5 People Who Can Benefit from an Electric Lift Chair

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Sitting in a comfortable chair is a way for you to relax, especially if you’ve been on your feet all day. But what happens when you struggle to get up from a sitting position? This is when you need an electric lift chair. These types of chairs are designed for many different types of scenarios.

A lift chair provides many benefits for those who suffer from injuries or medical conditions like arthritis that affects mobility. In today’s post, we explain what an electric lift chair can do and 5 types of people who can benefit from it.

What Does an Electric Lift Chair Do?

An electric lift chair resembles a recliner but it’s also a useful medical tool. It’s designed to lift you from your seat into a standing position. The chair reclines and you can control it with a remote to adjust the position you want to sit in.

When you want to stand there are components at the base of the chair that slowly lift and tip forward to put you in a standing-up position. The purpose of the chair is to prevent you from putting strain on your lower back and knees when standing up.

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People Who Can Benefit from a Lift Chair

Electric lift chairs are easy to operate and designed to keep people comfortable especially if they suffer from severe back pain. With that said, here are different types of people who can benefit from this innovative furniture.

1. Elderly People Recovering from an Operation

Elderly people already struggle with mobility issues but it can be worse if they’re recovering from operations such as:

  • Hip replacements
  • Knee surgery
  • Gallbladder removal
  • Prostate surgery
  • Ulcer surgery

These chairs slowly lift seniors recovering from operations so they don’t put strain on their stitches or parts of the body that are still healing. Another advantage is that the chair can prevent bedsores for those who aren’t able to shift positions easily.

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2. Athletes With Sore Muscles

Athletes such as long-distance runners, weightlifters, or MMA fighters train their bodies hard, often by doing high-intensity cardio. However, there are instances where athletes’ muscle recovery slows down. They may experience sore leg muscles and swollen ligaments.

Aching muscles can make it difficult for athletes to stand up from a seating position. The pain in the leg muscles can be so severe that they struggle to straighten their legs. An electric lift chair can assist athletes who are suffering from slow muscle recovery and prevent further injury to their bodies.

3. People Who Suffer from Severe Back Pain

Severe back pain can occur suddenly either from lifting something heavy or slipping a disk when you bend. On the other hand, some people suffer from chronic back pain that doesn’t heal over time. Pain in the lower back can make it difficult for you to stand up from a sitting position.

An electric lift chair assists those with back pain by providing a soft comfortable backrest that can recline. This helps take pressure off the lower back. When you want to sit up, you can use a remote control to adjust the position of the chair.

To prevent putting pressure on the back when standing up, the chair will slowly lift so you don’t have to bend forward.

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4. Pregnant Ladies in Their Last Trimester

Women who are in their last trimester of pregnancy can have mobility issues because of the immense weight they’re carrying. This weight can also put pressure on the back making it difficult to sit down or stand up.

A lift chair is the perfect choice for expecting mothers who need a comfortable place to sit, especially if they need to lift their feet. If you’re a pregnant lady you can take the pressure off your body by reclining back into the chair and lifting your feet off the ground.

If you struggle to stand up because your belly is in the way, simply use the controls to lift you slowly so you don’t put strain on the baby or your back.

5. Nurses Who Need Assistance with Patients

Nurses help all types of people such as paraplegics or the elderly who’ve lost the ability to function independently. People who can’t stand on their own can be heavy. So, lifting them out of a chair to place them into a wheelchair or bed can put strain on nurses’ bodies.

With an electric lift chair, nurses can easily help those who want to stand, without struggling to move them. This will put less strain on the patient and the nurse making it more effortless for both parties.

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Final Thoughts

Electric lift chairs are convenient for those who need extra help when standing up. But most of all, these chairs are comfortable, easy to adjust and they’re ideal for people of all shapes and sizes. Even if you’ve recovered from an injury, the lift chair can still be used as a normal recliner.

So, are you one of the 5 people who can benefit from an electric lift chair? If you are, consider getting one so you can finally get the help you need.

In conclusion, electric lift chairs offer invaluable assistance for various individuals, enhancing comfort and mobility. Elderly recovering from surgeries, athletes with sore muscles, those suffering from severe back pain, pregnant women in their last trimester, and nurses aiding patients can all benefit immensely from these chairs. Designed to provide gentle assistance and alleviate strain, lift chairs promote independence and ease daily tasks. Whether recuperating from an injury or seeking comfort during pregnancy, electric lift chairs offer customizable support for people of all shapes and sizes. If you find yourself among those who could benefit, consider investing in an electric lift chair to enhance your quality of life and ease daily movements.