10 Games In The App Store To Get Your Brain Working Hard

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There’s an app for everything these days isn’t there? And in a world where we’re all a little more concerned about our mental health, it’s good to keep our cognitive functions ticking over.

The App Store can more than help with this, with a range of games specifically designed to aid your brain, as well as others that have proven to get you thinking for generations, adapted to our handheld devices.

But what are the best apps to download and get you thinking?

1. Elevate

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Elevate is a popular brain training app that offers a wide range of mini-games designed to enhance various cognitive skills. From reading comprehension and maths to memory and attention training, Elevate provides daily workouts tailored to your individual needs. The app’s sleek design and comprehensive progress tracking make it an excellent choice for those looking to challenge their cognitive abilities while keeping track of their improvement over time.

2. Casino Games

We’re bucketing in a group of games and apps here as there are simply so many of them. Most top online casino apps have a wealth of games that require strategy, skill and a lot of thought.

Of course, they do also require gambling, so if that’s not your bag then these apps may not be for you. However, there are also many casinos that offer free play too, meaning you don’t have to pay a penny and can still get the same cognitive benefits.

3. Lumosity

Lumosity is another well-known app that offers a diverse set of brain-training games. With over 50 engaging activities, Lumosity targets key cognitive areas such as memory, attention, flexibility, and problem-solving. The app employs scientifically developed games to provide a challenging and enjoyable experience. Lumosity also offers personalised training programs and detailed performance metrics to track your progress as you sharpen your cognitive skills.

4. Sudoku

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Sudoku, a classic puzzle game, has become a popular choice for those seeking to exercise their logic and critical thinking abilities. The App Store offers numerous Sudoku apps with varying levels of difficulty, catering to both beginners and seasoned players. With its simple rules and addictive nature, Sudoku provides an excellent mental workout that challenges your problem-solving skills and concentration.

5. QuizUp

QuizUp is a trivia game that puts your knowledge and quick thinking to the test. With thousands of topics to choose from, ranging from history and science to pop culture and sports, QuizUp offers a vast array of challenges. Engage in head-to-head matches against friends or compete with players from around the world to see who can answer questions the fastest and accumulate the highest score. QuizUp is an exciting way to broaden your knowledge base while stimulating your cognitive abilities.

6. Peak

We’re going brain training again and Peak is as comprehensive as it gets, offering a range of stimulating games designed to enhance various cognitive skills. From memory and attention to problem-solving and language abilities, Peak provides a personalized training program tailored to your specific needs. The app features engaging games like Word Fresh, where you need to create as many words as possible from a given set of letters, and Memory Matrix, which tests your recall abilities by challenging you to remember and reproduce patterns.

Alongside Lumosity, Peak is certainly one of the market leaders and well worth downloading, with a range of free games as well as in-app purchases.

7. Monument Valley

Source: polygon.com

Monument Valley is a visually captivating puzzle game that not only delights the senses but also exercises your spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. The game presents intricate architectural landscapes with optical illusions and mind-bending puzzles. As you navigate the character through the mesmerizing levels, you must think creatively, manipulate perspectives, and overcome obstacles by finding hidden paths.

Monument Valley’s enchanting visuals combined with its challenging puzzles make it a perfect choice for a brain-stimulating gaming experience, and what’s more popular with people of all ages. We’re almost a decade into the game’s release and it’s a game that continues to stand the test of time and be a huge hit.

8. The Room

If you enjoy solving intricate puzzles and mysteries, The Room is the game for you. In this atmospheric and immersive game, you are presented with a series of intricately designed boxes, each containing hidden mechanisms and secrets waiting to be unraveled. The Room tests your observation skills, logical thinking, and problem-solving abilities as you decipher cryptic clues and unlock the mysteries within. With its stunning graphics and captivating storyline, The Room is a captivating brain-teaser that will keep you engaged for hours.

It’s a game that can be played for both short and long sessions, and many people enjoy a quick blast first thing in the morning to get their brain ticking.

9. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a strategic puzzle game that challenges your organizational and planning skills. As the city’s transportation planner, your task is to design an efficient subway network to connect various stations. You must allocate limited resources, manage growing demands, and optimize your network to keep the city running smoothly. Mini Metro requires you to think critically, make quick decisions, and adapt to changing circumstances.

It’s a minimalist style game, but one that requires plenty of thought and is much more unique than many of the brain training apps, that aren’t exactly for everyone. If you’re looking for creativity and strategy, this is the game for you.

10. Prune

Source: cnet.com

Prune is a unique and relaxing game that combines aesthetics with problem-solving. In this meditative experience, you are tasked with nurturing and shaping a tree to help it grow and reach sunlight. By strategically pruning branches and guiding its growth, you must overcome obstacles and create a beautifully sculpted tree. Prune encourages players to think spatially, plan ahead, and exercise patience as they navigate through increasingly challenging levels.

It comes with a soothing soundtrack and after a long day, it’s a great way to destress yet still keep your brain ticking over or to gently ease into a day first thing.