7 Things to Know Before Growing Your First Big Beard

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There are a lot of men who wish to grow out their beard but aren’t quite sure how to reach a nice-looking beard or how to properly foster its growth. A lot of people assume it’s just genetics, giving up on their plans of stylish beards after the first few attempts resulting in very rare facial hair. However, this can’t be farther away from the truth.

Growing a beard, especially a bigger one, requires time and care that goes beyond simply waiting it out. Just like any attempt to change our body, it requires proper treatment. In the following article, we will elaborate on the ways you can reach that great big beard for maximum style. Alongside these tips, we will provide you with some important steps to take when grooming and maintaining your beard, which is just as important as growing one.

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1. Take care of your health

Believe it or not, good health is the first step to properly growing out a beard. Not eating right can be one of the most detrimental factors to your beard growth. Make sure your meals are balanced, following the food pyramid and conforming to your needs, and that they contain some key nutrients that factor into beard growth. These include vitamins A, B, and C which play a very important role in maintaining healthy hair.

Reducing stress in your life is another very important factor as stress has adverse effects on all of our bodily processes. Stories of people losing their hair over stressful life are nothing new, same goes for facial hair. The balanced diet mentioned above can assist with stress reduction as well due to some foods containing anti-stress properties. Other factors that can help reduce stress are a consistent workout schedule, proper hydration, and proper sleep. Sleep specifically is very important, you should be getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to maintain a low-stress lifestyle and allow your beard to grow unimpeded.

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2. Know your face shape

Not everybody has the same face shape and not every face shape can accommodate the same beard properly. For example, if you have a round face you’ll look great with a short boxed beard or a goatee but won’t rock a tapered full beard as well as a square face would. It’s good to know which beard fits your face best before even starting to grow it so you can set your goals and expectations properly. Another factor in this area is the nature of your facial hair. Some people have naturally patchy beards or lack facial hair on some part of their face, such as cheeks, making some of the beards harder to grow. However, the next step may help you adjust these shortcomings and get that style you are aiming for.

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3. Give it time

This is the most boring and annoying step but also the most important one. Properly taking the time for your beard to grow can resolve the issues of patchiness or lack of growth, as that lack of growth may just be your facial hair in that area growing very slowly. By the end of the first week of growing out your beard, there should be formidable stubble forming which you can use to gauge the growth speed of your beard.

After this week you’ll have a two-week period that will shape the eventual pattern of your facial hair. In another two or four weeks you should have very prominent beard growth, although it may not be at the point of a proper full beard yet. However, you should still take proper care of it. The key point of this growth will usually set in around two months in at which point your beard should be fully formed. When you reach this step it’s useful to revisit styles you are aiming for and see if they fit into your beard pattern. An additional tip to drop in is that you shouldn’t trim or style your facial hair until you’ve crossed at least 4 weeks of beard growth, it’s important to let hairs grow out without any interruption or you may see uneven growth crop up.

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4. Trimming your beard as it grows

Of course, while you are letting the beard grow the latter weeks need to include some trimming. This is done for the sake of shaping your stylish facial hair into a proper pattern that will fit your expectations. Get proper equipment such as trimmers and scissors to make sure no odd patch of hair will impact your perfect beard form. The oddities you should look out for include checking for stray hairs, cutting off split ends, and removing damaged hairs to allow new ones to properly grow. If your goal is a fully wild and unrestrained beard then feel free to ignore this step but keep in mind that said beard should still be properly taken care of in other ways so keep reading the following tips.

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5. Find a good beard products supplier

This is a step that usually gets skipped by those who are planning to grow out their beard, instead choosing to use whatever beard products they can find in their local drug. While just about any trimmer or pair of scissors can do a decent job of trimming your beard the following two categories require a bit more scrutiny. Thankfully, there are services on offer that allow the simple purchase of high-quality beard care products and provide great deals.

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6. Grooming

This may be one of the most important steps in shaping your wild assortment of facial hairs into a properly styled beard. If you are aiming to grow a proper big beard you’ll have to groom it as you would groom long hair, often and with proper form. Grooming comes into play along with trimming, as it helps shape the beard into the desired look while it’s still growing. Skipping this step won’t only impact the style of your beard but also the comfort of it as hairs can get tangled up causing a lot of annoyance during your daily life. Get yourself a brush before starting your beard growth so you can take immediate care of it once it becomes long enough to groom.

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7. Apply beard oils and other helpful beard products

There’s a reason so many products for beards exist on the market. Our beard is under constant strain from outside factors such as heat and bad weather so it’s only logical that we should give it some proper protection. This protection forms naturally when the beard is given proper nutrients in the form of beard oil as its contents are good for the beard’s durability. These items also give it a bit more style with the slight hint of shine they offer while helping us groom it easier due to preventing it from drying out. Using beard oil in tandem with grooming will help you distribute the oil evenly, providing important nutrients to the whole beard.