What Are The Fullerene Applications In The Dietary And Medical Field?

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Fullerene or popularly known as C60 is carbon compound with many uses. You might have heard about it in different scientific fields. The element is a crucial part in making of semiconductors. Also, it has unlimited applications in areas requiring neutralization.

However, since its discovery, it has become an essential component in the biomedical field. The product is part of vital supplements in the market today. You will likely consume it for dietary or medical purposes as ESS60. Maybe you only know it for this application. But fullerene has many uses in the medical and dietary field.

Definition of Fullerene

Fullerenes are a group of carbon molecules that formed after the 1986 Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to chemist Richard Smalley and two other scientists. These molecules resemble soccer balls, with a number of carbon atoms connected in symmetrical, hexagonal latticeworks. Fullerene molecules can come in several forms, including spherical structures known as C60 or “buckyballs” and cylindrical structures known as carbon nanotubes.

Development of antioxidants

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Inflammation and oxidation are common reactions in the human body. These chemical process has hurtful impacts on the human body. They can damage cells and tissues while speeding up the aging processes. Fullerene works as a perfect option for reducing the effects of oxidation in your body. The element reacts with a wide range of radical molecules and neutralize them.

In essence, it is dubbed the radical sponge due to its antioxidant capabilities. It hinders the reactive oxygen species from damaging your cells. This means that your cells will remain active and functional. Hence, fullerene is a crucial element for development of antioxidants.

Used in antiviral medicine

Viral infections are no longer a myth. Virus are a major cause of modern diseases. In particular, HIV/AIDS is one of the renowned viral infections. To inhibit the spread of these infections, one requires to take some antiviral drugs.

Fullerene stands out as one of the powerful antiviral agents. The component works perfectly in suppressing HIV replication. It delays the transformation of this virus into AIDS through inhibiting the HIV protease. Also, it prevents the spread of hepatitis C virus. These aspects makes fullerene a good idea for making antiviral medicines.

Inorganic carrier for gene and drug delivery

Another application of fullerene is in the delivery of hydrophobic drugs. They are essential carriers that ensure slow release of the said drugs. Importantly, fullerene is useful in gene delivery.

It offer high protection of the DNA derivatives than traditional options. The best thing about this compound is its ease of diffusing into your skin. Despite this, they retain their biological activity make them a good choice for drug and gene delivery.

Longevity booster

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The desire of every human is to live forever. Everyone want to clock a hundred years without losing their youthfulness. Unfortunately, aging is a natural process that no one can stop. You will grow old despite the food and supplements you are using. However, you can slow the aging process.

Fullerene is a potent antiaging element. Through reducing oxidation stress and inflammation, it saves your tissues and cells from damages. You will not develop wrinkles and dull face easily. The element will help you remain young and sassy.

Used as antibacterial

Bacteria are the next leading cause of diseases in humans. When unwell, a doctor will rule out you either have a viral or a bacterial infection. Fullerene acts as a perfect treatment for these infections. The elements takes action when introduce in bacteria. It reacts through rupturing the bacteria’s cell membrane. The element volume is large making I hard to fit in the bacterial flat cell surface.

In addition, fullerene reacts with oxygen. Their reaction leads to the production of hydrogen peroxide. The solution block the bacteria respiratory chain. This way, the bacteria start to diminish.

Drug release control

Some drugs require to get to your body at limited quantities. Trying to achieve this object can be is a challenging affair. The discovery of fullerene is changing the situation. This compound is a perfect option for drug release control. Its multifunctional capabilities make them a perfect drug absorbent. This helps in the formation of nanometric scale.

For instance, this compound is useful in cancer drug administration. Fullerene ply a central role in slowing and prolonging the release of drugs into the body tissues. Hence, it is a powerful element for people using drugs that require controlled releasing.

Essential in photodynamic therapy

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Are you planning to undergo a photodynamic procedures? These therapy involves the use of non-toxic light and sensitive compound. When you expose it to sun light, it turns into toxic.

Fullerenes is one of such elements which react positively when passed through a radiation. The compound is a good electrons acceptor. Also, it forms a string bond with DNA and proteins. For this reason, it is applicable in the development of anticancer therapies. Hence, it is a powerful compound for the photodynamic therapy.

What are the challenges?

Producing fullerenes consistently poses a key challenge, as their carbon composition can make them form uneven shapes. This can lead to dimensions that are hard to control, creating difficulties for manufacturers to meet the regulations set by local governments, which often vary from country to country. To ensure consistent production throughout all stages–from raw material storage to the final destination of the finished product–manufacturers need to monitor every step carefully. Whether it is used directly or taken as a capsule supplement by end users and consumers, fullerenes must abide by FDA approved guidelines before being put into use.

In a word

Fullerene has unlimited medical uses. It ability to interact and merge with different elements make it a good choice for different uses. The compound has an influence on every aspect of medical field. So, you know understand how use C60 is in the 21st century.