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It’s been one hell of a year, this 2024. And it’s not even over yet. Just when we thought we can get a break from this situation with the virus, lockdown, and how the developers had to readjust to the new conditions to continue to deliver their best work, there come the events of this year. Some of the biggest titles were released last year and the year before that, but 2024 will be remembered for something different. It’ll go down in the annals of history as the year when the society stood up for itself, revealing some of the nastiest facts that some of the most beloved companies have been hiding for years.

When the best MMORPG on the market suddenly loses more than half of its player base, and then there are all these podcasts where people are remembering the state of the industry from 20 years ago and say that it’s gotten worse. Year after year, it becomes more clear that big companies that make triple-A titles are making them for the money, which, of course, reflects on the games themselves. Back in the day, games used to have a steep learning curve, but once you learned your way around, it was such a good feeling.

Whereas these days, the main aspect in the design of most if not all modern games is accessibility. But not in terms of making games being accessible to people with disabilities. It’s a design to make games accessible to more people. Which in itself doesn’t sound all that bad. But in practice, games suffer because of it. And a lot of game news websites have talked about this too and you can visit Legionfarm to read more about it.

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The Past and The Future Merge In One

Circling back to what we’ve said in the beginning, the entire gaming community would hope that the worst is behind now. We’d all hoped that the development companies have learned from their mistakes, that it would be easier to make new games and not risk anyone’s health. But look on the bright side – if anything 2024 taught us is that gamers can make a change, we can change the tide, the metagame. With that said, there’s still a bright future ahead of us.

Despite the recent dark events, we know that a lot more great titles will come out this year and the next. And if you’re interested in hearing more about them, if you’re interested in more game industry news, there’s a place where you can find all the latest info.

Everything from the game news this week to previews and big gaming event overviews, as well as guides and exclusive material made in collaboration with professional esports players, all of this, can be found in one place. So, while Activision/Blizzard is actively destroying evidence thinking it’s going to help them not sink too deep, while Overwatch-like heroes are taking over the strategical FPS CS-like game in Valorant, while it may seem that the industry has led itself into a dead-end, come to this website and see that there’s still hope.

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It doesn’t matter what type of gamer you are

In the past, all of the games were made for specific platforms, so you had the option to choose whether you will play on your computer, or you will invest in a console that will suit all your gaming needs. While people were separated on which platform they play on, now since the digital era is going strong, mobile phones are also a device where you can play the games that you enjoy.

Everyone has a mobile device in their hands, and it is hard to find someone without a single game to entertain themselves on it. It doesn’t matter what type of games you enjoy you can find every genre on every device. The separation was here until a few years back where they made an option for people who play on consoles to match with people who play on their computers and play together.

That is something that many people were waiting on so they can play with their friends although they don’t share the same type of device for that purpose. The games that are being made, especially the ones that are intended to be played with other people, connected on the internet are using this method so they can connect everyone together. The games where you play alone and finish a story are still made for the specific device but you will have no problem in getting it because it will be made for every single one.

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Various equipment

Depending on what you like to play on, there are various devices that you can use for that purpose. Whether you like consoles, computers or you are more of a person who enjoys virtual reality the options are here for you to choose. Also, if you are constantly active, you can get a portable version of a device that the major companies are making, or you can just use your phone since it is always in your pocket anyways. In the past, most people liked the computer option because you can use it for many things other than playing.

However, because of the lack of parts that we have at the moment, people are convincing themselves to try other options for entertainment. Also, the items used for all these options are various, for the consoles you have the joysticks that are constantly being improved with every version that comes up. For the computer, the keyboard and the mouse are essential and there are many of them that you can choose from. It is really important to get ones that will feel comfortable so you will be able to enjoy every moment of it.

The sound is also important, so you might need to invest in a pair of headphones. That will maximize the experience and you will enjoy your time better. With all these options, everyone should be satisfied because everyone can choose the product that is perfect for them, and wait on the games that they like to drop so they can enjoy them to the fullest.