What Does Your Favorite Flower Say About Your Personality?

Many people would take on gardening or decorating their gardens and home with beautiful flowers as a hobby. Many people have the understanding that flowers look amazing and provide their homes and gardens with a cool and rustic feel. This assumption is true but doesn’t help in digging deep into the meaning of having flowers in the first place. So, you have flowers because you like them and want to be surrounded by them at times as a hobby, but what good they ever provide you with? Why have you never tried to understand the attacked history with a specific flower and most importantly what does your favorite flower depicts about your personality?

These are all the questions that should be answered and this article can be a source of doing it for you. Many people carry on loving or decorating their homes with flowers without first knowing what do they symbolize? Following is a list of what does having a specific flower means and what they say about your personality;

1. Roses

Many people starting out in the flowering business start out with the roses first because if it isn’t the roses which they are going to pick first then what should they. Roses can mean different things and relate different things with your personality based on the color that you like them in or based on their intricate types. Red roses often symbolize that the person has a great aptitude for love and desire and pink roses mean grace, gentleness, and happiness like traits associated with the person.

White roses often mean that the person is the innocent and neutral type and likes silence and being alone the best. Yellow roses are the state mark for friendship, jolly mood and behavior, and an urge to start something new with a bright and open mind. Orange roses are for desire and enthusiasm while the coral roses are for a modest and empathetic personality. Lavender roses entail that the person often has love at first sight with many splendid things that they come by.

On the whole roses provide a fragrant and enchanting overall appearance of the person using them, it also entails that you are a person of taste and this trend which you have instated with the use of roses is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon.

2. Tulips

Tulips are often considered a flower that has a hard time being nurtured as gardened produce by people and is bought from the cutflower website to be used by the people who love it. But as a matter of fact, they can be easily taken up as a hobby and grow lusciously in a garden. Tulips often come around the concept of being accepted as perfect or true love and of course the fame. Red tulips are associated with the declaration of love while the yellow ones associate the person being jolly and always smiling with a beautiful honey-like sweet smile. Purple tulips are associated with the person being royal while the white ones are associated with being neutral, forgiving easily, and treading on with the future despite the heaviness of the past.

Tulips are considered as the national flower for many countries many such include Kyrgyzstan. On the whole Tulips advertise you as a brave and confident person who relatively has plenty of moods and changes things a lot based on their current energy and mood. Despite the fact, you change your living style a lot but it still remains rustic, bent on being coordinated and cool as always.

3. Daisies

The description of the term “Daisies” can perplex you a little because this word originates from the old English and literally means the eye of the day. Daisies on the whole represent a mix of things while the most general being hope, innocence, and depicting pure intentions. Gerbera Daisies are one of the distinct types that come in bright and cheerful colors and simply mean that the person themselves are joyous, have a light mood, and are cheerful to the extreme.

On the whole daisies depict that you are a strong person with a rigid moral code and probably you are an optimist who is always positive about a particular outcome. It also suggests that you are a morning person who doesn’t like anything as their first-morning chore expect to grab a cup of coffee or tea and start hustling with the many tasks they have to take care of in a single day.

4. Lilacs

Lilacs, on the whole, symbolizes youth and the innocence that accompanies it but they can mean different things based on the type of the Lilac a person uses or the specific color which they like. Purple lilacs mean class and innocence as well as first love but the white ones only represent being a humble and polite person. On a general note having attached with lilacs mean that you are a nostalgic person who would cling to the bittersweet memories of the past and can’t simply let go of an event for the sakes that it should only be cherished momentarily and then forgotten completely. You like antique shops, watching old TV shows and movies, and wrapping your life around enjoying various things that are vintage.

5. Daffodils

Daffodils can be considered as the most optimum choice as a flower person and the often encircle the person being optimistic, filled with energy, and driving towards someone with a welcoming smile to make them their friends. On a general understanding the Daffodils represent friendship, these don’t represent any particular states but are the national flowers of Wales.

Conveniently these flowers indicate that you put your family and friends above every other thing and loves to host various cheerful occasions and it is always a party at your house.

These were different types of flowers depicting various different things but at the same time encouraging a steady and consistent growth within you as a flower lover and all the journey that still remains to be accomplished by you.