What Is the Most Effective Method of Data Disposal?

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Data loss is the worst thing for a company. Just take data leak in Pfizer as example and you will understand immediately why it is so detrimental for any company. That is why it is necessary to constantly work on improving security. No company, not even you, can afford such a risk. You need safe and thorough hardware maintenance. No matter what you do, find the best data destruction and secure data disposal option. At some point, you won’t have to store a bunch of data anymore, and read below on how to safely destroy it.

Data destruction and law

Source: malwarebytes.com

Cybercrime has become more prevalent. Today, criminals can easily access your data if it is not adequately disposed of. This mainly happens to those companies that do not have good equipment and sufficiently trained employees. However, if you have enough information and know what to do with the data, the chances of a cyber-attack are minimal. Every criminal will strive for personal and confidential information.

Precisely such information would serve him for the purpose of identity theft. They will use private material found on computers, disk drives, memory cards, etc. Remember that any data is available if it is not destroyed or completely deleted from these devices. Most states have a law requiring private individuals to destroy data and dispose of personal data securely. This will prevent unauthorized access to digital data.

Methods that will not work

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Before you find the method that will work best, you need to be familiar with other things. This refers to methods that definitely can’t help you when it comes to permanent data destruction. For example, you can’t get rid of data by simply deleting it or moving files to the trash folder. Even though you have removed them to this folder, they are still on your hard drive and hackers can access them. All they need to do is get it back from this folder.

Reformatting your computer would be a slightly better option, but it is also worthless. Hackers can recover them as easily as your operating system. Some people will also suggest data encryption, which sounds like a secure option, but in reality it is not. It will not give you complete protection, because with this method, the data is as secure as your password. So, the information is still on the device. You just hid them, and someone can always break the code.

Why is it important to destroy data?

Hacker intrusions are a real threat on a daily basis. However, this topic is more complex than that. It is important to know how to dispose of your data and destroy it when it is necessary or when you no longer need it. You have nothing of worthless data, but for some it is very useful information. Such people want to harm you and your company. Keep in mind that the overall functioning of a company depends on electronic media. This means that your business operations can be visible to the other party if you do not protect the data well, and this is especially important if you work globally.

Research shows that there are plenty of business hard drives that are sold online and contain personal information. So do not pile up old equipment to do a large amount at once. You also need to decide on the appropriate method based on the amount of time you plan to spend for that purpose. Each method works differently on a different time frame. The law in your country is another factor that will affect the method you choose. Refer to it to make sure you meet any standards or requirements.

Different forms of data destruction

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The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can destroy data, but we can’t say that each will suit your needs. Deleting data is not used when you want to destroy important data, because it will remain. Reform as well. Data wiping is the transcription of data from electronic media. In this case, your data will no longer be readable. Overwriting data is another form of data overwriting and set forms can be used. Erasure is the same as copying, and it’s a great option for companies that buy off-lease. Degaussing is the destruction of data using high-power magnets. This will destroy the data quickly and efficiently.

What methods can I use to destroy data?

You will completely destroy the data if you physically destroy the device. It’s a safe way to get rid of all the information. However, you don’t have to do that. There are software used by professionals to remove sensitive data. They will make them irreparable or illegible in the worst case. Companies that deal with this generally use one or two methods to be as safe as possible. The most common uses of the method are degaussing, shredding, physical destruction of the drive, melting and hard drive disintegration.

That is why it is best to contact a company that will get rid of the data for you. They will use the latest and greatest technology. You will eventually receive a written confirmation of completion. This means that you will have a security certificate with you, and when you need it, you will have proof that all your data has been properly disposed of and cannot be recovered. Visit www.erecycler.com and find out the methods of destroying data that professionals apply. Otherwise you risk DIY data disposal. Even though you now think you can effectively destroy the data yourself, thieves are always a few steps ahead of you. Every mistake you make can cost you a lot.


Source: securityintelligence.com

If your company does not have an adequate equipment and data disposal policy or you are not well versed in this process, you can have major problems. In this situation, your company is very vulnerable and prone to security incidents that will harm your brand. However, if you find out about this process in advance and decide on an effective method of fata disposal, you can be carefree.