3 Good Reasons to Purchase Fast Flowering Cannabis Seeds

The year 2023 brought a lot of unpredictable twists and turns. Many things are accepted and merged into today’s society, although they were forbidden even to discuss 30 years ago. Talking about marijuana is still taboo today. However, it is gaining popularity, and its consummation is becoming legal in an increasing number of countries. It was thought to be “evil” in 1931, and it was banned in the United States and alcohol, but it has been illegal under federal Law since 1937.

However, in the last ten years, individuals have begun to reconsider their views on this plant. Recreational users commonly inhale marijuana, but there are other less common consumption methods, such as eating gummy bears, cookies, and, of course, utilizing oils and lotions. Not only that, but you may also locate numerous types of seeds if you want to plant something.

If you’ve heard of fast-flowering seeds before, we’d like to discuss some of the benefits you can obtain from them today. Are you ready to listen to our justifications?

1. Time economy

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How quickly does marijuana grow? Most species require 20 hours of light each day if they are kept inside, and they are ready to harvest in around 10-11 weeks. Feminized ones take about 14 weeks to complete the process, although auto-flower breeds are prepared to harvest in just eight weeks.

One of the strongest selling factors for anyone who wants to grow weed at home is the speed with which the plant develops, as they will most likely expect to harvest it as soon as feasible. Commercial manufacturers, for example, are particularly concerned with harvesting speed since they frequently face tight deadlines to complete the crop cycle. On the other hand, slow flowering seeds are designed for farmers who prioritize high-quality, above-average yields.

If you want to start growing your plants but are impatient with the results, these seeds are a great option. After flowering for a maximum of 8,5 weeks (or roughly 60 days), the product is ready to be plucked and dried. Some varieties require only 6-7 weeks of flowering before they are prepared to harvest.

However, there is a difference between feminized and regular versions — not only biology but also in price. Before you begin growing, we recommend conducting a thorough study on the subject, as online stores are generally approachable and ready to collaborate. Some of them provide cannabis seeds for medical crises, which is a viable choice for caregivers or medical patients who have exhausted their herbal medical supplies.


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Despite the problems associated with these fast-flowering berries, some of them are extremely high THC seeds that are only available at i49. Here are five distinct breeds that will produce an increased, heavy yield with the same or even higher THC levels as the rest.

  • Bubba Island Kush is a hybrid strain created by crossing Granddaddy Purple with OG Kush. It blooms in seven weeks and grows to a height of one meter indoors. This variety is designed specifically for Indica fans, and it falls into the category of cannabis seeds with a very high THC content.
  • Orange Bud: These THC-rich citrus-scented buds can be harvested as soon as seven weeks after flowering. It’s the number one selling skunk since the 1980s and a great choice for amateur growers that want fruity flavors.
  • Passion #1: Because of its height (2-3 meters tall) and width, we do not recommend Passion #1 for indoor home gardeners. It’s usually available to pick at the end of September or the start of October. In the south of the UK, the Mediterranean, and Central Europe, these breeds will thrive.
  • Auto Blackberry Kush is a blue/purple Indica strain that blooms in nine weeks. Her aroma is earthy/fruity/Kush/piney, and her flavor is complex. It has a huge flower and many side branches, as is typical of Indica dominant strains.
  • Auto Blueberry: It can be harvested in as short as eight weeks. If you maintain it indoors, it needs 20 hours of daily light and four hours of darkness. It has a distinct flavor of blueberries and woodland fruit. Because auto-flowering plants only produce buds (no pollen sacs), they can be grown inside without risk of pollination or genetic contamination. Auto-flowering cannabis breeders have discovered that the plant needs a 12/12 light cycle to begin producing buds, so you can start by using your lights more simply than you would with ordinary cannabis. Compared to conventional cannabis, auto-flowering cannabis plants are very little, although they can grow to a height of 2-3 feet with auto-flowering strains.

3. Outdoor growing in colder climates

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‘But, what about those of us who don’t live in tropical climates? Not all environments are suited for growing plants, but if you live in a country with colder temperatures, don’t despair; short flowering seeds can still be successfully raised in colder climes. Here are our top five as provided by premiumcultivars.com:

  • Grapefruit
  • Afghan Kush x Black Domina
  • Giant Bud
  • UK Cheese
  • Hindu Kush

While these five breeds may thrive indoors, they can also thrive outside, even in cold weather. Because of their shorter flowering periods, some plants can overcome all hurdles when grown in regions with a brief summer season.

You always have an option, as you can see. If you’re considering becoming a grower, we hope you’re now aware of all the options available to you. We also hope that we’ve assisted you in determining which option is best for you. If you’re reading this and weren’t previously a marijuana supporter, we hope you’ve learned something new or have changed your mind regarding marijuana legalization.

Please consider whether marijuana is our deadliest enemy or nightmare in this world of crime, violence, illness, and fear. If you answered yes, you might want to read some articles regarding its benefits and power. How much longer will it be a taboo subject? We don’t know, but we’re hoping it won’t be too long!