10 Common Gambling Superstitions from Around the World

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One of the most growing industries in the world is the gambling industry. Gambling revenue in 2019. reached 43.6 billion dollars, solely in the USA. Very popular, nowadays, is placing a bet online, where you can relax in your armchair and click as long as you want, and you can’t even see money going away. It is not strange that this kind of gambling became so popular, and just in the last year, the value of online gambling was at 53.7 billion dollars. For those not that familiar with the sport and casino online betting, or for those who want to find out more, ufabet168 is the place where you can find everything you need to know.

You can not speak about casinos or gambling, and not mention all kinds of lucky beauties, jinxes, and superstitions that surround them. In the text below, we picked some of the most interesting ones for you to enjoy.

1. Horseshoe – It is one of the oldest lucky charms there is. Horseshoe is considered fortunate for more than ten centuries, and the common belief is that it can turn away evil spirits. Even in these modern ages, from time to time, you can see some passionate gambler who believes in his horseshoe to win him money. If you are superstitious enough to use it, get the “U” letter shaped horseshoe, so it contains luck.

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2. People often carry a rabbit’s lucky foot as a lucky charm, and many people in casinos all over the world are holding it tight, so they can take just a little bit of its luck. Just enough to make big bucks. Belief in this lucky charm is mostly used in North America, but there are other places in the world where you can see people having and believing in them. And today, they can even be bought in the shops near casinos, where these rabbit feet are sold as keychains so you can put them in the pocket.

3. Blowing the dice can be one of the easiest ways to approach a woman in a casino, and it is also one of the most common superstitions. Gamblers want to absorb some of the pretty lady’s luck to throw the best possible number on dice and win some cash. Also, when you win some money with this lucky charm, you must be a gentleman and buy that special lady a drink. But if blowing the dice doesn’t help, you must change something. Maybe the table, or perhaps the lady.

4. Rubbing money through hair – Have you heard about rubbing money through your hair? This kind of superstition is popular in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, and it is associated with hair longitude. When you win some amount of money, it is custom to take the money and use it like a comb, so you have as much money in the future as you have hair.

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5. Red color – In China, red is the color of luck, so you should not be surprised that no matter if you go to a classic casino, or visit the online one, the theme is going to be red. Also, it is good luck to wear red socks, shoes, and even underwear when you go to the casino in China. This belief is pretty old but still works. If you are going to some celebration, it is always good to give money in the red envelope to your host, and he will consider that as your kind gesture, and a sign of good luck and fortune.

6. In India, luck has something to do with hygiene. There are three things not to do in India, and those are: never shave on Tuesdays, do not wash your hair on Thursdays, and don’t under any circumstance shorten your nails on Tuesdays or Saturdays. If you do any of those things, you are calling for a bit of bad luck. So, if you ever go into casinos in India, prepare yourself for these rules and obey them, even though it can get a bit smelly.

7. Four-leaf clovers – Probably the most familiar lucky charm in history is associated with Ireland, leprechauns, and St. Patrick, but accepted all around the Globe. For anyone who even slightly believes in luck and some magic powers, the four-leaf clover is a must-have for a wallet or pocket. It represents luck since the 17th century. Although there are clovers with even more than four leaves, only the four-leaf clover is classed as lucky because every leaf has its meaning, and the definition of the fourth leaf is luck. Interestingly, the meaning of the fifth leaf is money, so don’t get surprised if you see more five-leaf clovers in the future.

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8. Lucky number seven – Probably the most beloved number everywhere is considered lucky in many cultures. Throughout history, so many great things had seven representations. There were seven wonders of the ancient World, seven heavens in the Koran, and seven days of the week from the Bible. Number seven is a lucky number for almost all cultures on Earth. With young people, number seven is often associated with football players who wear it on their jerseys, like Raul or Cristiano Ronaldo, so there are many new fans of this number.

9. Fifty dollar bill – If you ever get a job in a casino in the United States, never try to pay someone’s winnings with a fifty dollars bill. American gamblers hate that piece of paper with number 50 and the 18th US president Ulysses Grant on it. Of course, this has nothing to do with him, and the story behind this is from the 20th century. In the early 20th century, when the mafia was on its prime mobsters when they killed someone, they used to place fifty dollars bills into pockets of assassinated persons. Since that time, this bill is called “frog” and brings bad luck to the person who owns it, the same as it brought it to the dead people killed by mobsters.

10. Itchy Palm – Avoid casinos and even online casinos when your right palm is itchy. This superstition mostly believed in the Balkans tells that you will be giving money with your right hand if your palm is itchy, but there is a cure for this. Itchy right palm should be rubbed to a wooden surface, and all the bad luck will cross to that wood. Simple as that. On the other hand, if your left palm is itchy, run to the casino as fast as you can because this means that you will be receiving some money.

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Those are only the most common superstitions around the world. Almost everyone has something in their life that they believe brings them luck, and we all know someone, or that someone might be even ourselves, whose superstition may look silly, but what if it’s not just a superstition. What if it is real? Don’t worry, it is normal, and it is always good to believe in something, especially if that brings you luck.