Gastric Sleeve Turkey: Treatment Costs


As the increasing of the popularity of medical tourism, it is now possible to have a nice holiday and also get rid of the obesity condition at the same time.

Though it sounds very unbelievable at first, gastric sleeve Turkey treatments provide patients with very nice opportunities for an affordable and enjoyable holiday.

As the obesity condition is very prevalent and the conditions of the modern world also provoke obesity to become even a bigger problem, number of those who would like to take action to solve this problem is increasing around the world; however, today it can be challenging to find a treatment option that is both affordable and medically advanced.

Gastric sleeve Turkey is one of the most commonly preferred options for its effective outcomes that can successfully and permanently treat morbid obesity conditions. Turkey’s advantage on this effective obesity treatment is the high expertise level for the treatments and the extremely low prices.

Dental Implant Turkey with Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Being two of the most commonly opted and searched treatments of medical tourism due to the highly effective and satisfactory results, Dental Implant Turkey and Gastric Sleeve Turkey procedures are very commonly questioned by the patients.

Both procedures require talent and experience of the specialist; with a carefully planned medical journey, dental implant and gastric sleeve procedures can be combined together and be performed with only one journey.

In case patients desire to combine these two operations together, the first step should be the medical consultation for the both treatments; after the suitability of the patient is approved, the organization of the medical journey can be made accordingly in the most suitable way.

The important point about having these two operations together is to consult both the dentist and the bariatric surgeon together; specialists can make the most convenient planning for the treatment journey.

In Clinic Mono, international patients can arrange their dental implant Turkey and gastric sleeve Turkey treatments by making only one trip providing that they their specialists approve their suitability for the treatments. During both treatments, Clinic Mono provides patients with the highest quality facilities and medical services for them to achieve the best results and have a very nice treatment experience in Turkey.

Dental Implant Turkey Prices


Dental implant Turkey prices are surely the most affordable prices for this treatment all around the world; the reasons for these advantageous rates in Turkey can be counted as the low cost of daily life, low cost of medical expenses and equipment and the currency differences.

Dental Implant Turkey prices are not the only factor that makes patients to choose this treatment in Turkey; also the materials used for this treatment, the expertise level of the dentists around Turkey, the all-inclusive price rates that cover all important details of the treatment journey are very effective for patients to prefer Turkey for their dental implant Turkey treatments.

Clinic Mono’s dental implant Turkey procedure starts with an online consultation for international patients; these dental consultations are conducted with the photos of the dental structure of the patients taken from each angle to show all the details of their teeth. Addition to that patients explain their expectations and needs for an accurate dental implant Turkey treatment planning. This process makes the rest of the journey much more well-organized and convenient for both patients and the dentist.

Hair Transplant Turkey Prices

Along with gastric sleeve and dental implant treatments, also hair transplants are very high in demand in Turkey; hair transplant procedures are performed by the most successful specialist in Turkey by employing the latest hair transplant techniques for the most accurate and individualized results.

Clinic Mono is providing patients with successful hair transplant procedures and receives a high number of patients from abroad every year; hair transplant Turkey starts with an online consultation during which the specific hair loss condition of the patient is assessed by the hair transplant specialist and the proper number of grafts, the hair line shape and the density is discussed and thus a suitable hair transplant Turkey treatment plan is created for the specific condition of the patients.

While it is very common to set hair transplant Turkey prices according to the number of the graft that the treatment plan of the patients involved, in Clinic Mono, patients are provided with the maximum number of grafts for their hair transplants to achieve the most desired and successful results with the lowest price rate.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Costs


Those who are ready for a life changing experience with advanced gastric sleeve Turkey surgeries, are commonly wondering about the gastric sleeve Turkey costs.

Turkey offers the gastric sleeve Turkey cost with the lowest rates and the high quality facilities that offer an experience like a lovely holiday.

The weather is lovely in Turkey for all seasons; since the country is very popular for tourism activities, when patients visit the country for medical purposes, they can also enjoy their time a lot. As also the daily life is very affordable around the country, it is hard to differentiate gastric sleeve Turkey from a nice holiday trip in Turkey.

What Makes Gastric Sleeve Turkey Popular?


While there are many different reasons why gastric sleeve Turkey is so popular for the international patients, the biggest reason is undoubtedly the most successful medical results for the cheapest prices. Gastric sleeve is a very effective weight loss treatment when it is performed by talented and experienced bariatric surgeons; a successful gastric sleeve operation can make patients lose all of their excess weight and get rid of the obesity condition completely. It is not only effective on the obesity condition itself but also very effective for the related medical conditions like diabetes, heart problems, breathing problems, high blood pressure and many more. With the significant decrease on their weight, patients’ general health condition improves greatly and they feel much more energetic.

If you are interested in gastric sleeve Turkey, dental implant Turkey or hair transplant Turkey procedures and would like to have a very special treatment experience, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Clinic Mono.