Realistic Ways to Get the Money for Your Startup


If you have an excellent idea for a startup, you might be eager to begin working toward your goal. However, funding your dream may be difficult. While you may feel you have an excellent idea, you just might not have the cash to get there, especially if you had hoped to quit your current job to pursue your dream. It is not always easy to find investors, but there are a few realistic ways to get the money you need.

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Bootstrapping: Using Your Own Cash

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to use their own money to get started, and that is called bootstrapping. You could use the funds from credit cards, savings account, and even a second mortgage on your home. Of course, if your company does not work out, you may end up owing a lot of money since it was borrowed in your name. You’ll want to look for ways of getting the necessary funds that do not require going into debt. One way of doing that is by selling your life insurance policy. It only takes seconds to estimate its cash value from this site here in order to help with your decision.

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Borrowing What You Need

One of the more common ways of funding a business is by borrowing from family or friends. It might be hard to get an investor to help you out, but your family and friends might be more likely to believe in you. They can help fund the startup, and it is often easier to get them to help out than get a loan from a bank. However, you will still want to get some legal advice if you are borrowing from your family and friends. That is especially true if you are taking a significant amount of money as a loan. Remember, borrowing cash might strain your relationship, so have clear expectations about when the money will be paid back and what you will do if the company fails. Take caution when going this route.

You can also get out a loan from a bank to get the needed money. Banks are often careful when it comes to lending to small organizations, so it might be hard to qualify for a loan. But some lending companies specifically give loans to these businesses. But do your research and be careful since some of the companies are predatory. You should understand how you are getting the cash from and the expectations before you sign anything.

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Look for Free Money

Sometimes you can get grants from various organizations. You might qualify for one designed for minorities, women, veterans, or other groups of people. You can get more information from the local Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Administration chapter. Try to apply for as many as you can to increase your potential chances of getting something. Just check that you will not need to pay the cash back or agree to specific conditions later on. Some grants come with stipulations, while others simply allow you to keep the everything.

You could also consider entering contests in your area. You might not make it onto any TV shows, but many Small Business Administration chapters offer competitions in local areas. These have a regional focus, and they may require that you run your company in a specific area before entering. They are often not as competitive as larger contests. You can use these contests to practice giving your pitch to various investors. You likely won’t lose anything for entering since there is often no entry fee. And even if you do not win, some contests might make people more aware of your company. Of course, there are still some downsides. The main one is that even if you put a lot of time into your presentation and business plan, you might not win anything. That is sometimes you could have put toward growing your company and attracting new customers.

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Don’t Quit Your Current Job Yet

No one likes to hear this suggestion, but you might just have to keep working and begin your startup as a side business. You could miss unique opportunities when you choose to focus on your current job and only keep your startup on the side. And you may find you do not have enough hours in the week to juggle all your responsibilities.

By keeping your current job, you’ll have the money to start the company and still be able to pay your bills. You’ll end up working long weeks, but a strong business requires hard work. Take a bit of time to get things off the ground and build your company on a solid foundation. Keeping your current job lets you pay your living expenses. You will not need to compromise as much while building your company, letting you stay truer to your original dream. And your day job might be a great learning experience as well since you’ll likely pick up skills that help run the business later on.

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Other Ways of Funding Things

You could look into a business accelerator or incubator. They have become more common around the country, especially in areas that have colleges with great business programs. You can use the spaces as mentorship development centers and workspaces. Startups often find the support they need to get started and can partner with great mentorships. Just keep in mind that they usually focus on tech companies, so it might be challenging to find the right one for you if you are in another industry.

Crowdfunding is another option for startups that have unique or fun ideas. You can use a crowdfunding website to get the money you need. Just know that many other companies are also competing for crowdfunding, so it might be hard to find enough people willing to invest in your company. You need to get a lot of people excited about what you have to offer so you can get them to back you. It is easy to invest a lot of time and energy into this and find yourself burned out before you even really started.