Some Useful Facts You Should Know About Tulum Transportation From Cancun Airport

Travel to and from Tulum is currently open, provided you follow the safety rules for COVID-19. It would be mandatory to wear face masks and maintain a social distancing of 1.5 meters.

Cancun airport is open for all tourists, and there is no mandatory quarantine of 14 days for individuals entering the place, but the airport is taking strict measures to restrict the spread of the coronavirus. Cancun is safe due to limited access from outside. There are a single entrance and exit, and there are heavy securities throughout the place.

Peso is the national currency of Mexico, so you can pay with it all over the country. US dollars can be used for transactions in the Cancun Hotel Zone but may not be accepted everywhere.

Only Terminal 2 and 4 at Cancun airport are working for dealing in arrival and departures of flights. Terminal 2 accepts only domestic flights.

The precautionary measures include:

  • Wearing of masks by both the operators and the clients
  • Availability of sanitizers in the vehicles
  • Vehicles are cleaned and sterilized daily
  • Taking care of the health of both operator and client
  • The air conditioner is switched on based on the client’s requirement. It consists of external non-recycling air
  • There would not be any external individual other than the driver inside the vehicle
  • WTTC guidelines are followed as per the rules of the Global Travel Safety Stamp
Source: Travel Yucatan

Airport transportation at Cancun:

The transportation authority recommends pre-booking for your convenience and promises safe and reliable transportation to your chosen places of accommodation. The transportations can be one way or round trip. Some of the advantages mentioned are:

  • Quality service
  • No waiting in lines for taxis
  • Availability of different types of cars as per your needs
  • Choice of vans, SUVs, and semi-buses for group travel
  • Less expensive transportation charges compared to other private services.

After landing at Cancun International Airport, you can travel by bus to Tulum. The bus travel would be of one and a half hours, and the buses are generally available every 30 minutes.

Considering the pandemic situation, the best option would be booking for private transportation from the airport to the hotel. They have vans and SUVs for individuals of families and minibusses for bigger groups of tourists.


Learn about Tulum:

Tulum is an ancient Mayan age city located in the Quintana Roo state of Mexico. Tulum means a wall, fence, or trench, and the whole city was once surrounded by thick walls. The city flourished during the 13th to 15 centuries, and its ruins are visible on top of the cliffs along the east coast of the Caribbean Sea, besides being a major trading hub.

Later on, with the Spanish invasions, the city got gradually abandoned and destroyed, most probably due to some epidemic brought in by the foreign settlers. Tulum is currently a popular tourist spot for its architectural marvels, and the famous attractions are El Castillo castle, the Temple of the Descending God, and the Temple of the Frescoes.

Places of interest at Tulum:

You can explore the places around Riviera Maya and Yucatan province. The main road called Av. Coba connects the beaches to the city.


You can plan to stay at:

  • Public beaches

These beaches are beautiful and have white sand. The area has a lot of resorts that are inexpensive.

  • Private beaches

If you decide to stay in the most popular and attractive area, you should go to the private beaches with high-end hotels, seaside restaurants, and shacks.

  • Tulum town

It would give an experience of the local life and cuisines, and shopping as per budget.

  • Aldea Zama

This area is still in the development stage, but accommodation facilities are good.

About Tulum Transportation:

Cancun airport is nearest to Tulum. The distance is 131 km, and it takes around 2 hours of a straight drive via the highway. There are both public and private modes of transport. You can choose between:

  • Shuttle service

Airport shuttles are easily available, are the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation, and there is an option of booking. There is pick up from the airport terminals near the arrival and departure and drop at your place of accommodation anywhere in Tulum. They also help with carrying luggage and would wait as you shop on the way. For a one-way trip, it would cost $ 24 and double the amount for a round trip without any discount.

The disadvantages are that co-passengers would have to wait in case some member goes shopping, in some vehicles the AC may not be comfortable, and a collective tour is not possible. You have to change vehicles at different locations on the way.

  • Private drivers

This is the best way to travel in Tulum as it would be the least expensive and fastest, especially if you are traveling with family. There are air-conditioned cabs with private drivers for pick and drop from the airport to the hotels. A one-way trip may cost about $ 65-150.

  • Rental cars

Renting a car means you can move around according to your convenience. It is inexpensive and would provide a nice travel experience as driving around on your own would be easy. You can explore the places according to your wish.

The inconvenience would be that you have to drive down even when it is unnecessary in some places, and take responsibility for the car.

  • Bus service

Go for bus service if you want to travel at a leisurely pace. The buses are fully air-conditioned, and services are reliable. There are ticket booths, and you can book tickets as soon as your immigration formalities are over. There are payment options by cash and credit cards, checking seat availability, and most of the agents can communicate in English. Check the departure times carefully as they may change sometimes. No luggage tags are given, and the buses would drop you at the bus stations and not at the hotels. You cannot stop shopping on the way.

Proper choice of a Tulum transportation service is what you need if you decide to visit this place. It would be a rejuvenating experience in this coastal city. The city has a beautiful geographical location and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.