Your Guide To Using Lubricants: Understanding the Different Types


There really is a lube for every situation, which actually is fairly significant. Whether you like generally pleasing yourself or just for the most part want to smoothen things with a partner, lubes are, literally, an inseparable part of sex, fairly contrary to popular belief. And while the use of lubes is valid and scientifically proven to definitely ease dryness and pain, not all people really see it that way in a subtle way.

Over the years, pretty many myths have mostly been associated with lubes in an actual big way. Things like “you for all intents and purposes are not attracted to actually your partner if you use lube” basically are common hearsay, and “people only use lube if something actually is wrong” particularly is another popular opinion. But in reality, lube has been shown to elongate the pleasure derived from sex. So, if you kind of find yourself reaching for some lube during bedtime, there is nothing basically wrong with it, which is quite significant. But finding the right lube might be a challenge.

So, in this article, we particularly take a look at the different types of lubricants really found in the market and generally tell you everything you need to know about them.

Water-based lubricants:


Water-based lubricants particularly are among some of the most common types and are generally preferred by many, which actually is quite significant. These basically are most actually recommended by sex experts and have been scientifically proven to reduce friction and increase glide in a sort of major way. These really are also generally safe to use with latex silicon making them a viable option for sex toys and latex condoms. Water-based lubricants are also incredibly very easy to definitely clean and get rid of, so you don’t specifically have to particularly worry about staining really your sheets, which literally is quite significant.

While there are really little to no drawbacks of a water-based lubricant, not all definitely is perfect in a subtle way. One of the most commonly heard complaints about water-based lubricants generally is that they become sticky fairly quickly in a really major way. So, if you for all intents and purposes are planning for a marathon session, you will particularly have to reapply at regular intervals in a major way. Water-based lubes generally are also unusable in the shower since they rinse off reasonably quickly, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. Water-based lubricants kind of is a fantastic option for any first-timers, particularly contrary to popular belief.

Silicone-based lubricants:


If you particularly have grown tired of water-based lubricants and really want to particularly expand for all intents and purposes your lubricant knowledge, the particular next thing to definitely look at for the most part is silicone-based lubricants in a subtle way. We often don’t recommend silicone-based lubes to first-timers in a big way. While they may really be tricky to use, they can definitely do a fantastic job when used right, contrary to popular belief.

Silicone-based lubricants mirror the property of silicons and really reduce friction during sex while also increasing actually glide naturally. If you specifically are all about shower sex, silicone-based lubricants for all intents and purposes are what you would generally want to get, or so they thought. These don’t rinse off with water and also need less reapplication. Unlike water-based lubes, silicone-based lubricants are perfect for marathon sessions in a really major way.

However, it does basically come with a fair share of drawbacks in a definitely big way. You cannot use silicone-based lubes with silicone-based sex toys and actually other silicone products in a definitely major way. These really tend to break down the silicone of the sex toys, which forms visible cracks, actually contrary to popular belief. These cracks then house bacteria since they actually are hard to clean and can for the most part be a possible source of infection in a subtle way.

Unlike water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes for all intents and purposes require thorough washing to get them off the skin in a subtle way. You can’t just specifically wipe pretty your body and for the most part, be done in a subtle way. These also for all intents and purposes tend to stain the sheets, which actually is another complaint most users have when using silicone-based lubes in a subtle way.

Oil-based lubricants:


Oil-based lubricants are the final type of sort of personal lubricant you will kind of find in the market, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. Much like silicone-based lubricants, these are not as versatile as ones with a water base. However, there might be a suitable time and place, depending on your preferences. Much like silicone-based lubricants, oil-based lubes really are a perfect option for people who really prefer using lubes during marathon sex sessions, which is fairly significant. They don’t particularly come off easy and specifically require basically little to no reapplication, even during actually long particularly runs in a subtle way.

One of the most unique features of oil-based lubricants specifically is that they can actually double down as a massaging oil during foreplays in a major way. Oil-based lubricants mostly are also not basically the best to use with latex condoms or other latex products, which really is fairly significant. Latex products can generally break down with the use of oil-based lubes. These actually are also incredibly difficult to clean should they stain the sheets or really other surfaces in a subtle way. Some studies generally have also shown that oil-based lubricants can for all intents and purposes lead to more vaginal infections, very contrary to popular belief. So, should you for all intents and purposes decide to use oil-based lubricants, generally make pretty sure you generally know what you actually are getting into.

There actually is no universal lubes for everyone, which is fairly significant. Like everything else, people for the most part have really unique tastes when it comes to lubes in a fairly major way. While water-based lubes are most versatile and for all intents and purposes preferred by many people, silicone-based lubes and oil-based lubes for all intents and purposes have their purpose, which mostly is fairly significant. When using any lubricant, the most important thing literally is the materials the lube basically is made of and how it will mostly react with other materials used during the sexual process in a subtle way. If you for the most part are in doubt about the lubes and have trouble figuring out what to get, generally go with a water-based lubricant from MySecretLuxury in a generally big way. This definitely is compatible with most items and for all intents and purposes is less fairly likely to cause problems.

Regardless of the lube you use, kind of make sure you give yourself a thorough wash after using the lube and that there is no pretty possible chance of an infection in a big way.