedding favor. Some favors do not even go beyond the reception area and are forgotten.

However, if you are giving pictures of you as a couple along with each guest as a wedding favor, they would get to keep them. Moreover, it would also be something they could cherish for a lifetime. Keeping them at home or their desk are some of the things they do.

You could also give these photos in photo frames. They can be customized to be stuck with magnets or hung on the wall. These memorable moments in a photo booth would become something they would cherish for a lifetime.

Source: hitched.co.uk

3. Amazing Pictures

The price you pay for a photo booth can come with an assistant equipped with a good camera. These cameras would be by far better than an Android phone camera or an iPhone one. They are capable of clicking high-quality pictures.

The pictures can be provided to your guests for them to keep. Modern photo booths instantaneously transfer images to your guests or share them via an online platform. Your guests can download them and keep them.

If you have enough budget, you can also hire a videographer. It would be amazing to capture the best moments in videos. Apart from these being useful for your guests, you can also keep them for the memories that you can relate to later.

4. Downtime Management

Almost all weddings have some downtime, which is frequently the period between the wedding and the reception. This time can be used meaningfully with a wedding photo booth by the guests. It helps them kill boredom when the bride and groom refresh and come to the reception.

This downtime is one of the key moments when the guests get bored. They would not have anything else to do, but listen to the music being played or dance on the floor. However, with a wedding photo booth, they would find something to do until you are back.

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5. Suitable for All Ages

Your guests will be from all age groups. A wedding photo booth can be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Even the elderly tend to have fun once in a while, and a photo booth would help them have fun.

Kids at the wedding will also use the opportunity to click pictures of themselves with their newfound friends. The occasion would really be special for almost every person on the guest list who attends your wedding ceremony.

6. Wedding Guestbook

A wedding guestbook is something that most couples do. An album of people at the wedding, along with them as a couple, is also something you can cherish. Remember, the wedding is all about you, and it would be possible for you as a couple to be in all the photos.

Making a wedding guestbook out of the pictures taken at the photo booth would be so much fun. It can last for a lifetime, and you can relive your moments over and over again by just looking at the guestbook. It is also a fun way to cut costs by using photo booth photos.

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7. Mingling Opportunity

We would have to agree that families and friends do not meet as often as they used to earlier. It is due to the busy lifestyle that we have associated ourselves with. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your family and friends to gather for your wedding.

These opportunities can be used for them to click pictures as a group. They can keep these pictures as a memory that they can cherish. You will also be able to mingle with them while taking pictures at the photo booth on your wedding day.


By looking at all the advantages that come with installing a photo booth, you would be inclined to go for it. There are a few things you might want to keep in mind when you hire a company for a photo booth. Discover out about their previous work at weddings. It would give you a fair idea of what you can expect from them in terms of quality.

Also, be clear about your requirements and ensure that you get a quote. It would assure that you do not go beyond your budget for the photo booth at your wedding. Read a few reviews about the company that you are likely to hire to understand the quality of service they can provide.