Eye Candies For 2024 And Beyond

img source: electricbee.co

Cars, one of mankind’s most beautiful creations. The very joy of flipping through the pages of countless magazines as a child just to catch one glimpse of our dream car. Life was good. Our lives may become burdensome as we grow up, our workload may have increased ten folds. But that raw feeling of cruising home in a beautiful car reignites the spark back in our lifeless souls.

Of course, some cars are way beyond our wildest imaginations. A dream that could never be realized in one lifetime. However, the sheer joy of watching such beauty stroll by the street never fails to put a smile on your face. 2024 may have brought our journeys to a standstill. However, this list of dazzling beauties on wheels ensures that the party goes on. To 2024 and Beyond!

1. 2024 Lamborghini Huracan STO

img source: drivenabout.in

The Italian marquee has incarnated several hardcore track beasts over the years that have bamboozled us with their jaw-dropping aesthetics. However, this new Huracan Special Edition model takes it to the extremes. A razor-sharp front splitter that can slice through the air, an incredibly large rear wing that demands attention, and the massive air vents adorning the front fascia. This car looks like it is about to rip the racetrack in half. With more than 75% of its body in carbon fiber, this stunner will be a treat to watch once the race tracks open for business.

2. 2024 Koenigsegg Gemera

img source: autorepublika.com

Koenigsegg, a true stalwart from the Scandinavian cold that has showcased us its aesthetically stunning Agera, Regera, and Jesko hypercars, brings to you another stunner. The Gemera is a 2-door 4-seater Hyper-GT that appears to have descended straight out of space. The car’s aggressive looks and the mouth-watering side profile is love at first sight. With what Koenigsegg Head of Design Sasha Selipanov rightly describes as, “Beauty as a Consequence of Technological Innovation”, the Gemera is truly a masterpiece.

3. 2024 Genesis G70

img source: hearstapps.com

The Genesis G70 has been battling it out against the Germans in the fierce midsize sports sedan segment. Creativity is limited here, as any exterior refreshment usually ends up bearing a similar resemblance to a German compatriot. Wipe the dust off your eyes this time though, as the Japanese create an absolutely wicked beauty in the form of the 2024 G70. The sedan’s emphasis on intricate detailing, including the front fenders and the shield grille, could be a gamechanger for its segment.

4. 2024 Ford Mustang Mach 1

img source: motor1.com

There is nothing that represents the epitome of American supremacy quite well like a Ford Mustang. Car Indigo thinks that the new reincarnated 2024 Ford Mustang Mach 1 has an air of familiarity around it like the golden days of its past. The Mach 1 gets its brawny stance from its heavily sculpted sides and it’s sharp hooded headlights. The all-new Mach 1 grille and exclusive styling elements signify the pinnacle of muscular performance. A Mustang that can melt both rubber and hearts!

5. 2024 Bugatti Divo

img source: hearstapps.com

The all-new Bugatti Divo looks like a car that could warp through time itself. Its wickedly cut aesthetics, ultra-precise carbon fiber design, stupendously animated LED lights, every angle of the Divo leaves us dumbstruck. Who left this otherworldly beast roaming free out on our generic streets? As futuristic as the Divo seems, it still pays ode to its prestigious ancestors through its little elegant details.

6. 2024 Jaguar F-TYPE

img source: hgmsites.net

The Jaguar F-TYPE is shrouded in simplicity, yet it doesn’t fail to entice our minds with its sophisticated and clean looks. The F-TYPE stands out amongst the crowd with its distinctive feline appearance, sporty headlights, and its sleek grille. Catching a glimpse of the F-TYPE galloping like a cheetah while engrossed in your daily chores ought to make anyone’s day.

7. 2024 Honda Civic

img source: vrelegume.rs

The 2024 Honda Civic is a prime example that beauty doesn’t always sparkle behind a facade of lavish spendings. The brand-new Civic looks cleaner than ever before. Its sedate lines and graceful proportions may deceive anyone into thinking that this is an expensive set-of-wheels.

8. 2024 Audi R8

img source: daxstreet.com

The Audi R8’s new visual changes bring an all-new sense of edginess to appeal to your wild side. The sleek cut lines and awe-inspiring proportions make it seem like a craftsman’s masterpiece. The R8 is that type of car that would earn the envy of other fellow drivers even in the most supercar-saturated cities.

9. 2024 McLaren Speedtail

img source: autorepublika.com

The Speedtail is one of those rare supercars that breaks the barrier of space and time with ease without breaking the laws of aesthetics. McLaren hits the ball out of the park with this very manifestation of beauty. The Speedtail is a carbon-fiber elegance and is an instant head-turner wherever it goes. Don’t be blinded by the constant wave of shutterbugs around your car while driving.

10. 2024 Rivian R1S

img source: hearstapps.com

Rivian may be a newcomer in the overtly competitive electric scene. But the so-proclaimed Tesla-killer has certainly set the market ablaze with its R1S SUV. The R1S doesn’t follow the usual conventional SUV styling. Its rugged exterior styling and its futuristic LED elements is an absolute winner in the looks department. The SUV symbolizes the spirit of going off-the-path with its off-road ability and intriguing design.

11. 2024 RAM 1500 TRX

img source: gaw.to

Pickups were considered an eyesore in the past owing to their boring and bulky structures. However, the majority of handsome pickups that are dominating roads today is a fitting reply to the haters. And when it comes to the leader of this revolution, there is none more fitting to the role than the RAM 1500 TRX. The pickup means serious business with its head-turning design and muscular personality. The 2024 variant brings a set of scary tires, a monster hood scoop, and brawny body panels to the equation.

12. 2024 Lotus Evija

img source: supercars.net

The Evija reignites the revival of Lotus on its long-lost automotive scene. The Evija’s buttery smooth body lines and its pure exterior design makes us drool over it time and time again. We wouldn’t be surprised if Evija’s blueprints were stolen off a time machine. Its futuristic headlights appear as if it may shoot lasers out of thin light. Overall, the Evija is a feast for the eyes from every angle.


We always believe there is a silver lining after any storm. Even after going through its worst phase ever seen, the automotive industry has revived back from the ashes like a beautiful phoenix. All the cars mentioned above represent the burning wings of that phoenix, ready to enlighten the world with their brilliant radiance. From the 2024 Ford Mustang Mach 1 to the Honda Civic to the Bugatti Divo, this list celebrates the beauty of cars from all walks of life without paying heed to their price tags or power. Feast your eyes on these charmers, for the future looks very bright.