Flying Business Class with a Child – 2024 Guide

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Are you planning on a long-haul flight with your kid? Traveling with kids has always been challenging. Be well-prepared for this day, especially if you have a baby who is only one month old. Flying in business or first class means pleasant travel. You will enjoy the entire time because of being provided with everything you need on a plane, such as enough legroom, large storage space, delicious meals, and more.

If you have never traveled first or business class, it may be the right time to do that with young children. You need to know what to expect when flying in business class with your kid. So, is it OK to fly first class with a baby? You will find helpful information on that in this article.

The Initial Information on Business Class

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Having a baby should not become an obstacle for visiting your family in a different corner of the world or going on a great vacation to a nice resort across the ocean. Flying with your kid for the first time may be stressful. Eventually, you do not know how your baby will behave.

Premium-class cabins, dedicated services, a great selection of meals and drinks, and more incentives will help you to make it through.

Reasons to Book a Business Class Flight

If you are not sure if a flying business class with your young children is what you need, check out the reasons to do that:

1. Lots of Space

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More space is what passengers of economy class dream about. The number of business class passengers can be six times lower than in economy class.

Sitting behind the curtain separating the two worlds, economy class passengers struggle to survive during long journeys. Forget about being in the middle of the noise and putting up with uncomfortable economy class seats.

2. Greater Comfort

Fly business class if comfort matters to you. Many people fly business class not only because they can afford that, but because they need that.
Getting a comfortable seat and great conditions may be essential for health. You can find a comfortable seat at
On top of that, you will be traveling with fewer passengers. This is particularly important for parents with noisy kids.

3. Special Crew Attention

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Can you travel business class with a baby without asking for assistance, especially if you travel without your partner? When sitting in a business class cabin, you can count on dedicated services from the crew. Of course, it is much easier to serve 30 passengers instead of 200. You never know what emergency may happen, and if you need some assistance, you will get it quickly.

4. Greater Luggage Allowance

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When traveling with kids, you need to take lots of stuff with you. You can pay an economy class ticket and then pay for extra weight. But by spending some more money, you will get all the perks available for those flying in business or first class, including a greater luggage allowance.

5. Access to a Comfortable Lounge

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The struggle of economy class passengers with even well-behaved kids begins on the ground. At the very beginning of your trip, you will feel tired. Comfortable lounges will surely improve your mood. You will relax while having tasty meals and drinks with your kids.

6. Quick Boarding

When flying with kids, it is better to be the first to board. Well, you can wait until the very last minute, but lots of people would agree that boarding with kids without waiting is surely an advantage.

7. Great Food

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Whatever happens during your flight, you and your kids will relax enjoying quality meals. Your son or daughter may have various sweets, and you will also get amazing dishes and drinks.

So, is a business class worth traveling? We have listed enough reasons to conclude that great comfort is worth paying extra money. Just don’t forget about the comfort of other passengers who have bought business class tickets for another reason (need to work during the flight). They will be grateful if your child will be well behaved. Be prepared to give your babies all attention they need to minimize discomfort for others.

How to Purchase Business Class Flight Cheaply

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Expensive business class tickets are the only real reason why people do not buy them. Flying in business or first class can drain the budgets of many families. However, the chances to book business/first class flight cheaply today are much greater than a few decades ago.

Many airlines have to compete with each other. They design promotional programs, allowing people to enjoy an affordable luxurious trip. Get a better price by collecting points and miles. For instance, you can opt for a Business Extra Card to benefit from discounts on flights via American Airlines. The price of tickets also depends on the time of the year. On the Internet, you can find plenty of posts with tips and tricks on how to save money and travel in comfort.

Do babies fly free in business class? They do if they are under 2 years old. So, if you travel with an infant or a 2-year old toddler, you will pay nothing. Note, however, that in the cabin, you will need to keep your kid on your seat, which may be inconvenient for sleep. To save money, some couples book one ticket in the economy and another ticket in business class. But remember: you can’t just swap the child between you. It is usually impossible due to the extra oxygen mask issue. Contact your airlines in advance and ask if it is allowed.
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