7 Things to Bring to Your Next Family Camping Trip – 2024 Guide

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Arguably the best way to make family memories and build an unbreakable bond between family members is to take frequent trips together. And perhaps the best kind of frequent travels are camping trips. A family does not need much to make a camping trip memorable. It is an easy activity to plan as all it takes for you is to go out into nature, away from the noisy city, and escape for a day or two.

Camping has been a dominant way of spending leisure time for centuries. Everyone grows to love it eventually, no matter how worried they may become about spending the night outside, listening to animals through the night, or worrying about food and water. If planned carefully and carried out as it should be, a camping trip with the closest people in your life could be what never knew you wanted or needed.

For those who are unsure of what to bring and how to prepare for such a trip, yet desperately want to take one, do not worry. This article will serve as a list of things to bring to your next family camping trip. All the essentials will be mentioned, and while you would benefit most if you manage to take all, you do not have to, especially if you know your spouse or children will not require it during the stay.

1. Tent

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The go-to shelter for camping is of course tents. Tents are crucial when away from home as they eliminate the need to spend the night in the open. Although there are dozens of tent shapes, sizes, and uses, most people opt for the ones that can fit two to three people.

Modern tents are easier to assemble and pack than before, and it can serve as a teaching moment for your kids too. Once you have a tent up, you will have a relatively secure hideout from the elements, as well as a sense of safety while away from home.

2. Canopy

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Somewhat of a newer trend, a camping canopy is growing in popularity since it is so versatile and useful. While a tent is mostly used for nothing but sleeping or relaxing, under a canopy you can do a wide variety of things. Depending on its size, you can prep the food, barbeque, set the table and chairs, or even perform some activities. It also doubles as additional shelter and a secure place for all of your belongings that would not be able to fit in the tent otherwise.

A pop-up canopy is an absolute lifesaver during camping trips, and your family will surely appreciate it if you set one up on your next one. To learn more about them and order one for your needs, make sure to visit www.ponfish.com.

3. Stocked First Aid Kit

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It goes without saying, but you always have to have a fully stocked first aid kit in your car. Since you will probably be driving to your destination, you will have one anyway. However, it is a no-brainer really to take a separate, dedicated kit for camping that you will actually use if something goes south.

Perhaps the best way to do things is to make your own. Grab a small, a bag, or a vanity case and fill it up with bandages, band-aids, gauze, Q-tips, antiseptic wipes, medicinal alcohol, and whatever else you deem necessary for the trip. Store it in an easy-to-grab place and be ready to use it in case of an emergency.

4. Survival Kit

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Depending on the kind of camping trip you plan to take, you will need the usual tools that will make all the difference. A camping knife, a strong rope, a small shovel, a flashlight, some hooks, a compass, and a few other gadgets and equipment you think you will need.

Things like these may not be needed, but it is best to keep them with you anyway just in case. Sunblock, mosquito repellents, and blankets for sitting are more for comfort than survival, but make sure to have enough of them to last you the whole trip. Remind everyone to pack comfortable hiking shoes, or slip-on shoes depending on the campsite and the time of year.

5. Enough Food and Drinks

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Camping is an exhausting activity on its own, especially it is the first time your family is doing it. Therefore, think about what the kids will need in terms of meals, snacks, and drinks. Pack enough for the time you plan to spend, and then some more just to be sure. Barbeque is the fan-favorite way of eating while camping, as are bonfire-prepared snacks.

Plan ahead with your spouse and the kids and decide what you want to bite once there. Bringing enough water goes without saying. Coordinate in advance what you will eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and you will never fall short.

6. Sleeping Bags

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Even if you plan to sleep in a tent or under a canopy, you will want to bring as many sleeping bags as there are members of your family. They provide additional comfort while lying on the ground as well as additional protection from the cold nights. Even if you camp during the peak of the summer, make sure to pack them for an increased comfort level. You will have a much better night of sleep in a sleeping bag, that much is certain.

7. Activities

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Spending time in nature is the best when you bring your favorite outdoor activities with you. Most campers bring at least one football to kick around, a volleyball to throw and catch, a badminton set, or any other kid-friendly activity that is best utilized outside. If you have the right means of transport, you can even pack your bicycles and have a family cycle session at the site.

While some enjoy things like that, others try to use what they can at the camping site in order to separate themselves from the usual things. Therefore, talks around the fire, exploring the forest, and just taking in nature might be all the fun and activities you need.