6 Reasons To Gift A Handmade Painting as Home Décor

Home décor items aren’t just random pieces of décor that are put together for prettying up your place.

They are an ensemble of things that makes your space feel like you.

Odds are that you have taken time to personalize your space, be it with a colorful vase or a painting of your family that not only brightens up your day but also brings you happiness.

Having a space that makes you feel like you belong — is a blessing, it makes you want to share this experience with everyone in your life.

And what better way to start their journey but with a handmade painting made from their cherished memories.

Wondering what kind of memory? Well, the kind that can brighten up their day just like those little things in your home makes you feel.

“You may have lost things, persons in your life. But you can capture them in your memories forever.”

And with PortraitFlip we bring those memories alive with our painting for you to relive them again and again

Paintings are powerful. In fact, art in essence is emotion-provoking. Unique and grounding to anyone and everyone in sight.

Buying art as a gift evokes a sense of appreciation that cannot be garnered with a generic store-bought gift.

Gifting a handmade painting can be both exciting and a bit of a challenge.

Everyone has a different style and preference but if you are willing to take a little extra time out to consider what memory your loved ones would savor on the walls of their home, this gift could just be one of their most treasured items in their house.

Unlike any other gift, this will bring colors and character into their space and add an accent to their existing home décor.

Here are 6 reasons to give a handmade painting as home décor.

1. Paintings are tangible

You may wonder, why not get a photo or digital print and frame it? Isn’t that the same?

No, never was, never will be.

A handmade painting on any surface has luscious texture and variations that give it touchable quality.

It has a human value that enhances the charm and gives the place a cozy feel that cannot be replicated especially by factory-made products.

A handmade painting brings it the trait of being irreplaceable and unique.

2. It’s an uncommon gift

“I believe that without memories there is no life and that our memories should be of happy times.”

What are the chances of getting a handmade portrait that is made and customized to your liking?

It is very unlikely that they might have received a painting before.

Your custom painting has the potential to be set apart from all the gifts they receive and be remembered forever.

A unique gift that can never be replaced by anyone.

Source: trendgallery.art

3. Everlasting and timeless

Unlike any other present, A painting lasts forever.

We often find ourselves losing interest in a present within a few weeks or the gift perishes with time.

But a painting will always be there, bringing their memories to life for them to relish it with a bitter-sweet feeling.

The vivid and heartwarming feeling that one gets from a painting is unmatchable.

Source: alibaba.com

4. A focal point of the décor

A well-made painting will command the attention of the room and its people.

A painting breaks the rigidness of the room by adding elegance to the room.

With the grace and coziness of the painting, it manages to bring familiarity to a place.

No matter what the painting holds, it is the nature of art to bring the attention of the admirer.

Although, it isn’t necessary for the painting to be the focal point in the décor.

It all really comes down to the size and placements of the painting.

So, be conscious of their space when gifting a painting.

Source: Medium.com

5. A conversation starter

A painting will be responsible for a lot of stories and laughter with family and friends alike.

A conversation starter will not only look good but also let you retell stories and reminisce the memories.

A painting will act as an ice breaker amongst your guests and will be an interesting place to start conversations.

The nature of the painting will reflect on the mood of the people in the room.

Source: alibaba.com

6. Painting is not limited to any age or gender

A gift, so versatile that it will be well received by anyone regardless of their gender or age.

Portraits are a boundless gift that one can hardly go wrong with.

Painting can be regarded as the gift that would make a great fit for all kinds of people— a truly universal gift.

It’s a perfect fit for any and every occasion, be it Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or no just as an appreciation gift

Art has a way to connect with an individual, to convey emotions without words.

It can tell a thousand stories with just a glance, immersing the beholder in its beauty.

We paint portraits as a keepsake for our precious memories, for us to glorify long-gone days.

With this gift you allow your giftee to immerse himself in the beauty of art.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”   – Thomas Merton

I know getting a painting made for someone can be overwhelming, but take time to decide what kind of emotion you want the person to feel when they see your painting?

So, what are you waiting for?

Go find your favorite photo that needs to be turned into a masterpiece.

But finding just one photo can be a problem – but in my opinion, having too many memories is a great problem to have.