Enterprise Search: Optimization Solution for Telecommuting

Even before the pandemic changes business standards, traditional working spaces and methods are no longer suited to worker’s needs. With more emails produced and the growing need for automation software, employees are keen on using digital tools which help them save time. One can say that companies were already gradually switching to full digital until the health crisis forced them to speed up the process. In recent months, many companies have chosen remote work. However, this involves the management of a lot of information, hence the usefulness of the Enterprise Search. The article was created in cooperation with gastroprodukt.pl.

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Enterprise Search: what companies need for telecommuting

With remote work, information access can quickly become a real problem for companies. Not only must they secure their data, but they must also make them available to their employees so that they could work properly. And that, most often in many languages, on a SharePoint website or in messaging apps.

Therefore, the solution is to use a workspace that allows the connection of data and information to optimize the work. Thus, Enterprise Search is the key. It offers company employees a central place where they can find all the files, documents, presentations, tables, weblinks, and other essentials for their work. Moreover, it is a solution that easily adapts to the existing system and does not need special integration.

Also, digital workspace platforms are now easily accessible to all organizations. Among the best known, there is Sinequa, a complete platform that can be suitable for all enterprises. What makes Sinequa’s services different is allowing employees to work in a secure and protected digital environment in which they will quickly and easily find consistent data and information. That said, a company using this program can easily gain productivity in telecommuting and reduce its costs, while protecting private files. In short, it is the best Enterprise Search solution of the moment.

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A great time saver for the companies and their employees

Companies that use a traditional digital workspace often undermine employee engagement. And when used for remote working, they can waste a lot of workers’ time. In fact, they often undergo difficulties to find information to carry out their work with a non-optimal digital workplace. With a large number of digital tools to use and the data or information about the company which is not always easily accessible, employees waste a lot of time finding their way. And in the long run, this frustration causes them to lose motivation, which leads to a serious impact on their work.

But thanks to an Enterprise Search solution, employees benefit from a platform that brings together all the information they need. With a more enjoyable and optimized search experience, they could save extra time and be more productive in other tasks. Also, this search simplification helps them adopt the digital workspace easier, with the added benefit of increased engagement and involvement.

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What we can take away from Enterprise Search

An Enterprise Search solution allows companies to contextualize structured and unstructured data by using artificial intelligence which makes the search more accurate. As part of telecommuting, this digital tool allows employees to benefit from better work results. And for the company, it’s a giant leap in its digital transformation.

Bonus: Additional tips for Improvement of Company Performance While Working Remotely

All entrepreneurs will need to find more ways to control and manage all the remote workers. As previously mentioned, no one says that a pandemic is the only reason why remote work is popular. However, it seems that people will need to get used to a new normality.

We all hope things will end up soon. Yet, despite enterprise search, entrepreneurs will need to use a few more methods to improve the effectiveness of the company. Let’s find out those tips together.

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Determine Some Standards

Remote work brings many benefits to employees. They have more freedom to determine the workflow that meets their requirements. However, complete freedom usually leads to a lack of concentration and productivity. Because of that, certain work norms need to exist. Thanks to these norms, entrepreneurs will manage to directly influence the performance and culture of the entire company.

For instance, let’s imagine that a content writing company allowed all their workers to work remotely. They work from 9 to 5, but the performances of the workers are not the same as before. Because of that, an entrepreneur needs to determine the number of words or articles every content writer will need to complete. For instance, it doesn’t matter if he works 8 hours in a row or he takes a break of two hours. His duty should b to write four guest post articles a day.

In that way, the entrepreneur won’t need to use any time tracking tools to check his employees. Instead of that, he will see which workers invest the same effort and which ones are not highly productive. That will help the entrepreneur to bring some other decisions.

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Communication Is the Key

Business communication between workers and business owners can be at the highest level with appropriate tools. We already explained everything in the text above. However, communication also needs to be personal in some cases.

Let’s use the same example once again to confirm things. Entrepreneur realizes that one content writer is constantly writing three guest posts instead of four. However, if he was productive under normal conditions, that doesn’t mean the business owner should immediately start looking for another one. Instead of that, he should talk with the unproductive employee and check out which obstacles he can’t pass. There has to be a way to get back the previous level of effectiveness once again. The employee will become more confident and motivated when he gets a suggestion directly from the business owner.

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Time Management

When an entrepreneur gets out of his office, he stops thinking about his work duties. However, things are a bit specific when the entire company functions remotely. Job enters his house, and it starts to look like the workday does not stop ever.

There have to be appropriate breaks when entrepreneurs can recharge their batteries. One room can serve as an improvised office. Whenever they get out of it, work duties should not be their main priority. There has to be enough time for everything. Even if they take breaks during working hours, they need to use them appropriately. Despite that, those breaks must not be demotivational. Entrepreneurs, as well as all the workers, should enjoy things that they love during breaks.