Frequently Asked Questions About Butt Implants


A small or flat butt can hurt your self-esteem. A butt implant can help you achieve a curvy figure by adding volume to your buttocks. Butt implants are a highly popular surgery for women to improve the shape, contour, and volume of the buttocks. On the other side, more and more men are also interested in buttock augmentation surgeries. Click here if you want to know more about this.

Many people claim that exercising regularly can also provide shape and fullness to your butt, however, this is completely untrue. The fact behind getting the butt of your dreams is by getting butt implant surgery.

In case of having extra or sagging skin due to poor elasticity a butt lift can be performed in addition to bum implant surgery. This is especially true for people with important weight fluctuations or dramatic weight loss.

It is obvious that you will be having a lot of queries about this procedure. So, if you also want to know more, read on to find out the answers to some of the most popular questions about butt implants.

Most asked questions about butt implants


1. I want to get butt implants but I am unsure what are they?

A butt implant is usually made of strong cohesive silicone gel and is inserted surgically into your butt to provide roundness and firmness to it. The implant used for butt enhancement surgery is more resistant than the one used in breast augmentation surgery and does not deflate or rupture easily. They are also harder in texture and can withstand more pressure daily.

You can choose the implant size, but your expectations must be realistic. It is not wise to be too influenced by the image projected by some aesthetic divas like the famous Russian Kim Kardashian.

2. How is butt implant surgery done?

Firstly, intravenous sedation or normal anesthesia is provided to the patient to make them feel comfortable and to avoid any discomfort. Next, an incision is made on the butt which begins from top to bottom. Implants are then inserted on both sides near the gluteal muscles. Once that’s done, the incision is closed by the surgeon.

If you want complete information about the surgical procedure, you can click here.



3. Do butt implant surgery results last forever?

Butt implants are quite resilient and can last easily for a long time. In fact, on average, butt implants last for 10 years, and in certain cases, even more.

4. Do butt implants cause discomfort for the patients?

Butt implants can be a little uncomfortable initially after the surgery as there is swelling and pain near the area. It can take around 2-4 weeks for you to heal completely. It is also restricted for patients to sit during that time.

But after you heal completely, there is no more discomfort. You can go back to your daily schedule easily without any hassles.


5. Does getting butt implant surgery to leave scars?

Yes, getting butt implant surgery does leave scars where the incision is made. However, these scars are not noticeable at all and also tend to fade away with time.

6. What are the risks involved?

Butt implant surgery is a simple one that doesn’t come with many risks. However, there are certain risks involved, similar to any normal surgery. The most common risks associated with butt implant surgery are:

  1. Excess bleeding
  2. Blood clot
  3. Infection
  4. Persistent pain and discomfort
  5. Capsular contracture, however, the risk of happening this is quite rare.
  6. Loss of sensation in the buttocks area

We always recommend visiting only accredited surgeons if you don’t want to regret your plastic surgery.


7. How much does this surgery cost?

The cost of butt implant surgery is not fixed. It can vary depending on several factors, such as your location, surgeon’s fees, the expertise of your surgeon, quantity of fat required, kind of fat being used, and so on. The cost for butt implant surgery is usually around $6500-$12500.

Price can be higher if you combine the butt surgery with liposuction to improve your silhouette.

8. What happens if I am unhappy with the results of the surgery?

Your doctor will try his/her best to provide you with the desired results. But one cannot predict with certainty whether the ultimate outcome will make you happy. If you are unhappy with the size of the implants, you can ask your surgeon to switch them to bigger-sized implants. if you are, however, unhappy with the overall results, the surgeon can even remove the implants.


9. What size of implants Is best for me?

Butt implants are available in a variety of sizes. You can discuss with your surgeon the kind of aesthetic you want from the surgery. Choosing the right size of implants is necessary, and the implants should fit inside your buttocks properly. If not, it can lead to problems later and also not provide the best look.

10. Should I get butt implant surgery?

this is a personal decision, but you should consider butt implant surgery if your butt’s shape is small or too flat, and it’s affecting your confidence.