Flexible Robot Arm – All You Need to Know About the UR5e 

The future of industrialization points towards the use of robots. This is why universal Robots is dedicated to producing highly versatile robots that can be used to automate various production areas of your company. The UR5e, in particular, is specially built to help expand the capability options of your business to enable you to always stay ahead of your competitors. This cobot is very easy for anyone to program without the need of having prior knowledge of programming. Most tasks that normally take manual labor 2-3 days to fulfill, can be completed in just four hours with the UR5e.

The UR5e is the latest version of the original UR5. Besides these two types of cobots having similar specifications, the UR5e is more advanced, and it comes with an additional Force Torque Sensor in its Axis 6. With this robot, you will also get an excellent HMI with a high-resolution capacitive touchscreen. If you want to find out more about the advanced navigation and programming capabilities, we recommend you check universal-robots.com. There you will manage to check everything relevant about that great feature.

This cobot’s medium size makes it easier to work alongside its operator. With minimized set-up time and easier installation, you can rest assured that it can be operated by anyone within the company. Its end of arm tooling options means that the robot is flexible to handle a wide range of manufacturing tasks that will go a long way in ensuring that you reduce the extra costs that are associated with hiring manual labor to carry out some of the tasks.

Source: MSI TEC

UR5e Specifications

  • Robot mass – 18.40 kg
  • Payload – 5 kg
  • Axes – 6
  • Mounting – Inverted, floor, angle, table
  • Structure –  articulated

UR5e Controller

This robot comes with a Universal Robots control Box that measures 475mm x 423mm x 268mm. This controller is packed with a power supply of 24V 2A I/O. Its IP classification is IP20, and the rating of its Class Cleanroom is 6. The UR5e controller contains a teach pendant with a 4.5-meter cable.

Various Robotic Applications in The Modern Industry

The best thing about the UR5e robot is the fact that it can be deployed in a wide range of applications in various industries. The following are some of the UR5e applications for different industries.

Collaborative Robot

Source: Quality Magazine

This means that this robot is capable of working alongside humans in an uncaged environment to ensure that tasks are effectively completed within the shortest times possible. The robot is also very safe, and there is no risk of damages or injuries whenever it is deployed alongside humans.

It has the ability to detect any unusual force that is applied to its joints while it’s in motion. Another reason why it is the perfect robot to work alongside humans is the fact that it is programmed to immediately stop its operations whenever it comes in contact with a human.

Packaging Robot

Source: Geospatial World

The flexibility and easy integration of these robots make them the perfect robots for packaging. Some of the benefits that come with packaging robots include a reduction in the cost of labor, lifting large packages, and reducing part package time.

Assembly Robot

Source: Assembly Magazine

These are robots that are deployed in lean industrial processes, and they are used to expand production capabilities in various industries.

4 Benefits of UR5e

After specifications and types of robotic applications in the modern world, we should pay attention to the benefits of UR5e. In that way, you will understand why they are essential for the future of the planet Earth.

Before everything, we need to highlight easy programming as the key benefit. Programming has become one of the most essential skills that people need to possess today. However, not all of them have enough time and will to learn it. Thanks to this technology, programming is going to be unnecessary. It allows people to set up the cobots without spending time on difficult programming tasks. They will manage to do that together with 3D visualization as well as intuitive. The only thing they need to do is to move the arm to the desired waypoint. Of course, another option is to use the touchscreen tablet and touch the arrow keys.

Another advantage we need to highlight is flexible deployment. Universal Robots and dedicated robots may look the same at first glance. However, the difference between them exists. When we talk about Universal Robots, their features are more matchable with the needs of people. For instance, they are easy to re-deploy, lightweight, and space-saving. Despite that, using this type of robot for the new processes is easy. It allows people to automate every possible task they had to complete manually. You can imagine how good that can be for businesses. It will automatically improve their effectiveness and productivity and allow them to achieve more for the same period.

Finally, people should know that UR5e is safe and collaborative. It is hard to find a person that likes to work in a dirty and dull environment. It often happens that people suffer an injury after completing those tasks. Fortunately for them, these robots will replace human operations in completing the tasks of that type. These robots come with the so-called TUV certification that confirms their safety. That is the permission you should look for when looking for these robots.

Source: Universal Robots


It is evident that if you want to gain an upper hand in terms of staying competitive in the modern industry, you will need to deploy robots at some point in your business. This will help you reduce the time taken to complete different tasks, and also ensure that safety measures are always observed during any stage of the manufacturing process.

The UR5e is one of the best robots you can deploy in your company to ensure that you reap some of the benefits that come with the use of robots. It is also easy to install and program and you do not have to worry about the need of hiring a professional programmer to operate it.