Everything You Have to Know About Germany Nightlife

Germany is one of the most stable and highest-growing economies and Europe, and many people from the other countries often migrate there for work or studies. At the same time, all the citizens and visitors can enjoy the incredible nightlife in almost every city. Sadly, this year most of the main events are canceled, including the popular festival of the beer, Oktoberfest. This event shows the basic idea for the party of the Germans. They enjoy drinking craft beer, eat pretzels and sausages, and listen to traditional music. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the popular parties in Germany are already canceled or rescheduled for 2024.

Knowing that it’s a country where a lot of different cultures meet, it’s understandable that almost every city offers different kinds of parties. For example, Berlin is the center of the clubs and parties, and the most popular club is named Berghain. When Germans are not partying, they spend a lot of time in pubs, singing traditional songs. People there really love their original music, and you can rarely listen to what’s commercial around the world.

So, if you need to move to Germany for studies or work, or you want to spend your post-pandemic vacation there, you need to know a few basic things for the nightlife there, such as:

1. Techno scene is very rich

Source: Time Magazine

As we already said, Berlin’s club Berghain is the center of the techno scene. Before the pandemic, it was working until the early morning. It’s located in Friedrichshain, in a historic and monumental building. It was nominated for a Club of the Year in 2017, and everyone who is into this type of party should visit it at least once in their life. Usually, it opens after midnight, and the culmination of the party comes at 4 in the morning. It’s popular because of its kinky nature, and sometimes the visitors are choosing escort ladies to join them, while they party, using websites like citytourgirls.com – and you don’t need to worry, it’s an everyday practice there and nothing unusual when it comes to the night parties.

Also, there are a lot more clubs like this one around Berlin, for example, Tresor in Kreuzberg, then Farbfernseher, Watergate, and SO36, and so on. In Friedrichshain, besides Berghain, you can have a good party at Kater Blau and Suicide Circus.

2. Exceptional bars and pubs

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If you aren’t into parties, that doesn’t mean that Germany is not for you. You can skip the disco scene and visit some calm bars and pubs, or smaller clubs with fewer visitors and more acceptable volume of the music for your ears. For example, in Berlin and around, there are hundreds of chilled bars like Kastanienallee, Kulturbrauerei, and Prater Garten. You can drink coffee, beer, or cocktails. We can recommend you to try their traditional beers, and choose craft beer, instead of bottled.

3. Unlimited quantities of beer and sausages

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As we already said, Germans and everyone who lives in Germany, drink a lot of beer. The best food that goes nice with it is the sausages and pretzels. Also, the different cultures are bringing their traditional food there, and after the party, you can enjoy very delicious street food, or visit some to-go restaurant, to take a hot-dog or a portion of sausages. Many of them will drink another beer before they go to sleep. Also, some of the eating places are combined with parties and fun. We can recommend you to visit Weserstrasse, Klunkerkranich, Templehof, and Griessmuehle.

4. Oktoberfest

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Oktoberfest is the most popular beer festival in the world and it usually starts at the very end of September and lasts 18 days. The main event is held in Munich, but other German cities are holding similar music and food events. During this festival, people there, and tourists and visitors, drink tons of beer and eat huge amounts of traditional food. Now, in 2024, the event is canceled due to coronavirus, but it’s expected that in 2024 there will be no virus who will stop the people visit this so much popular festival in Europe.

Germany in a time of COVID-19

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This country was highly attacked by the virus earlier this year, with a lot of active cases and deaths. At the moment this article was written, Germany was counting more than 290,000 total cases since the beginning, and more than 9,590 deaths due to complication, followed by the coronavirus infection.

Knowing that public events are putting the people at huge risk of getting infected, and clubs also can be a huge factor in that, all of the parties and activities we mentioned in this article are stopped. In the beginning, it was at high risk, but never as it was Italy. The fatality rate was big, but never too fatal as it was in Italy and Spain. Also, the German government issued strict rules about how the citizens should behave, so they can protect each other from fast-spreading, and taking care of the health system, so it can handle all the patients that need medical help.

Major events are banned by law, by now, until the situation is more stable. Their authorities hope that by the end of October, there will be better conditions for restarting the regular work times, school schedules, and take little steps to bring back the rich party life at the nights.

We highly recommend you be respectful of the rules and measures in your country. That’s the only way to stay protected and lower the chance of getting infected with the coronavirus. Some people are trying to over smart the governments, and they fake allowances to travel, but that’s a huge risk for everyone. Germany will still be at its place in Europe in the years that come, and we will be able to visit it again and have the time of our lives there. Until then, you can go to the store, buy a nice German beer, and prepare sausages, and enjoy the taste at your home.