8 Interesting Facts and Methods About Water Processing

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We cannot survive without water for more than a few days. The planet and all the living organisms would die if left without water, so this is probably the most important element in our ecosystem. By consuming enough of it, you will improve both your physical and mental state and your skin and hair will look better. However, we cannot drink water from every source there is, and it needs to be processed before it is safe for consummation. There are many methods that help with processing and purification.

Here we are going to tell you some facts about water processing and help you understand why all of that is done. Did you know that ocean water can be made safe for drinking?

1. Water Contamination

The main reason why water processing is crucial is that there are many harmful ingredients in some of the unfiltered water that can endanger our lives. We are used to drinking purified water and if we digest some of the harmful chemicals, we can expose ourselves to the toxins.

When industrial waste is mixed with water, it gets contaminated and it becomes undrinkable. Viruses and bacteria can be found in natural water, so we have to process it before it becomes drinkable. However, if you are in need to process the water on your own, you should know that boiling it is not enough. You have to use a piece of fabric or cloth and run it through it several times.

Source: cotes

2. PH Correction

To get a neutral pH, lime is combined with the water. This is really important because water that is not pH neutral can corrode the plumbing system and the pipes. If you notice that your pipes are frequently corroding, you need to check the pH levels. You can also call your water company and tell them about the issue you are experiencing.

3. Disinfection

Every type of water we get in contact with should be disinfected. Boiling it helps kill bacteria and viruses and that makes the water drinkable. Chlorine is also used to disinfect it. As you probably know, chlorine is used in pools so that we don’t risk getting infected when we are swimming in the pool. However, pools contain a much higher level of chlorine than drinkable water, so you should never consume the pool water.

4. Filtration

Why is this important? Well, because there are particles in the water that are harmful to us and if we don’t filter it, we may drink them. The filtration systems are a part of every water system, but if you want to be safe from any particles that can come out of the pipes, you should install separate filtration systems on your faucets. The second thing you can do is to consult professionals or read some of the tips online, on websites such as KeeptheWaterFlowing, and get know some of the most important things about water filtration.

Some fridges come with a filtration system on their own, and you can connect them with the water source and have cleaner, filtrated water for every use. If you find yourself out in the open, you have to filter the water before you drink it. Active carbon can be crushed and put in the bottle to get rid of any toxins and you should always filter it several times before you drink it.

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5. Fluoridation

You probably didn’t know this before, but the water contains a high concentration of free fluoride ions. To make it drinkable, we need to adjust that concentration and get an optimal level.

This is important because if we drink high-fluoride water, we will more prone to dental issues and cavities. It will also disrupt our metabolism and may cause digestive problems. Drinking water high in fluoride once will not do a lot of damage, but consuming it long-term may cause different health problems.

6. Survival

If we want to survive, we have to drink enough aqua. Deepoceanwatercompany.com suggests that right now the water supplies are decreasing and some countries experience droughts. This affects not only humans but animals and plants as well.

To find a way to get more drinkable water, scientists found out that ocean water can be filtered and converted into a drinkable liquid. It is taken from about 600m depth, it is processed and after that, it is safe for consumption. This process is done only in several places in the world, but it is distributed to all parts of the globe.

7. Saving Lives

Portable filtration systems are needed so that people all around the world can get access to clean and purified water. Scientists developed these systems so even third world countries can drink processed and clean water. Statistics say that one person dies from thirst every 5 minutes and that is a scary number. Bacteria-free water is possible if the whole process of sedimentation, filtration, and coagulation is done correctly.

It is said that right now ocean water is the most sustainable solution to the crises that is happening all around the world. With the right filtering process and distribution, lives could be saved and people will be healthier and happier.

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8. Hydration

Hydration is crucial if you want to be healthy. Many diseases are happening because people don’t consume enough water and we think that coffee or other drinks can replace it. The fact is that you need to drink about 8 glasses of water per day if you want to improve your looks and if you want your body to function properly. If you are not hydrated, that can lead to mental health issues, migraines, digestion problems and you can even increase the chances of getting a stroke or heart attack.

Even though we could survive with unfiltered water longer than we could without drinking it, if we risk drinking water without the proper processing, that could lead to different diseases and health risks. You should never risk drinking it unfiltered and it is recommended to choose bottled water instead of tap one.

Experts suggest that every household should invest in a filter so that you and your family are protected from all the bacteria, viruses, and parasites. You can find many different filters on the market and they are easy to install. Make sure you maintain them correctly and change the filter on time.