Is It Easy to Get a TN Visa? – 2024 Guide


Immigrating to the “land of opportunities” is not far off if you are a citizen of Canada or Mexico and want to immigrate to the US to work. A TN visa is a unique non-immigrant classification in the United States of America that allows Mexican or Canadian nationals to work in the country through an expedited work authorization.

But you might wonder how challenging it is to secure the visa and get a hold of all the opportunities you have been missing until now. While it is not challenging to get a TN visa if you enlist the help of professionals, you must keep the following counsel in mind if you are planning to immigrate to the US to work.

1. Ensure that you are apprised of the incumbent rules and regulations


Immigrating, especially to the US, can be a tricky business. As a result, apprising yourself of all the rules and regulations is necessary before you dip your feet into the deeper end of the pool. One of the most rookie mistakes that individuals make while applying for the visa is taking a look at old visa materials or soliciting advice from a person who immigrated decades ago.

Times change, and with it governments, and we are all well aware of how the immigration landscape is affected by each president and the policies they bring to the table. Being unaware of the new rules and regulations can keep your application grinding into the mix while you miss out on a world you deserve.

As a result, relying on professionals to help with your TN visa application is always the most prudent choice when it comes to immigrating to the US. Therefore, contact Tnvisaexpert if you want to immigrate from Canada or Mexico to the US and want experts assisting you with your application and walking you through the details of the process.

2. Verify that you meet the minimum requirements of the visa


You might wonder who would qualify for a TN Visa? Therefore, here are some minimum requirements that must be met by every candidate who applies for one.

  • They must be a Mexican or Canadian national looking to work in the US.
  • The candidate must have a position on the TN visa professions list.
  • They must be employed in a position in the US that necessitates a NAFTA professional.
  • Applying candidates must have a sponsoring company where they can work full-time or part-time.
  • Candidates must also have the necessary educational qualifications and certifications as prescribed by the Immigration office of the United States.

In addition to fulfilling the minimum requirements, you must also meet any other criteria slated by the US Immigration Office if you want to work in the country through a TN visa.

3. Provide all the necessary documents as prescribed by the US Immigration Office


Providing the necessary documents is a method of verifying whatever you are stating is true. Therefore, you must have all the associated documents legitimizing the above requirements. For instance, you must have a birth certificate corroborating the fact that you are a Canadian or Mexican citizen or a domiciliary certificate that states you are a national. You must also obtain all the prescribed educational documents that the office requires and submit them within time. Obtaining a visa requires rigorous efforts on the part of the candidate, and you must be available with all the legal documents that the office requires, or they won’t grant you the TN visa.

4. Ensure that you are applying for a profession listed under USMCA or NAFTA

Only select individuals from particular professions can secure a TN visa. Therefore, ensure that the profession you are applying the visa for is listed under USMCA or NAFTA. The immigration authorities will reject your application if you apply for any other profession outside the list. Do your research before filling out the application form and carefully choose the vocation you would like to pursue in order to be eligible for the visa.

5. Application Interview


Once you have applied for the visa, you will get called for an interview in your respective country’s embassy. However, prepare for the interview as thoroughly as you can to increase your chances of securing the TN visa. You must also take all the necessary documentation along with you to the interview. Candidates will have to pay an application fee of USD160, and you might also need to pay for the issuance of the visa at the time. The embassy will review all the documents and ask you questions about your employment and stay in the country. Try to answer them with promptness and let the authorities know that you are in it for the long haul.

6. The authorities will determine the duration of your stay in the country

Although the rule says that you can stay in the US for three years, it will depend on the immigration authorities on whether they would like to extend your welcome in the country. It is also determined based on the period your employment will last.

7. Yes, you can get your TN visa renewed


Once applied and stayed in the country for the initial term, TN visa holders can get their visas renewed. You can either reapply for the visa based on whatever information you have gathered until now, or you can get your original visa extended. Regardless of the path you choose, you will need a professional at your helm to guide you through the process and help you jump through any loopholes, provided you come across any.


Now that you know everything there is to obtain a TN visa make sure that you collect all the required documents before you make your journey to the embassy within the country. A more reliable option that can better your chances of obtaining a TN visa is enlisting the help of professionals since they mostly know what they are doing. Immigrating to another country is challenging. However, the visa process wouldn’t be once you have done your research and know your way around loopholes.