Get More Clients – a Marketing Guide for Realtors

There are five marketing ideas in the Real Estate industry that you might not have ever done or never heard of. These 6 ideas have helped hundreds of realtors and you can be another success story. You can make your business get off the ground with these ideas, and your clients will be very happy to do business with you.

Idea #1: Send Weekly Emails

Source: Marketing Land

The first advertising thought for you as a realtor that you should start doing is simply sending weekly emails. Send the emails around an equivalent time of the week to your database for as long as you’re in business. This can be the core foundation that’ll keep business together. It can keep you relevant with everybody in the Real Estate business.

This is a simple way to remind them that they can contact you about anything relating to the terms of Real Estate. You can go over the top property listings and make sure that everything is good to go.

According to sending these weekly emails will grow deeper relationships for you without you needing to put in the extra work of getting back to every one of these individuals. When it’s reliable, it shows how trustworthy, persevering, proficient, and knowledgeable you are.

That’s what clients want to see.

Idea #2: Facebook Live

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The second showcasing thought is something that almost everyone uses, which is Facebook live. The average number of Facebook Live videos that are used by Realtors is three or four times per month. It gives huge exposure.

When you go on Facebook Live and create a quick, little video. Your video can just be expressing gratitude towards everybody for the help, showing love, and how much you care about everybody. Also, you can do a cash or prize giveaway.

For instance, most people giveaway gift cards to their favorite stores and restaurants. You can challenge your viewers by saying things like, “To win, you should simply leave a response, leave a “like”, and offer this video post to others.”

Using Facebook Live with your business or personal page is a great way to reach out to all of your clients and potential new clients. Have the mindset to help them in finding the right value on a property and reminding them that they don’t need to go through the process alone. Don’t forget your live video should be on all of your Facebook pages, so that way your friends and family can see what you have been up to lately.

You’re going to boost the excitement from all those clients on that list from your database and your custom audience. Every time somebody shares the video; the perspectives start moving increasingly elevated to the point where you’ll be receiving thousands of likes, comments, and shares.

If you need to make the most of your Facebook live videos, then make sure that you mention your name, your company, your phone number and any other necessary information in the description section of your post. Feel free to mention the winner of the giveaway as well.

Idea #3: Custom Facebook Audience

Source: AdShark Marketing

The next advertising thought for your Real Estate business that you should start doing is taking your whole email database of the entirety of your customers, all your recent clients, internet leads, and any other remaining listings that you have and make a custom Facebook crowd.

What Custom Facebook Audience does is it creates a dedicated crowd that you can name. It very well may be customers from your current Facebook audience. At the point when you run Facebook advertisements, you can run promotions directly to those customers and your ad budget will be going just to those individuals in their Facebook channels.

That ‘s huge on the grounds that you realize that each dollar you place on Facebook promoting will go directly to individuals that definitely know you or have known about you or in your database. You’ve probably already sent them emails in the past relating to your Real Estate, but there hasn’t been much attention.

Creating this kind of audience is enormous on the grounds that it assembles brand acknowledgment. They see your email and they’ll eventually recognize you on Facebook. In the event that they’re not checking into their email, but they’re getting on their Facebook account, they’ll immediately notice that you’re on Facebook as well. This is a great possibility where most of you are losing profits in Real Estate because your Real Estate business is not being seen on Facebook.

Idea #4: Instagram Stories Advertising

Source: SocialPilot

The fourth marketing idea is simply operating ads in Instagram stories. This idea is really huge right now, and it’s going to continue growing. People are really into watching different stories.

There are over 800 million users on Instagram and 300 million of them are viewing the narratives. It’s growing to the point where there’s some undervalued consideration in light of the fact that Instagram is as yet giving it a shot. This is a brand-new platform in the market. When new features and platforms are starting out, the advertisements are created by users to promote their business.

That’s when you truly need to exploit creating these Instagram stories and ads. Don’t let the beginner’s stage be the reason why you don’t take advantage because you can potentially miss out on helping people find decent property value on a house. You can make those narratives in the Facebook Advertising Platform.

Idea #5: Connect Your Instagram & Facebook Together

Source: Barrk Marketing

The fifth and final Real Estate promoting thought that you most likely never knew about is combining your Facebook Real Estate Business Account with your Instagram account. This thought is one of the most common ways that Realtors promote their business. If you’re not finding interest in using your personal Instagram profile, then feel free to make a second Instagram page that’s only for your business towards Real Estate. Once you change your Instagram status into a business account, interface it to your Facebook Real Estate business account.

This works great because, at the point when you’re operating those Facebook advertisements to your custom crowd, who are now your customers, you can, at the same time, run those equivalent promotions on Instagram to similar individuals.

This is astonishing on the grounds that now in the event that somebody, whose one of your clients, checks into their email messages, then that’s good. However, there’s a greater chance that they won’t check their email and they’re online with Facebook. That means that they’ll see you there too. Let’s say they don’t check their email message and they’re not online with Facebook. But they’re online with Instagram, they’ll eventually find you on that social media platform. In the event that they open their messages on Facebook and on Instagram, they’ll find you on both platforms, which means double the views.

You can make a big impact on this because as you run the Facebook promotions towards your Instagram account each day, you’ll have something sent to your clients relating to your Real Estate business.

Keep in mind that your emails and ads don’t always have to be about Real Estate. You want to build a great relationship with your clients. You can talk about a highly recommended restaurant or what event/party to go to.

Idea #6: Direct Mail Marketing

Source: customers now marketing

Wait! I know I might have lost you, an old traditional marketing tactic among all of this digital marketing? Absolutely. What could be more impactful than a postcard that offers a free instant home valuation on their home? There is one company that does offer this,, and it tends to be right almost right on the money. You will also get their real email if they try to redeem it as a lead. Also with direct mail marketing you are very targeted in who sees your brand, which is a great way to dominate a subdivision.


As a realtor, you have to be presentable as much as possible. What’s amazing about today’s generation is that we don’t have to be in-person with the client all the time. Plus, you don’t knock on every door just to get your business off the ground. With today’s technology and social media platforms, we can connect with others without hassle or distraction. It’s great to connect with others who have the same interest as you do except you might need to guide them through the process. Be noticeable, be consistent, and always satisfy your clients.