Practical Tips to Find the Best Two Piece Swimsuits


As the summertime arrives, it signals that there will be lots of trips to the swimming pools and beach to beat the heat. Thus, shopping for swimsuits becomes important to go for a swim or on beach vacations. It is particularly difficult for women since they have to get swimsuits that are trendy and help them look best when they hit the shore. As we see, we can find two piece swimsuits in high demand.

Two piece swimsuits are welcomed by the fashion world across the globe with great enthusiasm. Of course, we can all Hollywood models and actresses clad in their one piece or two piece swimsuits. Thus, when it comes to choosing swimsuits, two piece swimsuits seem to be the winner.

Regardless of your shape or breast size, a two piece swimsuit is always a great option! There is no question that two-piece swimsuits highlight a woman’s curves in the best way. However, you need to make your choice very carefully. Let’s see how you can pick the best two piece swimsuits according to your body type.

For Larger-Chested Women


If you are a woman with large breasts, it might be a bit tough to find the best swimsuit that can fit you properly. You will need to spend some time locating the most appropriate one. It is a common belief that two piece swimsuits don’t suit large-breasted women. Well, it is a false belief. You can choose a two pieces swimsuit with wide straps that provide you with enough support to your breasts. Thus, straps, similar to those seen in undergarments, provide the necessary support. Also, you can get a strapless swimming suit. A tankini is also a great choice. If you have a tiny waist, you can get a specific bra size instead of a generic one to ensure that it fits properly. For enough support and lift, choose a top with an underwire.

For Ladies with Petite Busts

Choosing the right swimsuit for your body when your breast size is small may be more challenging. It is important to understand that having small breasts may be an asset—in comparison to having large breasts, i.e., two piece swimsuits are certain to satisfy you. The padded triangle is a timeless classic for emphasizing small breasts. To add size to your top body area, choose a swimsuit top with fringe or flounces. Also, triangle, tie-front, and halter necklines provide the illusion of larger breasts.

For Women Who Are Tall &Thin


If you are petite and tall, you can put on almost any swimsuit! Two piece swimsuits enhance your contours. You shouldn’t be afraid to choose pattern swimwear. Not only will you seem more energized, but you will also get attention and praise. Additionally, you can utilize your creativity to mix and match tops and bottoms in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. Choose a triangle swimwear if you have thin hips. Two-piece swimsuits with a high waist are also a must-have in your collection. Though all colors suit you, it would be ideal if you matched it with your skin tone.

For Plus-Size Women

The ideal swimsuit should instill confidence in you when you’re on the beach or a pool. We understand how difficult it is to choose two piece swimsuit for plus-size women. The most popular design for plus-size is the tankini. Tankinis allow you to mix and match your tops and bottoms. Two piece tummy control can also help you to accentuate your physique.

Now, you can see that there are different options available for women with different body types. You will find a number of brands when you shop for swimsuits. Of course, it will be a bit tough to decide the best brand. Just like body type, you need to consider your own requirements, preference, and budget, and it will turn out to be much easier to select a good two piece swimsuit for yourself. To help you make this decision with ease, we have listed a few major swimsuit brands.



Speedo is on top of the list of the best two piece swimsuits. They use top-class material to make swimwear that is durable and can resist the sun as well as chlorine.


It was launched in 2017 as a direct-to-consumer swimsuit brand. The brand is focused on eco-minded and daring people. They offer an extensive range of styles, sizes, colors, and designs. You can also find maternityswimsuits.


They offer bikini tops in three different styles, i.e., square neck, string tie, and triangle. Thus, you can pair them with any bottoms. Their swimsuits give you a sleek look with comfort. They also come with removable pads.


The brand is famous for a stylish and expansive lineup of multipurpose swim separates. In fact, they initiated the concept of mix-and-match swimsuits. The variety is just endless. The quality of the fabric is durable.

Left On Friday


It is a brand located in Vancouver. They give priority to comfortable fits. You will find their tops and bottoms cut from compressive fabric, meaning that the fabric gives a contouring effect.


This brand makes swimwear using smart fabrics like breathable crepe jersey. They make spectacular swimsuits with a classy feel that actually translates beyond the pool too.


They work with laser focus regarding quality and fit and offer an extensive range of swimsuits that are stylish. Thus, you can find one piece and twopieceswimsuits in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.



This brand is willed with swimsuit options. You can find florals, tie-dye, vibrant solids, neutral basics, and whatnot in their collection.

Among other brands that you can consider are included the following:

  • Hatch
  • Nike
  • Kona Sol
  • TYR
  • Andrea Iyamah
  • Arena
  • Louisa Ballou
  • Adidas

The ideal swimsuit for your body type is one that helps you feel comfortable in your own skin. Simply adhere to the recommendations above to discover the best two piece swimsuits and enjoy your summertime with great zeal and fun. If you would like to see more options along with detailed and unbiased reviews, please pay a visit to YourSwimLog.