Top 5 Ways to Expand the Customer Base at an Online Store


The client base of your website is a data system which contains information about existing and potential customers of your website. By these people we mean “normal” visitors to the site. Those users who haven’t made a required action yet, but have entered a particular online platform.

Goals of Creating and Maintaining a Client Base

An information system with customer data is necessary for any business that works directly with clients, and cassino online Brazil is a great example here. Thanks to an elaborate base gambling platforms improve the quality of their services. For example, it helps understand how often a particular person plays certain games to offer them gifts related to such titles to make their experience unforgettable. Or this base allows these brands to access birth dates and other personal facts. As a result, they can send bonuses specifically for holidays or provide access to games they will prefer more.

The same rule applies to online stores. It’s especially useful for those marketplaces that offer popular types of products – accessories, sports accessories, children’s items, etc.

A competently formed and continuously maintained database will allow to remind current and potential customers about the work of online sales points. Using it, you can solve several important problems:

  • Attract new visitors who are potential customers.
  • Improve the quality of services.
  • Increase customer loyalty, for example, by giving them discounts on their birthdays.
  • Get an advantage over competitors.
  • Make it easier to organize and conduct marketing activities.
  • Distinguish VIP customers from the general list.

Stores that don’t lead or simply don’t seek to expand their customer base are doomed to fail in today’s competitive environment. Regardless of what kind of product they offer. The lack of structured customer information threatens to drive them away. Reminding them of the existence of the site and providing high-quality service is impossible.


Ways to Analyze the Customer Base of the Store

Not all customers of a shopping site are equally valuable to it. There are those guests who make purchases for huge sums and often. There are those customers who place an order once and “disappear”.

Only knowing its target audience, the online store can effectively maintain and expand its customer base. To get a portrait of the “best” customer who should be attracted by any available methods, you can analyze the current data catalog.

Tools for evaluating the customer base we recommend working with:

Each method has advantages and peculiarities. The first tool offers “sorting” buyers by their interest in the product, the second – by the frequency of orders or the income provided.

CRM Systems for Customer Base Analysis

CRM stands for customer relationship management system. Such programs do store the entire history of interaction with customers. Including such important data as:

  • Managers’ comments on customer interest and inquiries.
  • Amounts of sales.
  • Number of purchased goods, type of goods items.

CRM systems are the best tool to highlight the most valuable customers. Then, based on the data obtained, decide on your target audience.

When attracting new visitors to the online store, you need to focus on the audience. Users who are not interested in the product will bring labor costs, not profits. Work with those who don’t need to be persuaded to buy every time.


ABC and XYZ Analysis for Evaluating Your Customer Base

When using ABC analysis, customers are “sorted” by income and sales volume. Categories B, C and A include customers who have average, minimum and maximum figures, respectively.

ABC analysis can be used in combination with XYZ evaluation, which “sorts” customers by frequency of purchases. When both tools are used, customers are divided into 9 groups.

The most valuable customers are in group Xa. However, you should not refuse to work with customers included in categories YB, XB, and YA.

5 Ways to Expand Your Customer Base

1. Email Newsletters and Subscription Pages


The way is to send those emails to potential customers that will turn them into real customers.

Example: a clothing website set up pop-up notifications that offered promo codes for discounts. To get the promo codes, users had to provide their email address. New subscribers were immediately sent both discount codes and promotional messages. The latter contained information about the best new products, current promotions, and the best deals. The result was an increase in monthly sales of hundreds of percent.

2. SMM

The way implies that new potential buyers will be attracted by targeted advertising. Modern marketing technologies allow a flexible and “dotty” adjustment of parameters. Advertising can be shown to users who match the religion, place of employment, interests, gender, marital status, age, region. You can configure it all the way down to a specific school.

The advantages of expanding the customer base of the online store with SMM:

  • High return on almost any line of business.
  • Direct appeal to existing and potential customers.
  • The opportunity to benefit potential customers before the sale.

Recall the essence of marketing in social networks: the target audience is “fished” through advertising. Afterwards, they are “warmed up” with the right promotional materials before a deal is made.

3. Contextual Advertising


Compared with targeting, “themed” advertising works much faster. The advantage of this marketing tool is that it takes into account the search queries of users.

Contextual advertising involves paying for each click on the link. Refuse to set it up yourself, if you aren’t an SEO specialist.

4. SEO and Promotion

The way in which a site is brought in the form in which it can occupy the first positions in search engines for specific queries. Its promotion to the top of search engines.

For reference: the higher a site’s place in search results, the more visitors it has. Regardless of whether it’s an online store or, for example, an online casino. Every visitor is a potential customer.

SEO is a job that requires a professional approach. Without specialized skills and knowledge, correcting technical errors, improving site navigation, and creating unique and useful content is impossible. Just as in the case of contextual advertising, you will have to pay for the opportunity to expand your client base.

5. Cold Calling


A method that involves making calls to potential clients. You can call by yourself or by hiring a manager (preferably a specialist with experience in such work).

“Cold calling” existing and possible customers is an effective marketing tool. Especially if the audience is older people who traditionally like to talk to strangers. But since such calls are made without the customers’ consent, you have to be prepared for aggression.