7 Popular Eyelash Trends To Try This Summer – 2024 Guide

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Eyelashes – completely natural or almost completely artificial, classic black, or in several colors? We bring you new trends.

Everything has changed a bit. So in the new season, you can apply mascara of different colors on them. Or just don’t apply any, but let your naturalness come to the fore. You may no longer have to try so hard to avoid the effect of messy look when applying mascara, but try to achieve just that effect. Unlike natural, other styles propagate a pronounced unnaturalness that is reflected in the form of artificial ones. Just about anything is allowed.

The trend of natural ones is slowly fading.

Although in previous seasons, models without make-up could often be seen on the runways, looking as if they had just gotten out of bed, the trends are slowly changing. All of us who were not really ready to give up dramatic lashes are especially happy about this.

Heavily made-up lashes are back in fashion and are thicker than ever. To achieve this effect, you need to apply several layers of mascara, and the trick is not to let the previous one dry completely.

But before we move on to the trends you have to try this summer, let’s take a look at a brief history of it…


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The many ways to beautify yourself, both men and women, are as old as their very existence. Eyelashes, for example, were already made up in Ancient Egypt and many years later, during the Middle Ages, even their total absence as well as eyebrows, were a true mark of beauty.

In this sense, in Ancient Egypt they used to make up with kohl, a mineral with bactericidal properties very popular in Africa and the Middle East. With this, they darkened the eyes and also the eyelids, which served not only to look more handsome but also as a sunscreen and to prevent certain diseases.

Malachite, another coloring mineral that highlighted the eyelashes in a spectacular way, was also widely used. Cleopatra herself was a regular at lead and salts to make up her eyes, as was antimony to give a blue and green shade to the eyelids, or iron oxide. Also, already in times of the Roman Empire, it tended to a thick and long, absolutely wild, equally treated with kohl and cork.

On the other hand, according to experts, the forehead of a woman in the Middle Ages was a symbol of femininity and beauty, which is why many lengthened their eyebrows and eyelashes in order to highlight it. In the 16th century, with Elizabeth I on the throne of England, her copper-red hair had a great impact on the society of the time, becoming a trend as well as her eyebrows and eyelashes, which she tinged with blueberries and the soot she found in the chimneys.

And now we will get back to the present day and take a look at trends for the summer of 2024.

1. Naked

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Full and thick are not always the best choice of style. A new trend assures us that: natural ones without mascara are hit. Completely natural. OK, we can’t quite do without mascara because we need to count on a clear gel or special brush to get them in order. And that is that. They look nice when they leave the impression that you have just emerged from the water. Wet and slightly glued. Make this style even more magical by applying an extra layer of gel. You must have quality beauty products, like ones you can find at beautydirectwholesalers.com.au

2. Eyes like a doll

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The style of the doll’s eyes requires us to apply make-up on the eyes in order to achieve the effect of eyelashes that dolls have. This means that we need to evoke the impression of supernaturally large eyes. In this case, we have to visually extend them and apply a thicker layer of mascara on them. First of all, we need to focus on the lower parts. It would be desirable to achieve the effect of messy lashes. When creating this look, apply mascara in several layers with a special brush on both the lower and upper row. After applying each layer (no more than three coats should be applied), it is necessary to wait one to two minutes for the mascara to dry. To achieve the effect of messy look, finally press a few hairs next to each other with tweezers to keep them glued together.

3. False eyelash effect

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First of all, they must be curled. If you do not want to deal with extensions and glue, try mascara with the effect of artificial eyelashes. In any case, it will draw XXL-length, and the maximum volume is the least we can expect from its brush. With mascara with the effect of artificial ones, you will make them look like you have applied extensions to them. Their uniqueness lies mainly in the innovative brushes with an effect that lifts the lashes and gives them more volume, unlike the rounded brushes that make them thicker. Brushes are often also ergonomically designed to reach and color each individual lash. Some mascaras contain waxes that shape the lashes and help them stay curled for a long time.

4. Different colors

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If you have a party, a special event or just want to try to see your eyelashes in another color, without having to wear them longer, instead of using tint, use colored mascara. There are many brands and shades.

5. Diamonds

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A brilliant look for a special occasion. Diamond ones are very popular with the most glamorous women looking to dazzle. These are false eyelashes with diamonds.

6. Hollywood Lashes

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It is an extremely strong trend in Europe, and consists in creating a particular look of them, using different lengths and thickness, thus causing the red carpet effect, which is so favorite by celebrities such as Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Jennifer López and, Kim Kardashian.

7. Color extensions

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It is a global trend that consists of adding extensions of the color you want or even mixing them. It is highly sought after by women who wear unicorn hair.


Try all these trends and find the one that suits you best. This way you will ensure that you will look beautiful throughout the summer.