6 Garden Design Ideas for Your New House – 2024 Guide

Understandably for many of us, our gardens are the best part of our entire home. As we grow older and become less enthusiastic about spending all of our time outside with our friends or going places, we can become a lot more enthusiastic about tending to our gardens and creating our own slice of paradise. No matter how big or small your garden is, you can always modify and cultivate a verdant and beautiful garden. A truly beautiful garden can bring about a sense of complete meditation and relaxation, and create a sanctuary in our homes, a sanctuary that meets all of our specifications and matches what we consider to be heaven.

Whether you create a home for wildlife or turn your garden into a Zen monastery, there are loads of ways to make your garden look unique, beautiful, and most of all, relaxing. Whether you live in a new house, or your old one, by following this guide and its recommendations and suggestions, you can turn your arid, barren garden, into a verdant meadow flush with wildflowers, butterflies, and songbirds dancing between branches. A garden can be a great place to spend a hot summer’s eve with your family, have a barbecue, or just make memories, so here you are!

1. Create Hedge Sculptures

Source: Time Out

More and more in recent years, people have started designing and creating their own hedge sculptures for their gardens. Once upon a time, this was something you would only find in stately homes and the manors of aristocracy; alas, no more. If you click here, you will know why many people have started erecting huge hedges in their gardens and the professionals who have been able to help mold and shape people’s hedges with the best cutters on the market, so people can create their dream sculptures. Whether you want to create the Leaning Tower of Pisa in your garden or wish to create a Roman statue, there is no limit with the right tools!

It can be difficult for some people, however, to create the sculptures to their specifications so often it is left best to the professionals so that you do not damage your garden or ruin your hedge growth. It can be tempting to hack at it on your own, but it is not recommended in case you ruin your hedge and are unable to grow anything else or design anything else there. Other than just a regular hedge fence, you can opt for Thuja Green Giant, which is great for securing your privacy, so check this out in case you need more information.

2. Install a Swimming Pool

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Many homeowners across the world in recent years have savvied up to the idea of installing a swimming pool or jacuzzi in their back gardens. These two can be great additions and create loads of fun opportunities and hours spent on your children. It can be in a new area, for your children to make friends, especially if most of the houses do not have swimming pools. It can be a great way to spend an idle afternoon; the entire family can come over; you can have barbecues and poolside parties. They can be great!

Jacuzzis can also be a great addition. What better way to spend an evening after a long day at work than relaxing in the comfort of your own hot tub, right? A hot tub can be installed very inexpensively, for only a few thousand dollars, and can be a source of great pleasure for all of your family. Be sure to only purchase a Jacuzzi from a licensed vendor, as there are many sharks selling faulty goods on the market, and being duped into a scam is never fun for anybody and can cause significant anxiety and financial disaster.

3. Create a Zen Reflection Zone

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To create a Zen reflection zone the requirements are very small. All you need to do is to create a small cove in your garden; inside it lays your own pebbles, a water feature, some benches, and install a wind chime. Whenever you feel sad or depressed, go and sit in your Zen reflection zone; reflect on its beauty, its completeness, and how it makes you feel, and you will soon return from your melancholy pervaded by overwhelming happiness and a feeling of excited contentment. Be sure to try it out, it is a proven way to make the most of your garden!

4. Plant Lots of Flowers

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Perhaps the most defining feature of what we consider to be a beautiful garden is an abundance of flowers and plants. A garden should be flush with flowers; whether rose or jasmine, Sharon or lavender, you should have an overabundance of them. Some people prefer a more woodland feel and overplant to create a wild, jungle look, but even if you dislike this and prefer a more minimalistic approach be sure to plant enough flowers to make your garden look and smell divine, added gardentoolbox.co.uk. Often that is all it takes to create a beautiful zone of reflection.

5. Plant a Tree

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If you have moved into a home and will be staying there for many years to come, perhaps you should consider planting a tree. A tree, whether bramble or oak, will grow and fruit as you too grow old. And, in your declining years, you will be able to look upon the tree and remember how in your youth you planted it and helped it to grow.

6. Consider Erecting a Shed, or Football Posts

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If you have a young family, many hours of joy can be spent playing and messing around in the garden. You can erect a shed to create a cool zone for your son or daughter to hang out or even a treehouse! Every child at some point dreams of having their own treehouse, so it is a great way to show your child you care by putting one up for them.

Failing that, consider investing in some football posts. Football posts can deliver your child hours and hours of fun, kicking their ball into the net and yelling goals, waking up all of the neighbors! Jokes aside, a football post can be great for a young boy to play with his friends, make new friends, and cultivate his skills at football.

Whichever way you decide to decorate your garden if you intend on employing private contractors to do it for you, be sure to do thorough research and never employ cowboy builders. They can ruin your garden, leave it half-finished, or just run off with your money.

Only ever part with your money to contractors of good repute once the job is finished. Undertaking a garden renovation yourself perhaps is the safest way and can be completed largely inexpensively and quite quickly, you would be surprised to find out.