Have ANY Design Made Into Neon (Both Personal or for Business)

In all areas of life, trends make the change that remains and start growing and evolving in unpredictable directions. Fashion permeates all pores of what we call ‘aesthetics’ and makes us wish for the new and beautiful things that we can enjoy seeing around us.

The way of putting neon lighting around us or on us can cause a sense of futuristic mood and at the same time associate with partying, glamour and fun. When we think of neon signs, one of the first things that come to mind is probably Las Vegas or New York. Whether you asked yourself or not how that would look in your own living or business space, bringing the shiny mood into your home or facility can be a winning shot to your interior design and fashion touch.

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Home interior design

If you’re about to decide and introduce a shiny little item to your home, there are some things to have in mind about how to make use of them in the best way: finding the perfect spot, colors, and the basic message

The neon sign as such requires space and some spots where it can perfectly go in line with the rest of the furniture. It’s best to consider not putting it into your bedroom unless it’s intimate and at the same time a small one. The living room is where your friends can enjoy it as well and the spaciousness (which is usually present in living rooms) gives it a certain charm.

Whichever room you choose for this, it’s best to make the sign match the colors of the rest of the items there, because the shiny effect might make it look like it doesn’t belong there. It can be a shape or a simple ‘Welcome’ message or a quotation of your favorite song or poem, yet it needs to be wisely chosen, having in mind the basic feeling that it conveys to anyone seeing it.

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Business facilities design

We do recall bars and saloons where western movies come to mind along with country music when we think of the usage of neon signs for business purposes. Nowadays, it isn’t like that anymore – at least not only. You can easily imagine the modern company that wants to make its clients feel welcome and cozy by offering a unique vibe while they visit. What is significant here is that business has its own goal, mission, and values, and everything inside and outside the company should represent them.

Whether you want to use it for the kitchen, game room or meeting room, it needs to represent the interior style and the identity of the space you’re putting it in. Either way, your colleagues and all other people visiting your firm will love it if it’s used with style and matches the rest of the things that represent your brand.

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DIY neon design

If you are more of a do-it-yourself person, there’s a way to make your neon decoration with a couple of tricks and tips. The idea you have can easily turn into reality in a day or two – and to do it that way you need some materials, a good idea of what you want to make, a bit of imagination and instructions. The idea is what you need to have first – and it’s what determines the type of materials you would need and their size, shape or other specifics.

The materials you need would be: some sheets of paper and a pencil; for the frame, you need a spool of a metal wire (16-gauge), EL wire of the color you chose (5mm thick) usually 15-20 inches long, wire cutter, hot glue gun, glue stick, pair of scissors, batteries that can fit with EL wire battery pack.

When you have all of the materials, there are steps to follow in making the idea come to reality:

  1. The first step is to draw the desired shape across the sheets of paper in the size and shape it will end up eventually (if you have one big piece of paper that fits the size of your desired sign, you can use one big piece – otherwise you can merge the pieces and draw across the number of sheets you need for the full size)
  2. Once you finished drawing the exact shape you want, trace it with string and match the string with the wire in the same length with wire cutters
  3. Fold the wire in the form of your drawing for the desired result and make sure to be as precise as possible, as the result will be precisely the shape you imagined
  4. Once you finish this part, secure the neon light to the wire with a hot glue gun, by starting from the bottom of the EL wire. It’s best to start a couple of inches in from the battery to make sure it doesn’t hang off the peak
  5. Slowly progress toward the opposite end of the wire using the glue gun to seal it all firmly. If there are excessive parts of neon light at the end, you can cut it off using scissors
  6. There it goes – you have your own, custom-made design that can be positioned wherever you imagined it in the first place
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This way of simple making of the design you want, playing with colors, shapes, and art brings a new appearance to your home or workplace that you can enjoy a big time. If you still wish to preserve the spiritual and traditional and match it with a modern touch for your Yoga studio, for example, just like Neonicons offer, the mind and soul of the ancient can be reconciled with the stylish and urban of modern times. And if you wish to show off with the most popular anime or game characters for your child’s room, like Naruto or Goku, there are also various shapes your kid would love. It’s up to you to explore and chances are numerous!