Are Hand Warmers Good For Raynaud’s Disease?


No one likes to feel cold, especially that awful feeling when our hands and feet are so cold they get numb. Now, even though Raynaud’s disease is not new, it’s still relatively unknown to most people. The first thing to know about it is that there are various ways to make you feel better, but let’s first start with the symptoms and then discuss how to reduce the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease.

How to live with Raynaud’s disease?

As we have already mentioned, the symptoms of this condition are unpleasant, and it can be pretty difficult to get used to them. Many people are convinced that they are the only ones with that problem, but the truth is that this disease is not as rare as everyone thinks. Luckily, there are some tips on how to make a living with Raynaud’s disease much easier and reduce the symptoms, and we will describe further some of them in the text below:

Warming up the room


This one is probably the most basic and obvious thing, as staying for longer periods in rooms where it’s cold can only do even more harm. That is why it is of vast importance to set the temperature in our house so that you feel warm. On the other hand, we are all aware that it is impossible to spend time only in warm rooms, but when it comes to your home or office, try to keep it warm, and the symptoms will be reduced to a minimum. If you work in an office that is not warm enough, a small heating fan placed near you can be a great solution. The most important thing is to treat this disease, and the only way to do so is by doing all you can to make the room in which you stay as warm as possible.

Healthy food


Okay, a proper diet has plenty of benefits to our health, and we are what we eat, meaning that even though something is delicious if it is bad for us, there is no real reason to consume that type of food. Yes, fast food joints are everywhere, and the majority of people tend to eat there once a day due to not having enough time to cook or pick something healthy. It’s needless to say how bad this can be for our well-being in the longer run, and the same thing is with this disease. Just like with any other condition, what we eat matters, and when it comes to Raynaud’s disease, eating healthy food is always preferable. Try to create a balanced diet with a lot of vegetables and fruit, or visit a nutritionist who will help you create a menu that will fulfill all your body’s needs. It will help the blood flow, making it much easier to do the basic things with your hands and feet.

Hand warmers


Hand warmers are extremely popular among people who love to spend a lot of time outside, even during the cold weather, as their role is to keep the hands warm, but we can use them even indoors to reduce the symptoms of Raynaud’s disease. The great thing is that most hand warmers work on batteries, and newer ones are rechargeable, which means we do not need to worry about the wires. We can also use them to warm up our feet, as most of them can fit into regular shoes. It is a simple yet great product that can be of huge help with Raynaud’s disease and help you feel much better and warmer. On the plus side, there are various designs and types, meaning that you will surely find at least one that suits your needs and preferences.

The symptoms of Raynaud’s disease

An interesting fact about this disease is that it affects almost 25 percent of the population, even though the vast majority are unaware of this fact. Of course, it is because the main blame often goes to bad circulation, and many people don’t even do at least a bit of research about what it really is and how it can affect overall health. Now, needless to say how this can be bad, as not knowing what you have trouble with leads to not knowing what you can do to feel better. As for the problem with this disorder, the main one with these symptoms is that they are extremely unpleasant for the person who is dealing with them, as they affect their feet and hands, which are usually the most exposed to cold.

This disease causes the color change of fingers and toes, tingling, and loss of feeling, so the person who has it does not feel fine sensations and cannot make fine moves. Although these symptoms are normal even in people who do not deal with this condition when spending a lot of time in cold temperatures, the main difference is that these people can occur even when the temperatures are not that low in people who have a diagnosis. The good thing is that there are ways to make people with this disease feel better and that primary Raynaud’s often begins between the ages of 15 and 30.


Why does it happen?

The main culprit for these unpleasant symptoms is poor circulation, and since our fingers and toes do not get enough blood, they become cold and numb. Besides that, they usually lose color and look extremely pale, or better said, white, which can seem pretty scary when it happens for the first time. Unfortunately, it can even be painful in some cases, which is why people try to find different solutions to reduce these symptoms. Another important reason why this disease occurs is stress and anxiety, along with long exposure to cold weather. Of course, stress is the number one cause of so many illnesses, conditions, and diseases, and since people today are under so much pressure, more than ever before, it’s nothing unusual that so many people suffer from this disease.