Fast Transfer solution: Discover Zapya Replacement Today


Zapya is a leading file transfer application; however, day by day, its performance is showing lags. As technology evolves, people prefer to use the innovative data transfer tool. Luckily, we got the perfect Zapya replacement tool for you. This context will discuss Wondershare MobileTrans, which is known to be the optimized alternative of Zapya.

For your ease, we will introduce the procedure of data transferring with Zapya and MobileTrans. Thus, stay connected to find out more about the best Android to Android transfer app.

Part 1: How to Use Zapya to Transfer Data from Android to Android

With Zapya, you can transfer files from one device to another with and without the internet. You can also transfer data from Android to iPhone and iPhone to Android with Zapya. Moreover, you can create a personalized group in Zapya and let others join. It also provides a QR code to connect to other devices easily.

Zapya also can share a bulk of files and multiple large files at once. By u

sing the built-in installation of all features of this app, you can also download all apps at once. One of the most used things in Zapya is its Phone Replication. Through this, you can back up and transfer all content at once. With the instructions listed here, you can perform Android-to-Android data transfer with Zapya:

Step 1: Initially, download Zapya on your Android and launch it. Select a connection method from the “Transfer File” icon from the bottom center of the screen. You can connect to another device via “Shake to Connect,” “QR Code Sharing,” and other features.

Step 2: Grand permissions to Zapya, and once the connection is established, select the data you wish to transfer and tap the “Send” button. Wait a few moments, and once the data is transferred, recheck it to avoid irritable scenarios.

Part 2: The Blazing Fast and Features-Packed Android Data Transfer App

You must be curious to learn about the tool that can cross the functionality of Zapya. The innovative Android-to-Android data transfer app with industrial-driven performance is Wondershare MobileTrans. Whether switching phones or transferring data, this Android data transfer tool can help you with everything. Moreover, you can even make cross-platform data transfer with this.

Secondly, Wondershare MobileTrans supports diversified file formats, saving you from limitations. It can transfer photos, videos, contacts, messages, and many things at once. You can also back up anything you like with the help of this data transfer tool. Moreover, you can also select the customized data to transfer.

Key Features of Wondershare MobileTrans

  • MobileTrans allows you to one-click backup data from your iOS or Android device directly to your PC or Mac computer. You can even selectively back up various data types from an Android or iOS device such as call logs, photos, videos, apps, and messages as many times as you want if there is sufficient space on your PC.
  • The reinforcement interaction is like the WhatsApp information reinforcement and reestablishes guide you have shared previously. The product offers you the adaptability to pick what sort of information from your telephone you might want to back up or reestablish. To guarantee there’s no information overwriting during the reinforcement cycle, the apparatus naturally makes separate records.
  • With this app to transfer data from Android to Android, you can restore the deleted WhatsApp with just a few taps. It also lets you recover iTunes data in Android.
  • It helps you to transfer the app data with ease. With this tool, you can transfer Kik, Viber, WeChat, LINE, and other data.
  • Wondershare MobileTrans supports more than 6000 devices running on the Android operating system, which gives you diversity in data transferring.

How to Transfer Data from Android to Android with MobileTrans

Here are the steps through which you can transfer your cherished data from Android to Android without any problem:

Step 1: Open Wondershare MobileTrans to Begin Transfer
Open Wondershare MobileTrans to Begin Transfer

When you open the Wondershare MobileTrans application on your computer, continue to select the “Phone Transfer” category from the available options on the home screen. Move forward by choosing the “Phone to Phone” tool from the displayed options.

Step 2: Ensure both Phones are Connected to the Computer

Make sure to connect both of your phones to the computer by using the data cables. After the devices are successfully connected, press “Flip” to adjust the “Source” and “Destination.”

Step 3: Begin Selecting Files for Transfer

Continue to select the file content that you need to transfer. For this purpose, tick the respective checkbox of individual file content. If you want to select the entire content list, press the “Select content to copy” checkbox. Once file selection is completed, press the “Start” button. The data transfer process will begin and therefore wait for some time.


This is a marvelous document move programming. An ideal answer for individuals needs to hold their fundamental information while changing to another gadget. The product works with speedy, safe, and bothers free exchange between iOS gadgets, Android gadgets, Android and iOS gadgets, or the other way around.

In a nutshell, you can transfer data from Android to Android with Zapya. Yet, sometimes, you need to use one of the innovative devices, and here Wondershare MobileTrans can help you. This app to transfer data from Android to Android has intuitive features and tech-savvy algorithms to make your work easier. However, the procedure of data transferring with both Zapya and MobileTrans is discussed above for your ease.