How Much Does a Goldendoodle Cost

When looking for a piece of advice for getting a pet, many people will tell you that it is an expensive hobby. This is especially true for dogs. But, we have to acknowledge that different breeds come at a different cost. Of course, I am not just talking about the initial cost, but also the expensive as of owning one. These days, a lot of animal lovers are interested in getting a Goldendoodle. This is a mix between a poodle and a golden retriever. It is quite a popular breed nowadays and for a good reason.

They are very friendly, energetic, intelligent, and easily trainable, however, you are not here to talk about how great Goldendoodles are, I want to focus on exactly how much it costs to live with one.

I am going to go through several different factors that determine the initial price of the dog, but I also want to talk about the potential expenses of owning such a breed. Keep in mind, the pricing can vary by quite a lot depending on your location, but most of this information is going to be quite accurate.

What is the initial price of a goldendoodle?

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Naturally, before you can start thinking about how much money you are going to need to take care of such a pet, you will first want to know how much it is going to cost to get one.

Well, if you want a standard puppy from this breed, it is going to cost you somewhere between $2000 and $2500. The standard mail can grow summer between 60 cm to 66 cm while the female is going to be between 56 and 60 cm.

If you want something a little bit smaller or one that comes with a multicolored coat, you will be looking at the $3500 to $5500 price range. Yes, this is a very premium price, but you have to understand that the toy-size Goldendoodles will not grow more than 15 pounds.

What determines the price?


Since you are going to be paying so much money, I guess it is important to understand why it is so expensive. What determines the high price for this breed?

Well, there are several different factors that are the most important. The first and most vital factor has to be the reputation of the breeder. At least, in my personal opinion. A qualified breeder has to fulfill several different requirements and has to go through frequent testing to ensure the quality of the Goldendoodle.

So, naturally, those that offer cheaper prices may not be legitimate breeders. I would definitely avoid those cheaper options. Paying a premium now means that you are going to get a dog that is going to live a happy and a fulfilled life.

The next thing that is going to have a huge impact on the size is the color of the coat. Most Goldendoodles have that golden color which is the most common one. But, if you want something a little bit more different, something that is rare, you are going to have to pay the premium price. If you want a multicolored, black, white, tuxedo, you will be probably be paying a few thousand dollars extra. Right now, the most popular premium colors are black, cream, Parti, Sable, Merle, Grey, and a few others as suggested by

Like I mentioned previously, the size of the breed is also a giant factor when it comes to cost. The smaller you go, the more expensive it is going to get. The largest option, or more specifically, the standard one is the most affordable. If you want the teacup or the toy size, you may have to pay above $5000. That is a $3000 difference. Whether that is worth it, it is up for you to decide.

Grooming costs

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If you have decided that you are going to get one, it is time to start thinking about the potential expenses in the future.

One of the more expensive things that you should expect any of the grooming. Since this is a mix with a poodle, you are going to be spending around $500 every year for that since the coat of a poodle requires a lot of attention. Although, it is going to depend on the type of coat. Some will require less bathing but expect a realistic yearly expense of about $500.


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Naturally, your new puppy is going to be eating a lot. However, since you are getting such a special breed, it is important to get premium food. So, if you expected $200-$300 per year for food, it is not really realistic. You will need to invest a little bit more in the food to ensure that your pup is getting the right nutrition.

A more realistic cost is somewhere around $700 every year. This will ensure that your dog’s coat will stay healthy and luscious throughout the years. High-quality food is also essential for the health of the teeth and eyes.

Veterinary costs

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In the beginning, while your dog is still a small puppy, you are going to be doing a lot of veterinary visits. This is normal because the pup needs to get all the required vaccines and regular checkups are also needed.

The first year is going to be the most expensive because it will need the most vaccines. Expect a cost of around $800. The next few years are going to be a bit cheaper, averaging around $300. However, it is vital to be ready for any possible health problems in the future. Don’s not perfect, they can get sick just like we do. This could lead to additional costs and even very expensive surgeries. Those surgeries can cost up to thousands of dollars.

As you can see, a Goldendoodle is quite an expensive breed, especially if you go for a smaller size. A premium price of $5000 is definitely a lot. However, the expenses in the future are not abnormal at all. They have the same needs and requirements as any other dog breed.