Are Expensive Mattresses Really Worth the Money – 2024 Guide

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There are two schools of thought regarding the worth of expensive mattresses. There are people who say that they are completely worth the price while others object. According to research studies, good sleep is essential for normal body functioning and brain health.

Furthermore, the most important role in sleep improvement is the mattress. If your mattress is not comfortable, you will get sleepless nights.

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Things that make the mattress worth the price

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The quality of the material and the comfort that the mattress will provide the user are the two things that determine its worth.

The term Comfortable includes high breathability, soft touch and support for everyone’s body. Moreover, it should be able to offer a good night’s sleep to the user. If the mattress fails to abide by these factors then it is not a good one. Thus, it is not worth the high price.
In addition to this, the term High-quality includes a long and effective service life. If the bed is made of the best quality products, it will definitely be expensive. The reason is the use of high-quality raw material, which is expensive itself. Moreover, it will last long. So if you know a brand whose mattresses last for decades or at least years, they are worth the price.

On the contrary, if the manufacturers have used a low-quality material, it will rot away in a few years. There is a way to check if the mattress is good enough. The parameters include firmness, support and heat management. If the quality is good the bed won’t buildup heat and will provide support to your body. Most importantly, it will show high firmness and might feel a bit hard. But if your new mattress does not meet these requirements, you can replace it.

Ways to check the quality of the mattress

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If you are paying a large sum of money to buy your bed, it should be good enough. Therefore, you need to spend some time checking its effectiveness before paying it. Land-based stores provide you the option of laying down on the bed and test it there. This is quite a helpful thing that helps you make the final decision.

There is only a bottom line, you can check the comfort level by observing in the store but not the quality. So, if you want to examine the quality of the mattress before buying it, you can do so by going through certain factors. Here we have the list of these factors and how to check them.

Height or thickness

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The thicker the mattress is, the better it will be. Therefore, go for the highest height as the saying goes “a tall mattress is going to be the comfortable mattress”. The reason behind it is the weight distribution. With more height, your body weight will get evenly distributed over it. Thus, you will feel comfortable and get the perfect and painless good night’s sleep.
The most suitable tallness and height vary with the type of foam. For example, if it is a latex or memory foam, the best height is 10 to 12 inches. On the other hand, 12 to 14 inches is the most suitable eight for the best quality innerspring mattresses. If the springs are bigger, they will give more bounce. Thus, you will get more support through them.

Weight and density

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Weight and density come with the quality of the material. If the mattress is lightweight and has a lower density, it will be destroyed in a few years. Furthermore, it won’t be supportive. When you sit on it, the foam will quickly get down. Therefore, if the foam is not thick enough, you might feel the hard bed surface too.

Contrary to this, the mattresses that have a high density are quite heavy. So when you are at the store, you can simply check it by lifting up the mattress. In addition to this, some of the brands also make labels for natural latex and high-density memory foam. But you should not fall for only words. Check everything with your own instincts.


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Springiness is highly important for spring mattresses but not for memory foam. If the brand states that the mattress has a high-quality innerspring, it should be highly springy. Despite the springiness, it should also be quiet and soft. Therefore, Squeaking is always bad. In terms of memory foam, it should not sink down quickly rather it should change its shape slowly with time.


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The mattress cover has a vital role in breathability. If the cover is rigid and thick and feels hot to touch, stay away from it. Probably cheap mattresses offer such cover quality. On the other hand, if the brand offers a thin and breathable cover with a quilted pattern, it is simply perfect for you.

To conclude,
You can check the quality of the mattress by touching it, sitting on it and analyzing the above-mentioned factors. Instead of depending upon the salespersons, check the quality by yourself. Although most of the expensive mattresses are worth the price if it is too heavy for your pocket, it’s not a good choice. Therefore, instead of going with the hype, you should focus on your budget too.